• Published 19th May 2018
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Pokémon: Harmony and Chaos - Banshee531

Welcome to the Equestria Region, a land of Pokémon. Here, one young boy will begin his quest to become the greatest Pokémon Trainer ever known. With his partner Springer, he'll make new friends, rivals, and enemies on this brand new adventure.

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The Equestria Region

Author's Note:

Hey everyone. This here's my long awaited Pokemon story. I'd like to take this moment to direct you to three blogs connected to this story.

The first being my Equestria Pokedex, where you can find information on all the fake Pokemon I've created for this series.

The second is a new blog where I explain how I'd like this series to work in the concept of a game. As more chapter come out, I'll update the blog to involve those events.

Finally there's the blog that will list all the main characters, their Pokemon and what moves they have.

Hope you enjoy.

Welcome to the world of Pokémon.

A marvelous land of beauty and adventure, where amazing creatures named Pokémon exist. Across the land, below the waves and beyond the skies, Pokémon exist in plentiful supply. In this world, humans and Pokémon exist in perfect harmony with one another. Either living, playing, working or training, the two are always together. And nowhere is that more shown, than in the Equestria Region.

Here in the Equestria Region, many amazing Pokémon and trainers stories can be found. And now, we will follow the adventures of one such trainer and his partner, as they begin their quest to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Our story begins in a woodland area, where many bug and flying type Pokémon live in the harmony of the forest. In that woodland area. there was a dirt path created through the constant trekking of the forest. On that path, a small Pokémon could be seen running through the forest.

This Pokémon was a bipedal canine creature, who stood at just over two feet. It was mainly blue, but it had black on both legs and torso along with a blue tail and a yellow collar. It had rounded bumps on the backs of its forepaws and black appendages hanging from its ears. There was also a black 'mask' over its red eyes and it stood on its toes instead of its entire foot.

The Pokémon sped through the forest, running like a ninja down the path until it spotted daylight not too far off. This indicated the end of the treeline coming up. The Pokémon came to a stop and turned back the way it came. It then placed its paws together and shut its eyes as a blue light appeared around its body and the appendages hanging from his ears started floating up. It lasted a few seconds until the Pokémon opened its eyes again.

A minute or so later, footsteps could be heard coming from the path. The owner of the footsteps soon arrived, revealing himself as a teenage male with orange skin and navy blue air. He was wearing a white t-shirt with an emblem of a lightning bolt over a shield on it, which was under an open black jacket with a red and white stripe over it. He was also wearing blue pants along with black and white trainers. On his back was a black backpack with blue straps and a blue Poke-Ball symbol. The teen ran up to the Pokémon and smiled when he saw the end of the forest. He then patted the Pokémon on the head. "Nice one bud."

"Ri!" The Pokémon replied before the two of them stepped out of the woods.

The two found themselves at the top of a hill, soon spotting something in the distance. "There it is Springer, Canterlot City."

Canterlot City was one of the most famous cities in the Equestria Region, mainly due to the fact that it was where the Equestria League tournament was held. It was also where he and his Pokémon partner were heading, to be registered as official trainers and enter into the Pokémon League. Despite the city’s great size, from the distance, the city looked tiny for the duo.

"We should get going," the teen told Springer. "If we hurry, we might get there before noon."


The two began their trek, but as they did, they suddenly heard the sound of rushing water. Hearing this made the teen remember something before reaching into his bag and pulling out a canteen, which he tipped upside down so a few drops dripped out. "Detour."

The two followed the sound of water and came across an average sized lake with a river flowing into it. The teen knelt and dipped his canteen into the water, as Springer scooped some into his paws to drink.. The teen was humming as his canteen filled, but as he did, he suddenly felt the strangest feeling. It felt like he was being watched, making him and Springer both lift their heads up to look around.

