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Celestia helps her citizens with a variety of issues on a daily basis. Relationship troubles usually aren't on that list.

But, there's a first time for everything if Twilight has anything to say about it.

Check out the live reading from Doom Pie!

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Okay, for one, that ending was hilarious. For two, nice. Even Celestia might have trouble with relationships.

Yeah, I wrote this to give my readers a something a bit lighter. I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it!

Aw, that was actually really cute.

Hoorah! I wrote a story you don't think is cancer! Where's my prize?

“Ehh, I might have to get a raincheck on that one.” She rubbed the back of her neck. “We kinda did a lot of personal things. It’s gonna take me a bit to get those images out of my head when I see you.”

Lol, I can't imagine how awkward that would make everything afterwards.

I get way too much enjoyment out of Twilight's panic. :derpyderp1:

well then, this was a story

Twilight in a state of panic can never be not funny.

Instead of fire why not a redemption fic to balance it out?:twilightsmile:

You dare ask me, TheWraithWriter, to write a story?:trixieshiftleft:

And I... kinda already did that.:trixieshiftright:

man, that transition was abrupt.

“Good luck with your terrible conundrum, Twilight,” Luna said before scurrying toward the door. “I’m sure my sister will be more than fit to assist you.”

best princess.

Ahem, yes, well, that’s enough of that

I demand more

Was decent.

Celestia watched alicorn race

the alicorn

Please, tell what the

tell me


the thing is that you broke up best ship

I don't recall writing about SpiLight. I did write about a dumpster fire, though, if that's what you were talking about.

SpiLight is creepy.

Unless one of them is a dog, then it's okay.

neither good or bad

What. The. FUCK.

No Spike??????????????????????????????????????????

Downvoted and blocked you fucking shit-stain of a literary waste.

jk it was good love you


[...]‘Last night was quite eventful. Rainbow didn’t bother looking at me before taking my leg and—’ Oh my... “

Twilight shrugged. “You always told me to be detailed.”

Wow, Twi really is the master of multitasking... even in bed :rainbowlaugh:

I think they might’ve taught us that formula in Differential Equations...

Would have been funnier if the punchline had been that Rainbow never realized that Twilight thought they were dating.

My heart sank💔:fluttercry:

Shh, nobody is supposed to know Twilight is just a fraud.

Repent of your sins, TwiDashie lover! Repent and join the TwiRarity club – also called the RariTwi club – and you shall see the Light! Why suffer when you can rejoice? Together, with all our fellow TwiRarity, we can all worship the Divine Deity of Heart-Wrenching Romance Stories that is Monochromatic. His stories are so emotional as to turn grown men into puddles; his plot lines, invigorating; his words, holy. Come, repent and read the Holy Texts of TwiRarity, which is essentially most of the stories written by Monochromatic. You shall be rewarded with Tears, Emotion, and Euphoria. COME!

I'm sorry, don't take the above too seriously, don't know why I wrote this. Probably my dramatic side coming out, it does that sometimes. My favorite ship is either TwiRarity or TwiDashie, although TwiRarity might push back the resistance of TwiDashie.

Regardless, Monochromatic really is a great writer. I recommend that you read something of his, they're all so good I can't think of one to recommend to you above the others. Even if you don't ship TwiRaity, I'm sure you can find something you'll like.

Can anyone tell me where the cover picture came from? My curiousity is itching again.

It makes me sad that she didn't want to be friends anymore. :fluttercry:

If it makes you feel better, I wrote a fic where Twilight and Rarity break up, too. But, to your point, Mono is like the go-to for RariTwi stuffs, so if that's your thing, that's where you need to head.

On a separate note, the cover art is just a screen capture from the episode "Horse Play".

Dating can be rewarding, but risky business.

But who knows, they'll probably find a way to make things right, eventually. Live and learn.

So . . why did she not go for Cadence?
You know, the literal embodiment of all things love and the such?

Because she's the Princess of Shipping. The exact opposite of what Twilight needed at that moment.

Plus, Shippers can be scary sometimes.



Yeah, not to mention I can't help but feel Twilight would feel a bit awkward talking love struggles with her. They're family, but not as close as her and Celestia.

I was under the impression you gave the author a prize. :rainbowhuh:
I merely suggested a prize that would be less detrimental to the author's health than your fire and burning

My mistake I guess. :twilightsheepish:

And yes I know it was a jest.

Did I already tell you of Spike and Gabby make a cute couple?

Any chance of that happening in a fanfic?

A story where Spike isn't the central character? Oh good, this'll be better than everything else you've written :trollestia:

Raridash is the true path, my son.

We're getting warmer.

But I'm thinking SpiLight is the true path. Childhood friends, overcoming obstacles, having each other's backs, having similarities yet stark contrasts and they both share massive longevity.

So good. :heart:

Comment posted by veryoriginalponyname deleted May 13th, 2018

I always got a mother/son vibe from them.

:trollestia: What is it with makeups and breakups dealing with dairy products?
:duck::moustache: Ice cream and makeup?
:rainbowlaugh::twilightoops: breakup cutting Cheese?
:pinkiehappy: Hamburgers?
:ajbemused: milk baths?
:flutterrage: Hamburger's not dairy!
:pinkiegasp: Milk? Cheese? Hamburger = cow!
:derpytongue2:Quesadillas ? :facehoof:


This is funny, but you broke TwiDash. I just can't live with myself if I give this a like.

Also in my experience there's no such thing as friends after breaking up. There's only Ex's, and bitter, bitter enemies.

Be "real" and mature with your partners! Nice story.:moustache:

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