• Published 19th May 2018
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Pokémon: Harmony and Chaos - Banshee531

Welcome to the Equestria Region, a land of Pokémon. Here, one young boy will begin his quest to become the greatest Pokémon Trainer ever known. With his partner Springer, he'll make new friends, rivals, and enemies on this brand new adventure.

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Chaos in Canterlot

Outside of the Canterlot Lab, hiding in the shadows, a pair of figures crawled through the nearby bushes. The duo soon popped their heads out of some bushes, staring at the large building.

"Is that it?" One of them, a woman, asked.

"It is," a male voice replied. "And our mission is clear. Ready the spy cubes."

"Roger," the woman responded before pulling out said device. The 'spy cubes' were several odd metal boxes, all with what looked like camera lenses coming out of the top and bottom sides. The top then opened, only for rotor blades to fold out and start spinning, lifting the boxes into the air. The two figures watched as the boxes flew towards the lab, only for the woman to pull out another device. This device projected a screen-like image, which showed footage of the outside of the lab. This included the Pokémon garden, where they spotted Champagoon watching over the other Pokémon.

The male figure chuckled at the sight. "That could come in handy."

"And we have just the tool to use it," the female figure added as she pressed a button on the device. It then switched the image to one of the spy cubes flying towards an open window. It flew inside and started to obverse the layout of the building, looking for something in particular. Eventually, it found an open door, which it flew into and found itself inside Celestia's lab.

"Found it."

Inside the lab, the spy cube flew up and hid itself behind some books on top of shelf, completely unnoticed by others. As it did this, the others in the lab were all standing by a table like machine with a big glass tube. Inside the device was Flash's Pokémon Springer, who had an audience of Flash, Twilight and Professor Celestia. Flash smiled down at his best friend, who was napping in the device as it unleashed healing waves onto his body. This was to heal the damage done to him during his battle against Lightning's Chimplug.

"You'll be okay bud," Flash told the Riolu in a low, soft voice. "Once you're all fixed up, we can get going on our journey."

"Ri..." Springer slight moaned, his body fidgeting as he stirred in his sleep.

Both Celestia and Twilight smiled at their bond, which was obviously strong. Celestia then patted Flash's shoulder, "Don't worry about Springer, Flash. He'll be back in tip-top fighting shape soon."

"Thanks..." Flash replied as he gave her a nod. "And thank you for letting me use this to heal him."

"Its no problem at all. Its times like these is why I have the machine in the first place."

Meanwhile, Twilight was staring at the Riolu, scratching her chin in thought as she said, "I have to say, this Riolu is one of a kind. To think, it can use Aura Sphere. That shouldn't be possible until it evolves into Lucario." She turned to Flash, getting right up in his face. "How did you manage to teach it that move?"

To say Flash was a little creeped out at her sudden violation of personal space would be a understatement. "Um...I didn't." He scratched the back of his head nervously, his feet slowly backpedaling. "He already knew the move when I met him."

"Oh really? That's interesting..." Celestia replied as she stared at Springer for a second, only to turn back to Flash. "If it's alright with you Flash, I'd like to study Springer."

Flash raised an eyebrow at this. "Study?"

"Just for the night. If it's okay, I'd like to observe him using Aura Sphere and compare it to ones Lucario can create. That might allow us to learn how to teach other Riolus the move."

Twilight saw Flash's face morph into one of increasing confusion and decided to step in and explain. "You see Flash, Professor Celestia studies Pokémon as a way to help them and humans grow closer. By learning more about them, she hopes to help create a world where the two groups can live together in perfect harmony."

"Oh...." Flash said as he turned to look at the professor. From the look on his face, the two could tell he was judging her. Eventually, he smiled and nodded. "Sure, why not? Waiting one more night to start my journey won't be so bad."

Celestia gave a large smile to the new trainer. "Thank you. And I know that I'm asking a lot, but could I also have Springer's Pokeball? I can copy the data from it and return Springer when he needs to go to sleep."

Flash scratched the back of his head at this. "Uh....actually, Springer doesn't like staying in his Pokeball."

The two blinked at this as Twilight asked, "Really? That's odd."

Flash turned to her and just gave a shrug. "Not really. He's just not very patient. The little guy doesn't like to stay in one place for very long." He turned back to Celestia and pulled out a Pokeball, this one being white on both the top and bottom with a red section in the middle. "Here."