It was then the teen noticed an unusual mist suddenly appearing over the lake, which made it difficult to see anything on the far side of it. But it was on the far side that the teen saw it. It appeared to be some kind of Pokemon, but the mist clouded its form so all they could see was a silhouette. Whatever it was, it appeared to have an equine form that was taller than the teen. It had a long flowing cloud shaped mane and tail. Finally, it appeared to have a pair of large wings on its side.

"What is that?" The teen asked, getting a confused sounding reply from Springer.

The Pokémon then turned towards them, a pair of glowing eyes breaking through the mist. It then spread its wings, revealing them to be as big as the teen was tall. Before the teen could say anything, the mysterious Pokemon leapt over the lake towards them, a powerful gust of wind following in its wake and clearing the mist. Time seemed to slow down as the Pokémon flew over the two's head. They barely looked up to see its underside as it completed the leap and landed behind them.

The two finally felt like their bodies were allowed to move, so they looked around to try and get a good look at the Pokémon. But by the time they spun around, the mysterious Pokémon had vanished.

"Wow," the teen said as he looked down at Springer, "what do you think that was?"

Springer just shrugged, unable to give him a good answer.

The teen looked back at the spot where the Pokémon had disappeared, wondering what it was he had just seen.

Later that day...

The City of Canterlot was a bustling metropolis, where people and Pokémon lived together in harmony.

Near the center of the city was a large mansion/castle building. This was the home and research laboratory of Equestria's leading Pokémon Researcher, Professor Celestia.

In one of the larger rooms of the laboratory, which was a library, we find a young girl sitting at a desk reading a large book.

She had light violet skin and dark purple hair with a pink streak running through it, that was tied up in a ponytail. She wore a blue blouse under a pink vest, with a pink bow around her neck. A dark purple skirt with a pink star pattern was equipped to her body, along with blue knee high socks and purple shoes. A pair of thick black glasses adorned her face, making it difficult to see her purple eyes. The girl read her book with a smile on her face, obviously enjoying whatever subject she was reading about as she subconsciously flicked her fringe to get some loose strands away from her eyes.

Suddenly, the door to the library opened and in stepped a woman with white skin, and hair with multiple colours in it. She wore a gold jacket over a white and purple shirt, along with purple pants. She also wore a lab-coat over it all. This woman was Equestria's number one researcher, Professor Celestia.

Celestia looked around the room and smiled when she saw the girl. "Twilight, I need your assistance."

The girl, Twilight, looked up from her book and smiled at her. "Of course Professor," she stood up and moved over to her.

"A new trainer's coming by today so they can be registered, but they didn't tell me whether they require a starter Pokémon. So, I need you to get them from the garden, just in case."

Twilight smiled and nodded. "Of course, I'll get right on it." With that, she ran past Celestia and out of the library, down the hall towards the back door.

Twilight Sparkle had been Celestia's assistant for half her life, first starting when she was only six years old. Twilight had always been interested in Pokémon, wanting to learn everything she could about them. This enthusiasm had impressed Celestia, who agreed to take her on for a trail basis, but it quickly evolved into a full time assistance job. She had learnt so much in this time, but she knew she still had much more to learn.

Twilight arrived outside in the garden, where many of Celestia's Pokémon lived and played. The biggest of these Pokémon was a large dragonoid Pokémon, standing just over seven foot. It had mostly blue scales, with a light blue belly, neck and lower mouth. Curved dark blue spikes ran from the top of its head to the end of its tail, with a large spade like appendage on the very end. It had a pair of blue wings coming out of its back, with a purple membrane. It also had a pair of large, dark blue fists that looked like it could flip a car. The Pokémon saw Twilight enter the garden and flew over to her, letting out a happy roar as it did.

Twilight smiled at it. "Hello Champagoon," she said as she scratched it under its chin. "Do you know where the starters are?"

Champagoon let out another roar before turning away and flying into some bushes, returning seconds later along with three other Pokémon.

The first was a small deer Pokémon, standing at about two and a half feet. Its body was mostly light green, with brown running from the end of its nose to its lower mouth, down the front of its neck to its underbelly and around to end at its flank. It had a pair of brown spots on its back, one on either side, along with a large brown spot on its rear. On its chest was what looked like a patch of grass, and sprouting out of the spot on its rear was a large leaf. From out of its head, a pair of dark green thorn like horns were growing.

