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I'm happy to see that Rye is also part of the story, although it's a heartbreaking one.

Great to see the continuation of this series!

Poor Rye 😭

Btw, are you going to cover any of the events of Rye's wedding, since there's a two year time gap?

Not even posted for 12 hours, and it's already in the featured box :pinkiehappy:.

I saw this uploaded, and it caught my interest because it occupies a rare niche of non-porn mature fics that I so desperately search for. AND it's seemingly an oc-centric story! I see this is the third in a series - is there a particular reason for the shift to a mature rating?

Oh wow, I was just thinking about re-reading your previous stories the other day. Then I see you upload a new story. I can't wait to read your newest installment

No spoilers~

There will be a few scenes more explicit than anything in the prior ones. I could still maybe have gotten away with a T, but I figured I'd play it safe with the rating.

Oof, this is a heavy one.


Things are moving rather quickly


She’d never quite forgotten the moment Rye had first found out about her and Inger, on the trek north through Sleipnord. Rye himself had long since moved on—especially after meeting Tyria—but Cranberry’s own memory of how badly she’d hurt him had never quite faded.

Can you remind me which chapter this was in?

The moment she's thinking of happens in chapter 51 of TAWAS. Her interpretation of events slightly differs from Rye's, mind you. This'll come up in slightly more detail.


Yeah, I remember him getting angry with her when she tried to steal the book and almost lost them the hammer. I thought he'd also reacted negatively towards discovering their relationship, but I seem to be misremembering things. In Chapter 51, he was more hurried since he'd almost been assassinated than angry.

Oh wow. Inger certainly has a whole heap of stuff dropped on him. I really hope Tybalt is on the level and not trying to manipulate Inger with supposed family ties (or force him later to have to choose between Celestia and his new family)

Very interesting story so far, although the pacing seems a bit rushed


Cranberry still has some of her impulsive, childish thoughts from years ago, but she's learnt to quell them

“Magic is a song…”


That opens up some interesting magic theories. Like different races have different magical "scales", foals practice by making clear crisp "notes" and practising "scales", adults have full-on chords that they assemble into harmonies... Starswirl (and later Twilight) creates the thaumic equivalent of John Coltrane's astoundingly complex masterpiece Giant Steps

And Discord would be like Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica beautifully cacophonic mess.

“I—” Inger caught himself, sighing. “You’re right, you’re right.”

Inger don't let him gaslight you!

Papa Tybalt’s putting the Sus into Pegasus

Yep, and there's Tybalt scheming to do away with Celestia, replacing her with a pony-run machine of elken origin.

Funny how he completely ignored what Cranberry had to say about the reason why the Princesses returned from their exile to begin with though, especially in light of his complaints about ponies not being allowed by Celestia to assume control; the last time they had what he wanted, they fucked it up so horrifically that their two goddesses had to pull themselves back to the mortal world to unfuck everything.


Probably not going to be able to post them weekly, though. I'm still working on the final draft of the 2nd half of the story.


I have missed this! Excitement!

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