"Oh! A Premier Ball! How interesting..." Celestia said as she took it before turning to Twilight. "I'll go ahead and examine this, so why don't you show him the garden? I'm sure he'd love to meet all the Pokémon there."

Twilight gave a quick nod. "Sure. Follow me Flash."

"Alright," Flash said before giving his partner one last glance, "see you later Springer."

"Ri..." the Riolu responded, his body still fidgeting in his sleep.

Flash and Twilight then headed outside, where they soon spotted several Pokémon playing. There were many different types, water, bug, normal, and all being watched over by Champagoon.

"Wow!" Flash said as he looked at the dragonoid Pokémon. He then pulled out his Pokedex and scanned it, the device chiming as it showed an image of the Pokémon.

Name: Champagoon
Category: Dragon Champion Pokémon
Type: Dragon/Fighting
Info: This brutal Pokémon will seek out bigger opponents in a bid to prove it's strength. Strong opponents are considered as anyone strong enough to get up after the first hit.

Flash looked between the image on the Pokedex and the one standing in front of him, quickly noticing a key difference. "This one doesn't look as intimidating as the one shown here."

Twilight giggled at this. "This Champagoon's not like others. She's much more docile, which is why Celestia took her in. She makes sure all the Pokémon stay safe."

"Awesome!" Flash said as he moved over to Champagoon and patted the dragon, who seemed to purr like a cat as he did. Twilight was quickly taken back at this, impressed at seeing how easy it was for Flash to befriend the dragon Pokémon. She soon joined him, both playing with the Pokémon Champagoon was watching over. At the same time, Aquana was behind a bush, watching as Flash and the rest of the Pokémon played together. Time quickly passed as they all played, only for a new sound to be heard as the end of the day approached.

"Ri!" Flash spun around to see Springer and Celestia enter the garden, Springer running towards him.

"Hey bud," he said to the Pokémon as it ran up and hugged him. "Feeling better?"

Springer nodded, tightening the hug. A few moments later, the Riolu released the embrace and started playing with the other nearby Pokémon. Seeing this, Celestia turned to the two teens. "Twilight, I called your parents and asked if they'd be willing to let Flash stay at your place tonight. They said they'd be delighted."

"Really? Well, okay..." Twilight said before turning to Flash. "If that's the case, we should get there before we're late. Knowing my mom, she'll probably be making some extravagant dinner."

Flash practically licked his lips as at the sound of that. "Sounds good to me." He turned and leaned down to Springer. "I'll be seeing you tomorrow Springer, so be good for the professor, okay?" Springer gave his trainer a thumbs up as he shined a big grin. "Good." the trained turned back to Twilight. "Lead the way."

Twilight nodded with a smile before they turned and walked out the garden, leaving Celestia and the Pokémon. The professor then leaned down at the Riolu. "Okay Springer, do you mind showing me that amazing Aura Sphere of yours?"

Springer nodded as the two headed off to the battlefield.

It wasn't long till Flash and Twilight arrived at Twilight's family's house.

It was a large three story building that was painted purple and pink, with a tower like construct in the center. Stain glass windows were shown in several areas of it, and all of them had the same design as what was on Twilight's skirt. Off to the right was a small garage attached to the building.

The two walked up the steps to the front door, which Twilight opened before stepping in. "I'm home."

The first one to meet them was not Twilight parents, but a younger boy of about twelve or thirteen. with purple skin and green hair. He was wearing an open purple jacket over a green shirt and blue shorts. "Twilight!" he cried as he rushed up and hugged her before spotting Flash, "is that the guy mom was talking about?"

"Yeah," Twilight replied before gesturing to him. "This is Flash Sentry."

Flash waved at him. "Hey there. Nice to meet ya."

Spike nodded in response. "Hi. I'm Spike."

In that moment, a middle aged couple came into the hall. One was a man with blue skin and dark blue hair, while the other was a woman with gray skin with purple and white hair.

"Hello there. You must be Flash." The man said as he greeted them with a wave

"Flash Sentry," Flash replied to him before bowing. "Thank you very much for letting me stay the night."

"Oh, its not trouble," the woman responded while giggling. "After everything the professor has done for our daughter, its the least we can do." She placed her hand over her heart. "I'm Twilight Velvet by the way, and this is my husband Night Light."

"Pleased to meet you," Flash said with a nod.

"Same here." Night told them, gesturing to the duo. "Come on in, dinner's almost ready,"

They all nodded as they moved over to the dinning room, where Flash, Twilight and Spike sat down. Flash then pulled out his Pokedex and activated it, looking over its features. He then noticed a search option, which reminded him of something and he started typing away at it.