The second one was a snake like Pokémon, whose total length was about two and a half feet. Its skin was mostly light orange, with a yellow lower jaw and three yellow dots running down the front of its body. The tip of its tail was red, with a black cloud shaped appendage on the very end.

The last one was a lizard like Pokémon, whose head to toe height was about two feet. It had light blue skin with a dark blue belly and stubby arms and legs, with three fingers and toes on each one. Its tail was long, light blue with a dark blue streak underneath it that ran from its belly. It also had three white fin like appendages on its head, two coming from either side of its mouth, while the third was a foot long dorsal fin that ran from the tip of its nose to the back of its head. With the fin on its head, it's height was increased to about three feet.

The three Pokémon rushed up to the girl, who smiled down at them. "Hey guys. We've got a new trainer coming today, but we don't know whether or not they'll need a starter. Celestia wants you three ready, just in case." The three all let out cries of joy. "I know, I know. Just remember, if he doesn't need a starter, or if he does and picks someone other than you, please don't feel bad okay?"

The three starters nodded.

"Great. Let's get you all inside then." With that, the four of them walked back into the lab.

They walked through the hallways and into the lab's main area. It had a large table in the center of it and comfy sofas lining the walls, all that had coffee tables nearby. This was where trainers would meet their future partners, and be given everything they needed. When Twilight and the starters arrived, the three Pokémon leapt up onto the table so Twilight could do some basic health checks to make sure they were ready should they be picked. Once that was over, she looked over and saw a folder on one of the tables. Realising this was the trainer's documents, she decided to take a peek. She opened it up and saw there was no picture, just a name and some info. "Lightning Blitz..." she read out loud. "Lives in Canterlot." Her eyes then went wide. "And his grandfather's a former Champion?!"

In that moment, the lab's door opened and someone walked in.


Twilight turned towards the voice, spotting the blue haired teen as he walked in. "Hello," she said as she closed the folder and looked at the clock on the wall. "You're early."

The teen showed her a confused look. "You were expecting me?"

"Of course," Twilight replied. It was then that she noticed something at the teen's feet, "Oh, you already have a Pokemon."


Twilight then heard a disappointed moan, making her turn to the three Starters. "It's okay guys, I'm sure the next trainer will need a Pokémon."

Hearing his, the teen walked over to the three and pointed at the trio. "So, are these the Pokémon I hear you give out to trainers when they start their journey?"

"That's right," Twilight said with a nod before pointing to the deer, "this is Thawn." She then pointed to the snake, "this is Hisscor." Lastly, she pointed to the lizard, "and this is Aquana."

"Wow...you all look awesome!" He reached out and patted Aquana, the blue lizard Pokemon enjoying the attention. "Almost makes me wish I did need to pick one of you."


The teen looked down at Springer, who had folded its arms and was tapping his foot, frowning at that statement. "I said almost bud."

In that moment, Professor Celestia walked into the room. She turned and spotted the teen, smiling as she moved over to him. "Well hello there, you must be the trainer who's here to start his journey."

The teen turned to her with a small grin. "Huh...yeah, that's me. But, how did you know I was coming?"

Both Celestia and Twilight gave him a confused look as Celestia answered. "Your grandfather made an appointment for you, remember?"

This time, it was the teen's turn to give a confused look. "Grandfather?" He scratched the back of his head. "Hate to break it to ya, but both my grandfathers have been dead for a while."

The duo confusion's increased, until Celestia realized something. "Your name's not Lightning?"

The teen shook his head before pointing his thumb into his chest. "The name's Sentry, Flash Sentry." He pointed to the Pokémon by his side, "and this here's my partner, Springer."

"Ri!" Springer barked, mimicking Flash's movement with his paw.

Celestia clapped her hands at this reveal. "So that's it! Seems we have two new trainers today."

