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One-tweet stories based on suggestions from my Twitter followers

If you'd like me to do a micro-fic for you, tweet @VividSyntax with #MicroFic and either 2 MLP characters or a brief prompt. If I use yours, I'll credit you in the author notes after each fic.

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Comments ( 46 )

Don't think I've seen something like this before on fimfiction

Then I hope you found it enjoyable. If you have any idea which groups I should submit it to, I'd love to hear it. :heart:

I have one word for this one: :rainbowlaugh:

(You can't tell me that's not a word, YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD)

When I do flash fics, I do the flashiest fics. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not too active in any groups that are serious, mainly shit posting groups. Therefore I'm afraid I wouldn't really know what groups to recommend.

I so Need to catch up on your stories!

Yeah I totally heard that first line in Rarity's voice. >.<

I feel like some of these are who's line is it anyway skits.... :rainbowlaugh:

That's kind of how I treat them. It works well!

so this is either Thunderlane gets a girlfriend or Spike loses chance with Rarity.

Firelight tries entomology?

soarin' in a cake surprise!

do they love each other?! :pinkiegasp:

Trixie shows Blossomforth a trick!

Doctor Hooves turns into a girl.

you two have a hawt competitive session...

octyscratch switch instruments. :raritywink:

Cadance makes Luna feel old.

I like all your little summaries!

Hey, that’s me! Thanks again, Vivid.

You're very welcome. Thanks for the suggestions!

Do all the micro-fic stories need to be rated E? Can it be a T or even an M rated micro-fic?

If you want to call it that, sure! :twilightsmile:

I'm going to keep it E for this one, I think.

Me too! I had to read it again after I saw that it was actually Applejack who had said it.

That was sweet.

Reference to the Reflections arc?

This just made a toaster sound fun...

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