Twilight noticed what he was doing and tilted her head in curiosity. "Are you looking for a particular Pokémon?"

"Yeah...." Flash replied while not looking up, "it's the one me and Springer saw before we got to town. I've never seen or heard anything like it."

"Really? What did it look like?"

Flash thought for a moment, scratching the side of his head as he stared at the device. "I'm not really sure. I didn't get a real good look at it, but it kinda looked like...a Rapidash, only it was bigger and it had wings."

Twilight and Spike both shared a confused look. "I've never heard of a Pokémon like that."

"Like I said, I didn't get a real good look." He looked down at his Pokedex. "But I'd definitely recognize the shape if I saw it again."

In that moment however, Velvet and Night walked in carrying dishes of food. "Bon Appetite," Velvet said as they put them down.

Flash licked his lips again. "Looks delicious."

"Thank you," Velvet replied as she and Night sat down.

The whole family and Flash soon began to eat. As they enjoyed the meal, Night Light spoke up, "So Flash...tell us about yourself."

Flash gave them a small shrug. "Not much to tell. I grew up in a small town, met my partner when I was ten and together, we've been training to one day become the Equestria League Champions." He then raised his fist up into the air, the meat still slightly dangling out of his mouth. "And now, I'm finally gonna begin my adventure!" He quickly realized that he had gotten a bit carried away, causing the others to all laugh at his enthusiasm, making him blush. "Sorry about that."

"it's quite alright," Velvet replied as they continued to eat their meal.

It wasn't long till they were done, and the parents soon took the dishes to clean up. Flash offered to help, but they turned him down and asked Twilight and Spike to show Flash his room for the night. Walking upstairs, Twilight first opened another door and stepped inside. "This my room."

Flash looked inside and saw that every wall in the room was covered by bookcases, along with the floor. "Wow..." he said as he looked around, blinking. "You...really like to read."

"Of course," Twilight replied, patting her chest in confidence. "How else am I supposed to learn?"

Spike then whispered into Flash's ear. "She's addicted. If she finds a book she's never read, she won't stop until she finishes...not even sleep stops her."

"I see..." Flash replied as he continued to look around the room. In that moment, he spotted something moving atop one of the bookcases. Taking a closer look, he saw it was a bird-like Pokémon. It appeared to be an owl, with light brown feathers covering its body. It's wings, ears, eyebrows and tail were all dark brown, while its beak and feet were orange. The circular areas around its eyes were an even light brown, almost cream, colour.

"Whoa. Whose that Pokémon?" He asked as he pulled out his Pokedex.

Name: Psychick
Category: Mental Owl Pokémon
Type: Normal/Flying
Info: A curious Pokémon, it can often be seen in libraries. As a weak flyer, it can only fly short distances, another reason they enjoy living in libraries or other basic buildings.

Twilight held out her arm, which the Psychick flew down onto before rubbing its head into her cheek. "This is Owlicious, my partner Pokémon. We met when he saved one of my reports from being blown away by the wind. Ever since then, we've been great study buddies. He also takes care of my room, specifically the books."

"Huh. Cool..." Flash replied as he looked around at the room. "No wonder it likes this place so much. Its practically a library in its own right."

Twilight giggled at that as she turned to Owlicious. "Thank you. We like it like that, don't we?" The owl Pokémon replied with a hoot, making Flash and Twilight smile.

Spike frowned as he crossed his arms. "I wish I was older. Then I could have my own Pokémon and go on an awesome adventure."

Flash chuckled at the young teen as he patted his head. "Hey, don't worry. Eventually, you'll be able to go on an adventure of your own."

Spike rolled his eyes before giving Flash a confident grin. "Yeah. And then, I'm gonna become the Equestria League Champion."

Flash smirked before pointing his thumb at his heart. "Well, I'll be waiting to accept your challenge."

This caused them all to laugh as Twilight stared at the teen. He was like none of the other trainers she had ever met, only to remember that that was actually wrong. There was one person he reminded her of...


Back at the lab, Celestia was scanning Springer's body.

The Riolu had a bunch of wires attached to its body, which were connected to the computer that Celestia was currently looking at. On the screen was a bunch of numbers, which Celestia stared at while humming. "Okay, nothing here looks unusual." She then started typing, "maybe an energy analysis might shed some light."