Twilight blushed before bowing at Flash. "I'm sorry. I just assumed that-"

Flash quickly raised his hand, stopping her. "It's cool, don't worry about it. Easy mistake to make." He then started looking around, "so there's someone else starting their journey today?"

"Yeah, me!"

The trio along with the Pokémon turned around, only to see a teenage boy step into the lab. He had yellow skin and spiky white hair with yellow tips. He was wearing a white hoodie, with yellow around the seams and on the hood over a black coloured shirt and pants. Around his neck were a pair of silver headphones, with a yellow lightning bolt on the sides. On his back was a black single strap backpack with a yellow trim, and on the front was a lighting bolt which zigzagged six times. The teen stepped into the room, a slight scowl on his face. "I'm Lightning Blitz, here to get registered as a trainer."

"Of course," Celestia said with a bow before turning to Flash. "But you'll need to give me a minute to register Flash here, since he was here first."

Lightning rolled his eyes at this. "Whatever."

Celestia nodded before turning around, motioning her hands at everyone. "Then follow me." She, Flash, Twilight, Lightning and the Pokémon moved out of the main area and into a room that looked nothing like the rest of the building. This place actually looked like a lab, with metal making up the walls and floor and many different machines filled the room, the purpose of which only someone with an IQ of a hundred or up would know about. Celestia moved over to a computer, where she started typing away before turning to Flash. "Alright. All you need to do is imput your information." She pulled out a chair, which Flash sat on before doing what he was told.

"Name...date of birth...hometown..." this went on until he had completed all the questions. "Done."

"Good. Now for your picture." Celestia pointed at a webcam on top of the computer. "Stare at this please." Flash did as he was told and in a second, there was a flash of light as his picture was taken. "Great. Now all that data will be entered into the Pokémon League Database." She turned to Lightning. "I've already completed your registration. I just need a picture."

Lightning nodded and replaced Flash on the chair as Celestia brought up his file. Another flash and his picture was taken, entered into the database as well.

"Great," Celestia said before moving over to the side of the machine. She then took out two strange white devices and placed them inside the machine, which started to beep and boop. It soon stopped and Celestia took the devices back out, Flash noticing they had now charged colour. "These are your new Equestria Pokedexs," she held the yellow one out to Lightning and the blue one out to Flash. "They'll act as your Trainer ID and also give you information on any Pokémon you'll come across."

Flash looked the device over. It had two dark blue handle like objects on it with black buttons, connected by a piece of clear glass. Wanting to see how it works, he moved it over to Springer. Suddenly, the two handles split apart, as the clear plastic expanded to reveal a screen. A picture of Springer appeared on it as it began to speak.

Name: Riolu
Category: Emanation Pokémon
Type: Fighting
Info: They communicate with one another using their auras. They are able to run all throughout the night.

"Awesome..." Flash said as he closed the device.

Twilight nodded in response to this compliment. "It's the very latest model. It has info on every known Pokémon."

Flash smiled at this, as he pocketed the Pokedex. While he did this, Celestia walked up to the trainers, five small red and white balls in her hands. "Here are your Pokeballs. They'll allow you to capture any Pokémon you want." Flash and Lightning both nodded, taking the devices. Seeing this, Celestia turned to the three starters. "Alright Lightning. It's time for you to pick your first Pokémon."

However, Lightning shook his head. "I don't need them." He then pulled out another Pokeball, "I already have a Pokémon. Besides," he glanced down at the three, the scowl on his face increasing. "I don't need a weakling for a partner."

Celestia and Twilight gasped at this while Flash frowned before pointing at the trainer. "Hey! There's no need to insult them!"

Lightning turned to him, shaking his head at Flash. "It's true. I have this...sixth sense for it. All I've got to do is look at a Pokémon, and I'll know whether or not it's worth anything." He looked at the three Starters again. "And just by looking at them, I can tell these three have no potential what so ever." He pointed to Aquana. "especially that one. Its a piece of weak trash."

