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Any plans for cross-overs in the future?

Possible, but that will happen later on in the story. Not in the early chapters

Spelling errors, grammar issues, flawed fact finding (contractors being allowed to use the range, flashbangs lasting long enough to pass on instructions, pfft), awkward dialogue, and a cliche ridden pacing. 2/10.

Nice Chapter. I wish you got luck on the story.

It's ok, we all make mistakes regardless of how perfect we strive to be. ^^

Thanks for faving my story, Aspects of Harmony, part of the Lavender Heart universe/collab.

In this ongoing series, humans who share a special connection to a canon mlp character or their pony OC get transformed into an anthro version of that canon mlp character or their oc, whether it be a Pegasi, a unicorn, or an earth pony. We even accept the new characters, like Yaks, reformed changelings, buffalo, and donkeys, as well as Hippogryph/seapony, dragon, or griffons.

anthros of harmony
three of the mane 6 need new writers for their story, as told from their pov; Rainbow dash, Fluttershy and Rarity

also needed are apple bloom, babs seed, big McIntosh, Granny smith, and most of the canon apple relatives, as well as Mr. Rich, Spoiled rich, diamond Tiara, silver spoon, and many of the school children and their teacher, Ms. Cheerilee. I have opened the story to include the season 8 characters and those from the mlp movie like Capper, the storm king, Grubber, and Captain Caelano and her crew, as well as Queen Novo and Princess Skystar.

How about pointed out the errors instead of being a lazy little shit?

Bud, I think you meant to do this on the profile, not the comment section. XD


Why the fuck do people keep writing the shit. It is beating a dead pony

Don't like then just don't comment or read it if you're not a fan of it. :3

Because there's a group dedicated to Displaced, but of course there'll be alot since the number of members is still increasing, much like HiE or human x pony or Human turned pony in equestria, or the Mayan calender, or the 'Why am I X character', the list goes on. Any popular group will keep getting those types of genres.

This reminds me of a Borderlands fanfic.

Did you write some thing like this before cause i remember and have looking for a fic that was just like this also are the MCs anthros or what cause how where they dooing all that with tje fight scene

This story is a revamp of one of the authors older stories and yes they are anthro.


the real problem is when random stories are placed in the displaced group for no reason...

That's ok, the stories that aren't real displaced, end up being removed by the admins.

I thought so as i faved the first time round but then i couldn't find it

Also then why not put in anthro tag

Sometimes people are just blind as fuck to certain things. Happens to everyone. More so to thickheaded individuals.


most of the times. there are still the ones that where added when the group was low on amins like

which is in the group just because the word "multiverse" appears once, but that's being nicktpicking at this point

hmmm, I don't think that trip into the cake was an accident.

“.....Oh wow, I completely forgot about bringing a weapon with me….Thanks.” Sunny said with a sheepish expression on her face before continuing to lead them into Ponyville.

How are you even alive :facehoof:

I was wondering the same thing when I read that part.

Comment posted by jackfangs3 deleted Jul 22nd, 2018

When I'm not busy with stuff in RL. RL stuff comes first before internet stuff.

Is it weird that I got the notification that this story was updated right as I started my latest session of Monster Hunter world

Hey I have to ask how exactly are you going to explain the elder dragons in this Fallout world of Equestria cuz I mean they already have dragons what's going to explain that

Well it's I'm just asking because it's going to be kind of hard with the restrictions of the Fallout Universe to explain the immortality and Perpetual nature of the black dragons from Monster Hunter

¡FINALMENTE! no muchas personas se animan a hacer un crossover de Fallout equestria y HiE:yay:

Los que trataron normalmente no los terminan

Um. Not to be rude but can you type in English? I can't understand Spanish.

You can always use Google translate and just copy paste.

Yet you're typing in english now. But fine.

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