The screen changed to show new readings, which intrigued Celestia. "These energy readings...I've seen them before." She began to rack her brain for the answer, only to snap her fingers in shock. "No...how is that possible?!" She turned back to Springer, who was looking at her curiously. "Do you know?"

Springer frowned and nodded.

"What about Flash?"

Another nod.

"I see..." Celestia moved over to the Riolu and patted him on the head. "I'm so sorry."

"Ri..." Springer replied while smiling at her.

"I must say....you're very brave Springer."


Back outside, Champagoon continued to watch as the Pokémon played. It then looked over at Aquana.

Aquana was still upset over what Lightning had said to it. It was sitting over in the corner, frowning as it remembered how hard Flash and Springer had battled. It wished it could be like that, totally fearless and able to beat any Pokémon. Then there would be no way anyone could call it pathetic. It then felt something touch it on the head, causing it to look up and see Champagoon smiling down at it. The Dragon Pokémon patted it on the head, showing its encouragement, making Aquana smile back.

At the same time, the two figures hidden in the shadows had now leapt onto the lab's roof. They both glared at the sight below them, the man speak up, "That Champagoon is just what we need. Ready the control collar."

"Roger," the woman replied as she pulled out another strange device. She then moved over to the edge of the roof and stared down at the Dragon Pokémon before throwing the device, which instantly took flight. As it began its flight towards the Pokémon, Champagoon was still continuing to comfort Aquana. It then felt something off, but as it tried to react to the sensation, it was too late.


Back in the lab, Celestia and Springer were walking down a corridor. The professor turned to the Riolu as she kept writing in a folder. "Thank you agreeing to the tests Springer. How about I make you something nice to eat as payment?"

"Ri!" Springer cheered in agreement.

Celestia smiled at this, but that smile quickly faded when the entire building started to shake. Celestia barely managed to keep her balance, "What the-what's going on?"


The sound made both hop in place, quickly turning and rushing towards the sound's origin. They soon flung open the door to the garden, only to gasp at the sight. The once beautiful green paradise was now a wreck, the ground torn up and the trees ripped down. Then, there was the Pokémon, who were all running around the place in fear. But it was the thing they were running from that was the most horrifying, as Champagoon appeared to be in a blind, furious rage.

The Dragon Pokémon flailed its body around as if it was in terrible pain. "CHAMP...CHAMP....AGOON!"

"Champagoon!" Celestia called out to her Pokémon, "what's wrong with you?"

The Dragon Pokémon spun around, allowing her to see that it's usual orange colored eyes were now bright red. It was then that she noticed something around Champagoon's neck. It was an unusual red collar with a box like device at the front.

"That has to be what's causing it," she said before pulling out a Pokeball. "Champagoon, return!" The ball fired a red beam of light, which hit the Pokémon and enveloped it. But in that moment the collar sparked and caused Champagoon to flail even harder, causing the Pokeball's beam to be disrupted.

Champagoon turned back to her and opened its mouth, an orb of purple light appearing in it. "CHAMP!" It cried as the orb of light transformed into a beam, which flew right at the professor.

Celestia's eyes went wide as she watched the attack fly at her, only to feel herself be pushed out of the way. She landed on the ground with a thud as she heard a loud boom coming from where she had been standing. She picked herself up and looked around to see Springer, standing in front of her in a defensive manner. "Springer..."

"Riiiii," Springer growled at Champagoon.

The Dragon Pokémon growled back, as it once again fired the beam of purple light.

"Riolu!" Springer cried as he created an Aura Sphere and tossed it at the beam, the two forces colliding and exploding.

Everyone watched as the smoke filled the area, Springer using this chance to leap at Champagoon. The smoke then cleared and they all watched as Springer held onto Champagoon's arm, the Dragon Pokémon swinging it around. As she flailed it around, the Riolu was thrown off, flying into a still standing tree.


"Springer!" Flash cried as he suddenly stood up, sweating pouring down his face.

He and the Sparkle family had been hanging out in the living room when the teen suddenly jolted up, causing the four of them to look at him strangely. "Are you okay Flash?" Twilight asked.

"Its Springer..." Flash said with a gasp, panting as he held his forehead. "Springer's in trouble."

"What's a Springer?" Spike asked.

"It's what he calls his Riolu," Twilight told him.

Flash then turned and rushed out the room, shocking the others as they followed after him. They watched as he ripped open the front door and ran outside. As he did this, Velvet spoke up, "Where's he going?"