"Aq...aq...Aquana..." the Pokemon replied as its eyes began to fill with tears. "AQUANA!!!" It cried as tears burst out of its eyes, the creature soon running out of the room.

"Aquana!" Twilight called out, soon running after the Pokémon with worry on her face.

Flash's frown evolved into a full-on glare. "Not cool. Who cares about your sixth sense?! Any Pokémon can be strong if you train it right."

Lightning just responded with a smirk. "Please, only weaklings think that. In a Pokémon battle, power is all that matters. Why waste your time training a weak Pokémon when you can just catch ones that are already strong, and then train them to be even more powerful."

Before Flash could respond, Celestia stepped between them. "Okay, that's enough." She turned to Lightning. "You're free to have your own opinion, but please don't insult my Pokémon."

Lightning simply turned away. "Fine, I apologise."

Flash then pointed at Lightning again. "Hey! Where do you think you're going?!"

"To start my Pokémon journey," Lightning replied without looking at him.

"Not yet! You and me are having a battle!" This made Lightning stop and glance back at him over his shoulder. Flash smirked at his reaction, crossing his arms as he said, "And if I win, you have to apologise to Aquana and the other Pokémon."

Lightning continued to stare at him, then shifted his gaze to Springer. A smirk formed on his face as well. "Fine. Maybe beating you will help you realise I'm right."

Flash growled at him, but Celestia clapped again to get their attention. "That's enough you two. If you wish to have a battle, you may use my battlefield I have in my lab. Will that do?"

The two nodded in unison.

That battlefield, turned out to be just to the right of Celestia's back garden. It was a standard battlefield, a rectangular field with a dirt floor that had a Pokeball design in the center. Simple, but effective. Flash and Lightning stood on either side of the field as Twilight stood halfway between them on the side. "I'll serve as referee, okay?"

"That's fine with me," Lightning replied.

"Same here," Flash said with a nod to Twilight.

Twilight nodded back. "Okay. This will be a one on one battle with no substitutions. The battle will be over when I declare one of the Pokémon is unable to battle. Understand?"

The two nodded.

"Good. Please present your Pokémon."

Lightning pulled out his Pokeball. "Chimplug, battle ready!" He tossed the ball in the air and it opened, unleashing a flash of white light. The light hit the ground and took shape before fading, revealing a three foot high Pokémon. It was a monkey Pokémon, whose fur was a mix of black and yellow. It's head was yellow, while its face and the inside of its ears were black. Its body was yellow, with a black lightning bolt pattern running down from its shoulders and meeting just above its stomach. Its hands and feet were black, and it had a long yellow cord like tail with a black tip and a strange plug shaped appendage on it. On its head was a yellow lightning bolt shaped spike.

The Pokémon jumped up and down from one foot to the other. "Chimplug!" It cried.

"Who's that Pokémon?" Flash asked, only to remember his new Pokedex. Pulling it out of his pocket and pointed it at the Pokémon.

Name: Chimplug
Category: Outlet Pokemon
Type: Electric
Info: Incapable of producing its own electricity, it instead absorbs it from outer sources and stores it in its body for later use. The spike on its head acts as a lightning rod, allowing it to conduct any stray electricity.

"So its an electric type," he said as he put it away before turning to Springer. "Nothing we can't handle, right bud?"

"Ri!" Springer barked with a grin.

Flash smiled. "Alright then Springer, I choose you!" His partner leapt onto the battle field.

Seeing both sides Pokémon were on the field and ready, Twilight called out. "Alright. Battle begin!"

From the side of the building, Aquana stepped around the corner and saw the battle start. "Aquana?"

"Alright!" Flash called out, "let's start this off with Quick Attack!" Springer let out a cry and shot forward at blinding speed, disappearing and reappearing as he drew closer to Chimplug. He then reappeared right in front of the electric monkey, spinning around and slamming his tail into it.

