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The dragons were thought to have died out. All the dragon riders were dead. It is said that dragons aren't real. Only two people remain that knew about the dragons. They keep it A closely guarded secret until one day on a very, very special day. Secrets are revealed and one young child shall start her destiny.

Hey if you guy have any questions or ideas either pm me or go to my Discord I'll do three link just in case it gets fulled. Okay, let me said this the link won´t work on here for whatever reason plz tell me why it does not work for discord work dang WORK :raritycry:.

link 1

link 2

Link 3

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Comments ( 5 )

Fast pacing a problem i see here...

Very good idea though, but this feels like a first draft of the fic. Rough, but interesting.

I'll keep an eye on this, but i might not immediately read it completely. But i will have my eye on this

Thx if there's any more advice that you have for me please let me know if there's anything I need to fix let me know too

Of course. I'll be in contact then

Why is the synopsis split into two different fonts?

Oh um don't konw just felt like it

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