"Not sure," Night replied, blinking at the sight.

Twilight was also confused, but then remembered what Springer was. "No...He must have sensed his partner was in danger."

"What do you mean?"

"Riolu can form powerful mental links with those they're close to, so Flash must have felt it through that link." Twilight's eyes then went wide. "Something bad must be happening at the lab." With that, she rushed out after him.

"Hey, wait up!" Spike said as he rushed after her, leaving the two older members of the family to stare at their running forms in confusion.

It wasn't long till the trio got to the lab. It was thankfully just a few blocks away, and the three were running at top speed. That being said, as they got to the street-


Part of the building exploded, a large smoke cloud soon appearing as it tried to make its new journey into the sky. All three gasped at the sight, Flash doubling his speed as he ran towards the lab, the other two just behind him.

"What's going on?" Spike asked as his eyes shrunk at the sight of the smoke.

"Nothing good," Twilight replied, adjusting her glasses as she kept her pace. "There's only one Pokémon I can think of that-wait! What's that?!"

A figure flew out of the cloud, soon hitting the ground with a thud. Flash's eyes shrunk as he saw the figure, panic plastering his face as he ran up to it. "Springer!" He put his hands over the Riolu, fear in his eyes as he held Springer's head. "You okay bud?" Flash asked, only to get a small moan. "Who did this to you?" He got his answer when something else flew out of the cloud before landing in front of them, revealing itself as Champagoon.

"Champagoon!" Twilight cried out, coming to a screeching halt at the sight.

"Children!" They all turned to see Celestia rush out of the lab. "Get away from her, now! Its too dangerous!"

"What are you...what the heck is going on?!" Flash asked as he looked up at the previously gentle Pokémon. "Why is Champagoon doing this?!"

"Hey, look!" Spike cried as he pointed at the device around Champagoon's neck. "What the heck is that?!"

Twilight and Flash both frowned when they looked at the device. Twilight let out a gulp as she stated, "That has to be what's causing this. There's no way Champagoon would do this."

"Then we'll just get that collar off of her," Flash finished before standing up and charging at Champagoon. Twilight tried to object, only to see a ball of white energy to appear in Champagoon's mouth.

"Watch out! Its about to use Hyper Beam!" Twilight cried as she grabbed Spike, putting the boy behind her with a quick tug.

One second later, the attack began, the beam of energy blasting out of its mouth. As it did, Flash and Springer both leapt to the side, dodging the beam of a hair. Champagoon then closed its mouth, already recharging from the Hyper Beam. Seeing this, Flash pointed at the device. "Springer, use Aura Sphere! Aim for that collar!"

"RI!" Springer created an Aura Sphere and launched it at Champagoon, only for the Dragon Pokémon to spin around and reflect the aura ball with a swipe of its tail.

As it did this, the Pokémon let out a cry, "CHAMP! CHAMPAGOON!!!" She cried before leaping into the air, spreading its wings as it started to fly away. It then fired another Hyper Beam, which hit a nearby building, creating a large hole at the others' horror.

"Champagoon!" Celestia yelled as she ran up to the trio. "Come back!"

"We'll get her. Come on Springer!" Flash said as his Riolu nodded in response.

However, a hand grabbed his shoulder, causing him to turn and see Twilight, "Stop Flash. Its too dangerous."

"But Champagoon's the one in danger," Flash replied, his face showing nothing but determination. "We have to do something to help her."

The four of them shared a look before nodding, all agreeing with Flash's sentiment. Then, they began to run after Champagoon. And as they did, around the side of the building was Aquana, who was leaning around the corner. When Champagoon had gone berserk, the water starter had rushed off to hide, but now it saw the ones from before trying to help her. The water Pokémon blinked at the sight, not sure on what to do next.

All over the city, a state of panic began as news of a raging Champagoon spread. People began taking shelter, as the dragon Pokémon began to fire Hyper Beam after Hyper Beam across the city. As it did, the city's police began to work on a plan to stop it before it injured someone. Then, Flash and the others arrived at the spot Champagoon had last been seen, only to spot a police barricade.

"Officer Hard Case!" Celestia called out, getting the attention of a yellow skinned police man with brown hair.

The police officer turned to them. "Professor Celestia."

"I'm sorry," Celestia told him as she came to a stop in front of the man. "Champagoon, she's being controlled by something."

Hard Case showed a slight frown before turning back to the barricade. "My apologies professor, but despite that, we can't allow it to run wild."