Chimplug staggered back, but managed to keep itself upright. Lightning smirked before calling out, "Spark!" Chimplug raised its left arm as sparks surged around it, soon slamming the Riolu with the shock. This caused the jackal Pokémon to go flying backwards, but he quickly recovered and performed a handstand as he jumped back to its feet.

"Force Palm!" Flash yelled to his partner, who nodded before rushing forwards. Springer got up close to Chimplug and slammed has paw into his chest, his paw shining with light. There was an explosion between Springer's palm and Chimplug's chest, causing Lightning's Pokémon to be pushed backwards and knocked off its feet.

"Get up!" Lightning ordered, Chimplug doing just that and getting back on its feet. "Now use Karate Chop!" Chimplug charged forwards and raised its right arm, ready to strike Springer.

"Dodge it!" Flash ordered, Springer managing to side step the Karate Chop.

"Spark!" Lightning called out, Chimplug using its left fist to slam into Springer's shoulder.

"RI!" Springer cried as it felt the electricity flow into his shoulder, causing him to leap back to a safe distance.

Off at the side, Professor Celestia smiled as she and Twilight watched the battle. "The two of them have trained their Pokémon well. They're both in perfect sync with them, but." She turned to Lightning, then to Flash. "Quick Attack, Spark, Force Palm and Karate Chop. There must be more to their fighting styles than those simple moves." She smirked as a new thought entered her head. "So now that they've felt each other out, how will the rest of the battle go?"

Flash crouched down and looked his partner over. "You okay bud?" Springer glanced back at Flash and nodded, a smirk on his face. Flash smiled and stood back up. "Alright, then let's use Quick Attack again!" Springer once again shot forwards, disappearing and reappearing in different locations as it got closer to Chimplug.

Lightning just smirked. "Brace yourself!" Chimplug did just that and crossed its arms as Springer once again got close and then slammed the bottom of his foot into him. Chimplug only slid back a few inches, the bracing having done the trick. But even so, it did not fight back.

This confused Flash. "What's this guy planning?" He shook his head. "Doesn't matter, I'll just beat him before he can pull it off. Quick Attack, back to back!"

Springer nodded before once again rushing towards Chimplug, slamming into it at high speed. Springer soon leapt back before repeating the attack, followed by another and another. All the while, Chimplug remained braced, taking the attacks one after the other.

"What's he doing?" Twilight asked, blinking at the sight. "He's just letting his Pokémon get attacked. If this keeps up, he'll lose." Celestia just chuckled at Twilight's observation, knowing exactly what Lightning was planning.

Lightning watched as his Pokémon was continuously hit, until finally he smiled. "Now, grab it!" As Springer got close for another attack, Chimplug finally acted and dodged the attack. Before Springer could recover, Chimplug grabbed his arms and swung him around before grabbing his other arm.

"Springer!" Flash cried out.

Springer tried to escape, but was unable to no matter how hard he struggled. Lightning's smile increased at the sight as he yelled, "Charge Beam!"

Chimplug's cord like tail weaved up and around the Pokémon's shoulder. Chimplug gave Springer a very sinister smile as he thrust the plug-like appendage into his chest. Chimplug's body surged with electrical energy, the energy surging through his tail.

"RIO!" Springer cried as he was soon zapped, Chimplug holding its arms preventing him from getting away. Finally, Chimplug let go and the Riolu was sent flying backwards, slamming into the ground.

"Springer!" Flash cried to his partner, "you alright?!"

The Riolu slowly picked himself up, a groan escaping his mouth as he did.

Twilight was amazed by this. "How did Chimplug manage to outmaneuver Riolu, when it was moving so fast?"

"He predicted his movements." Twilight looked over at Celestia. "Lightning wanted Flash to use Quick Attack repeatedly so Chimplug could figure out Riolu's attack pattern. Even if they looked random, Riolu was following a pattern that it probably didn't know it was using. Lightning had his Pokémon focus on finding that pattern so it could counter it using a surprise attack."

"But what if Chimplug had been knocked out before it found the pattern?"

Celestia just shrugged. "Guess he trusted it wouldn't be. Lightning obviously knows his Pokémon's limits."

Twilight turned to Chimplug, then to the still recovering Riolu. "So now Chimplug can counter Flash's Quick Attacks?"

"Seems so. What's more, Charge Beam's additional effect increases Chimplug's Special Attack. If it keeps using that move, Flash will find himself getting overpowered very quickly."

"That's bad," Twilight commented as she looked back at Flash. After hearing what Lightning had said earlier, she really wanted Flash to win.

"We'll just have to wait and see," Celestia turned to her, tapping her shoulder. "Now, don't you have some reffing to do?"

"Oh...right. Sorry." Twilight said before turning back to the battle. She looked Springer over, watching as it slowly got back on its feet. "I declare Riolu can still battle."

Lightning laughed at the sight. "That won't last long. Chimplug, another Charge Beam!" The lightning monkey raised its tail over its head, electricity surging again. Once again, an electrical blast shot out of the tail, heading straight at Springer.

Flash smirked. "Double Team!"

Springer nodded before waving its arms around, a flash of light shinning off of him. Those lights each took shape before revealing five different copies of Springer. The Charge Beam struck one of six Springers, causing it to disappear. Flash let out a laugh, "Alright! Now, Quick Attack!" The five remaining Riolu charged forwards at high speed, all aiming straight at Chimplug. "No way he can stop this. All his moves can only hit one Pokémon."

"Don't be so sure!" Lightning told him as he snapped his fingers. "Chimplug...Thunder Wave!"

Chimplug let out a powerful cry as he jumping into the air and slamming his tail plug into the ground. Doing so caused an electrical shockwave to shoot out of the ground, spreading and striking all five Riolus. Four of them disappeared, while the fifth one was zapped by the electrical energy. When the sparks finally disappeared, Springer stood limply on the ground.

"Karate Chop!"

Flash watched as Chimplug charged towards Springer, arm raised in preparation. "Quick! Dodge it bud!" Springer tried to move away, but in that moment, he froze as electrical energy surged around his body. "What!?" Chimplug struck Springer, knocking him back while rolling on the ground, coming to a stop at Flash's feet. The teen crouched down at his partner. "What happened?"

Lightning laughed at Flash's question. "Obviously, you don't know the effect of Thunder Wave."

"What?!" Flash asked as he looked up at him.

Twilight then spoke up, explaining, "Thunder Wave paralyses any Pokémon struck by it."

Flash frowned as he looked down, seeing Springer still laying on the ground. "Can you still battle?" Springer didn't reply. Instead, he tried to pick himself up, only to collapse once again.

Lightning and Chimplug both let out a chuckle. "Looks like I was wrong."

Flash looked up at him in confusion. "What?"

"You remember what I said before? About how I can tell whether or not a Pokémon's got potential and all that?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

Lightning once again smirked. "Well, when I looked at your Riolu, I thought I saw something in it. But now I guess I was wrong. Its nothing special...and neither are you."

This made both Flash and Springer begin to seethe with anger.

"That was just uncalled for," Twilight told him, glaring at the trainer.

Lightning just shrugged. "I'm just telling it as it is. He's weak trash, just like that other Pokémon."

By the side, Aquana watched with a frown as he saw Springer on the ground. It had really wanted that trainer to win after he had been so nice to it as opposed to that other one.

"Well, you're wrong!" They all turned back to Flash, seeing Springer had finally gotten back to his feet. Flash glared at Lightning, his hands curling into fists. "If you wanna see something special, we'll show you something truly special. Springer, time for our secret weapon!"

"RI!" Springer cried as he raised both paws above his head. In that moment, something appeared between them. It was a ball of light blue energy, which started small but was growing larger and larger.

"What's that move?" Lightning asked.

Twilight went wide-eyed as she turned to Celestia. "Professor...is that?"

"It looks like it," Celestia replied as she put her thumb to her lip. "But that's impossible."

When Flash saw the orb was now the size of a basketball, he smiled. "Alright, let her rip. AURA SPHERE!"