Everyone looked past him and saw that Champagoon had been surrounded by officers, the Dragon Pokémon currently standing in one spot. As it stood there, it flinched as sparks surged around its body.

"We can't just leave it like that!" Twilight yelled at the officer, pointing at the Pokémon. "We have to get that collar off!"

"It's too dangerous to get close to it," Hard Case explained as he raised his hand to stop her. "We've called for officers with ice and fairy types, but until they get here, we will remain at a safe distance."

"So you're just gonna attack it?!" Flash barked back, getting the officer's face. "You can't do that! This isn't Champagoon's fault!"

"Fault or not, I have to put the safety of the city and its people first."

Flash growled at this before turning back to Champagoon. He clenched his fists at the sight, narrowing his eyes as he gave Hard Case another glare. "Grrr...I can't let that happen!" Flash yelled, suddenly pushing Hard Case to the side and leaping over the barricade. Before anyone could say anything, Springer followed suit, hopping over as well.

"Flash!" Twilight called out, "What are you doing?!"

"I'm gonna help Champagoon!" Flash replied before nodding to his partner by his side. "Come on Springer!"


"Flash, stop! You can't-" Celestia tried to say, only to see a Pokémon rush past her and the others. Her eyes went wide as she gasped, "Aquana?! What are you-come back!"

The water lizard Pokémon rushed towards Champagoon, running side-by-side with Flash and Springer. Flash smirked at the sight, instantly understanding the situation. "I get it. You want to help Champagoon too, huh?"

"Aquana!" Aquana replied as they got closer to the Dragon Pokémon, soon coming to a stop a few feet away.

"Champagoon!" Flash called out, getting its attention. "I know you're scared, and in a lot of pain." He slowly stepped towards it, causing the Champagoon to turn towards them with pain in its eyes. In its pain induced mental state, survival instincts taking over as it raised its claws. Then, they began to glow light blue.

"Oh no! She's about to use Dragon Claw!" Twilight screamed as she almost backpedaled at the sight. "Watch out Flash!"

"I hope Flash knows what he's doing," Spike commented, gulping at the sight of the Pokémon's claw.

Seeing this, Hard Case ordered his officers to be ready, should Champagoon attack. Flash however, was not scared as he stepped closer to it. "Please, let us help you."



"PAGOON!" It swung its claws through the air, creating a powerful gust of wind. The wind almost blew the trio away, but they stood their ground. As they did, Springer readied itself into a battle stance.

"No Springer," Flash commanded, causing Springer to look at him in confusion. "No matter what happens, don't attack." Springer then saw Flash's face, determination shining on his features. Seeing this, he nodded and lowered his paws. Flash smirked at this and turned back to Champagoon, slowly raising his hands as he softly said, "Champagoon, its okay. You won't hurt me, I know that."

"CHAMP!" Champagoon raised its claws again.

"You're way stronger than that collar. Even if you're in pain, your kind heart won't let you cause harm."

Champagoon continued to stare at him, its eyes bloodshot as she glared at the human. Then, a flash of pain struck the Pokémon, making it flail around. Everyone took a step back at this, all but Flash. He stood still as the flailing continued. Flash took a small breath before continuing to walk forward, "You won't hurt me, I trust you."

But in that moment, Champagoon's collar once again sparked. A yell of pain followed as it flew forward, Dragon Claw ready to strike.

"FLASH!" Everyone cried out as they flinched away, not wanting to watch. Several seconds passed, but there was no sound of Flash crying in pain, causing them to slowly open their eyes and turn towards him. There, they saw Flash, looking completely calm with Champagoon's still glowing claws barely inches from his face. Champagoon had managed to pull itself back at the last moment.

"Thank you Champagoon." Flash remarked as he grabbed the Pokémon's claw. "Don't worry, I'll help you." He then pulled the arm to the side, exposing the collar. "Springer, Aquana, NOW!"

The two Pokémon leapt into the action, Springer preparing a Force Palm attack while Aquana spun around to pound it with his tail. They both struck the box of the collar, hitting it with such force that it blew up in a flurry of sparks. This caused Flash to let go and leap back, the sparks now shocking the Pokémon.

"Champagoon!" Flash cried as he, Springer and Aquana saw this.

At the same time, Celestia, Twilight, Spike and Hard Case rushed over to them. "Champagoon!" Celestia cried as she ran up and leaned over the Pokémon, "Are you alright? Please, speak to me."