Springer spun on its heel, firing the orb of blue light. The Aura Sphere flew through the air towards Chimplug, who was too surprised to dodge, brace, or try to even counter. The orb struck it, causing an explosion to cover the whole field. Everyone coughed as they fanned the dust away, only for it to clear and reveal Chimplug was still standing, though it was badly damaged.

Everyone was still shocked at what they had seen, Twilight speaking up, "How?! How can a Riolu use Aura Sphere?! It's impossible."

"It seems its not impossible my assistant." Celestia told her as she stared at Flash and Springer. "Those two, there's more to them than meets the eye."

Aquana on the other hand, was celebrating. After seeing the ones it was rooting for put the mean trainer and his Pokémon in their place, it was jumping from one foot to the other in joy.

Lightning, though surprised at first, quickly recovered and looked down at Chimplug. "Stop looking surprised, you're fine. Now use Charge Beam!" Chimplug shook its body before raising its tail and unleashing another electrical blast.

"Double Team!" Flash told Springer, who created three copies of himself. The Charge Beam struck one and caused it to vanish.

"Thunder Wave!" Chimplug leapt into the air and stuck its tail into the ground, unleashing another shockwave that flew after the three remaining Springers.

"Block with Aura Sphere!" The real Springer created another blue orb and held it up, blocking the shockwave as they hit his copies and made them vanish. He then tossed the attack at Chimplug.

"Spark!" Chimplug raised its fist, sparks surging around it as it punched the Aura Sphere, making it dissipate. But as soon as it disappeared, Chimplug saw Springer rushing towards him.

"Force Palm!"

"Karate Chop!"

The two Pokémon launched their attacks, the two hitting each other as a shockwave formed from the attacks, knocking both backwards. The two landed on the ground with a thud, only to quickly recover. In that moment, the two trainers called out at the exact same time. "LET'S FINISH THIS!"



The two Pokémon powered up what they expected to be their final attacks, putting every little piece of strength they had left into them. Finally, they let them rip, the lightning blast and orb of blue energy flying towards each other. They connected in the center of the field, the two forces pushing each other back. Then, the force of their combined power peaked, an explosion soon following as it overtook the battlefield. Both Springer and Chimplug were taken by surprise as they were then struck by their own attacks. Springer was hit by Aura Sphere as it exploded while Chimplug was electrocuted. The smoke and light prevented anyone from seeing what was going on, but eventually, the two forces began to clear and they could see the result.

That result, was Springer and Chimplug standing limply on the ground. They were covered scratches and bruises, both panting heavily from exhaustion. Before either trainer could give a command, Springer began to fall to the ground. Chimplug followed suit, and the two fell face first into the ground as their eyes were replaced with swirls.

Twilight then called out. "Both Pokémon are unable to battle, this match is a tie!"

The two trainers were shocked by the outcome while Celestia and Twilight simply watched to see what the two would do next. They soon got their answer as Flash rushed over to Springer and picked him up. "You okay bud?"

Springer looked up at his trainer, a cough coming out of his mouth. "Ri..."

Flash smiled at his partner before looking over at Lightning, who had not moved from where he stood. Instead, he simply pulled out his Pokeball and pointed it at Chimplug. "Return." A red beam of light shot out the ball and struck the unconscious Pokémon, causing it to turn red before disappearing into the ball.

Twilight moved over to where Flash and Springer stood. "It was a good battle."

"Yeah...except you got the result wrong."

Twilight gave him a confused look. "What do you-"

"Springer fell first. We lost." He turned to Lightning, wondering what he was gonna say.

"It was called a tie," the teen said as he put his headphones over his ears. "A tie is what it is." He turned to Celestia. "Thank you for letting us use your battlefield."

Celestia nodded with a smile. "Are you leaving?"

"Yeah," Lightning replied before turning away and walking off, nothing more needing to be said.

With that, Flash and Springer's adventure had just begun. Along the way they would encounter many great friends, rivals and many, many great Pokémon.

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