The Dragon Pokémon's eyes slowly opened, but they were no longer bright red. Champagoon slowly released a purr. This caused Celestia and Twilight to smile, Celestia pulling Champagoon's head into a hug. "Oh, I'm so glad you're okay."

Spike moved over to Flash, amazement in his eyes. "That was awesome man."

Flash smirked and patted the kid on his head. "Thanks. It was nothing." He then felt someone step close to him, causing him to turn around.

Officer Hard Case was glaring at the teen, his arms folded. "That was a very foolish thing you did back there kid."

Flash just shrugged. "Maybe, but I couldn't let Champagoon get hurt."

"Even if it meant you would have been hurt?"

"I knew she wouldn't hurt me. She's too kind to do something like that." Flash said as he knelt down and scratched both Springer and Aquana on the head. "Also, thanks you two. You guys were awesome."



Hard Case let out a long groan at his response, soon seeing that Celestia and Twilight were happy at what Flash did. He then moved over to the remains of the collar lay, picking it up as he turned towards Celestia. "Professor, why do you think someone did this?"

Celestia turned back to him with a frown. "I don't know. Its possible that the one who did this tried to take control of Champagoon, but the collar failed."

Twilight thought about what Champagoon had done, going over every little detail in her head. "I don't think so. It looked more like the collar was working properly, which means they wanted Champagoon to go on rampage."

"Why would they do that?" Spike asked.

They all considered this for a moment, when suddenly a single thought entered their heads. "A distraction."

Celestia grit her teeth in frustration as she realized the true goal. "Whoever did this, did it to get us all out of the lab!"

A little later...

The group along with Hard Case soon returned to the lab, only to gasp at the sight. Celestia began to tear up, "My lab..." She cried as she looked around. The entire place was a disaster, with every piece of machinery looking like it had been melted.

"This wasn't done by Champagoon." Hard Case remarked as he looked the crime scene over. "This type of damage on these machines....its not from a dragon Pokémon, I can tell you that."

"Then what did this?" Twilight asked as she patted her mentor on the back.

"And why?" Flash finished.

In a dark corner of the city, the two figures stood shrouded in darkness. One of the figures pulled out the device it had used with the spy cubes. The screen showed a dark figure, whose identity was hidden in the shadows. "Sir," the male spoke, "we managed to recover the data."

"Good. And the original info?"

"Destroyed," the female replied as she showed the figure a pokeball. "We used my Geckoxic's Acid attack to melt every piece of machinery there. No way of recovering it."

"Excellent work. Return to base." With that, the screen went blank before the figures switched it off. The two then stepped into the light, revealing themselves as a pair of adults wearing matching black uniforms. On the left breast was a blood red S.

"Hail Team Shadow," they said in unison, their bodies disappearing back into the darkness.

The Next Morning...

Flash, Springer, Twilight, Spike and Celestia were now standing outside of the damaged lab. It was time for Flash and Springer to head out, off to start their journey.

"Well, I hope you got a good nights rest," Celestia told him with a small smile. "Especially after everything that happened."

Flash chuckled back. "Yeah, I was asleep the second my head hit the pillow." He turned to Springer, "right bud?"

The Riolu nodded. "Ri."

"Good to hear," Twilight said as she adjusted her glasses.

"Good luck on your adventure," Spike added.

"Thanks," Flash replied, nodding at this.

Before he could say anything else, Celestia stepped up to him. "I can't thank you enough for everything you did yesterday, Flash."

Flash smirked as he scratched the back of his head. "It was nothing really." His face then became one of concern, "Say, how's Champagoon?"

Celestia let out a long sigh. "Recovering...but she's okay. She went through quite an ordeal, but she should be back to her old self sooner or later."

Flash breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good to hear."

Celestia giggled at this, winking at him. "It is, isn't it? After all, its obvious you love Pokémon with all your heart."

Flash shined a cheeky grin. "Of course! That's the only way to become a great trainer, by loving your Pokémon." He looked down at Springer and scratched his ear. "After all, they're our partners."


Celestia's smiled increased. "I couldn't agree more. That's why I've decided you're the one."

This caused Flash, Springer, Twilight and Spike to stare at her in confusion. "One for what?" Twilight asked her.

"The one to take on a very important task," Celestia replied, pointing to behind the four. They turned and saw Night Light and Velvet walking up to them.

"Mom, dad, what are you doing here?"

The two gave their daughter a confused look. They then held up a square purple backpack, along with a regular pokeball. Twilight recognised both, but before she could ask, Velvet spoke up, "We came to bring you your backpack and Owlicious. We've packed everything you'll need for a long journey."

"Journey?!" Twilight and Spike asked in unison.

Night nodded in response. "Professor Celestia called us last night and told us you were going to be going on a training journey."

Twilight turned to her mentor in surprise. "Professor? What are they talking about?!"

Celestia smiled back and placed her hands on the girl's shoulders. "Twilight Sparkle, you are probably one of the brightest minds of your generation. But all the knowledge in the world is useless without real world experience. I've been thinking about this for a while, and came to the conclusion that you need to go on a journey to learn more about the Pokémon world. The only thing stopping me from sending you out is my own worry that your limited real world experience might not be enough to keep you safe."

"So...why now?"

Celestia then turned away from her, Twilight following her gaze. She soon found herself staring at Flash, a nervous look appearing on his face. He looked side to side, wandering if they were looking at somethin behind him, only to look back in confusion. "Huh?"

Celestia let out a laugh before patting Twilight's shoulder, getting her attention again. "You see Twilight, I decided that you should travel with someone else. Someone whose real world experience would complement your amazing technical knowledge." She then pushed Twilight over to Flash with a big grin on her face. "Flash, if it's not too much trouble, would you be willing to let Twilight travel with you? I'm sure she could help teach you just as much as you could teach her."

Twilight and Flash shared a glance before they both smiled at one another. The teenager shrugged as he said, "Sure, the more the merrier."

Celestia then turned around and went into the remains of her lab. A few moments later, she returned with what looked like a purple book in hand. It was made out of metal and had Twilight's insignia on it. Twilight took it and opened it up, soon seeing that it had a screen and stylus inside. "This is-"

"It's an electronic journal," Celestia explained as she tapped the device with a wink. "You can use it to communicate with me whenever you want. Whenever you learn something new, I want you to send me a report."

Twilight smiled as she closed the device, quickly nodding. "I promise you professor, I'll learn everything there is to know about the Pokémon world."

"I know you will," Celestia told her as she crossed her arms with a big grin. "I wouldn't expect anything less from you."

Spike, who had been strangely quiet this whole time, frowned. Flash noticed this, realizing he was upset about being left behind. In that moment, an idea popped into his head. "Hey Professor, don't you think that going on a journey before becoming a trainer would be a good experience too?"

Spike looked up at him in shock while Celestia raised an eyebrow, only to notice Spike's expression. She pointed to the young boy as she said, "I agree. Don't you Twilight?"

Twilight followed the pointing finger, only to see her brother. She soon saw two eyes filled with hope staring at her, the duo weapons quickly melting any reluctance she would have had. "Yeah...I do. Wanna come along Spike?"

"YES!" Spike yelled, only to turn to his parents, who also gave nods of agreement. "ALRIGHT!"

One journey back to Twilight's house for Spike's stuff later...

It wasn't long till the four were ready to head out. They now stood in front of the lab again, Celestia giving them a shining warm smile. "Alright you four. I wish you the best of luck."

"Thanks," the three replied in unison.


Celestia did a slight cough before turning to Flash, "Now Flash, if you want to enter the Equestria League, you'll need to collect a total of eight Pokémon Gym Badges. The closest town with a gym is in Trottingham City."

Flash nodded at this. "Trottingham City. Got it."

"We'd better get going then." Twilight said before the four of them began walking away. Celestia, Velvet and Night all waved at the four, who waved back as they got further and further away.

What was not noticed by anybody, was that a particular Pokémon was watching them leave. The Pokémon stared at one of the teens, a look of determination showing on its face.

Author's Note:

So now Flash, Twilight and Spike begin their adventure. Hope you've enjoyed the opening story line. For those of you who did not figure it out, the Pokedex for this story follows the same design motif as past ones. It's design is based around the Nintendo Switch.


Name: Thawn
Design: Based on a young dear
Name: Thorn and Fawn
Pronounced: Fay-on

Name: Hisscor
Design: Snake in the Chinese Zodiac
Name: Hissing Scorch
Pronounced: Hiss-score

Name: Aquana
Design: water lizard
Name: Aqua Iguana
Pronounced: Ak-one-a

Name: Psychick
Design: Owlicious
Name: Psychic and chick
Pronounced: Psy-chick

Name: Champagoon
Design: Ember but bigger and less feminine
Name: Champion and Dragoon
Pronounced: Cham-pa-goon

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