• Published 7th May 2018
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Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Unicorn & Ex-Aid: Tirek's Revenge - Michael_Ravencroft

An unknown disease sweeps through Canterlot City, attacking its youth, and a villain of the past seeks to progess it. It will take Unicorn and the expertise of a Legendary Rider to end this epidemic.

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Level 2: Lock On and FIRE!

Sunset felt like her head was in a vice, she imagined that this is what a hangover felt like. The sound of rustling leaves caught her attention, along with the feel of grass beneath her. Slowly, Sunset rose to a seated position, and opened her eyes. She was in a shaded area, but the sunlight broke through and hit her in the eyes briefly, making her squint and move her head a little. Once her eyes could focus, Sunset took in the scene around her.

The sky was clear and blue, before her was grassland, with a forest in the distance, and a dirt road carved from years of travel. Behind Sunset was a large oak tree, and further behind that was a wooden fence that went on for quite a distance.

“Where the heck am I?” Sunset then looked down at herself and blushed. “AND WHAT THE HELL AM I WEARING?!”

Sunset finally took stock of her outfit, which was to say that there wasn’t of much one. In what could only be described as fantasy logic female armor, Sunset’s chest was covered in a leather, rather ornate, armor. Her shoulders were protected by leather pauldrons with a flame design sewn in, and her midriff was exposed. Her lower section was covered in, what Sunset believed to be, a leather bikini bottom, with a leather skirt that guarded her rear and sides, but left the front mostly exposed. On her lift hip rested a generic looking bastard sword, and attached to the right strap of her upper torso armor was a gold medallion that kept a red cape in place.

“I’m going to kill whoever put me in this outfit!” Sunset shouted.

“I would have to agree.” Sunset turned around and saw a young man slumped against the tree. She remembered him as Emu, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Judging from his appearance, he was dressed in a blue tunic, with neon magenta leggings. His lab coat was swapped out for a white cape, and a resting on his leather belt was a hammer weapon. “It’s kind of unfair to female characters that men get full armor, and most female characters only get exposing armor that logically wouldn’t protect them in a fight.”

“Ex-Aid, your name is Emu, right?” Sunset asked as she extended a hand towards him.

Emu accepted that hand and stood up. “Yep, Hojo Emu, MD. And you’re…?”

“Oh, I’m Sunset Shimmer, Kamen Rider Unicorn,” said Sunset.

Emu blinked as the glanced at Sunset up and down. “You’re a Kamen Rider, you look like you should be in high school.”

“I am, but I’ll be a senior after Summer Break, but on that note, you’re a doctor?”

“Yep, licensed medical doctor, and member of the Cyber Rescue division.”

Sunset looked around the area, feeling the grass and the tree. “Where the heck did Tirek send us?”

“This world is finely made, but it is a game world.”

Sunset looked at Emu and watched as a phantom being of half blue and half red appeared over his shoulder. Sunset yelped and jumped back, reaching for her sword.

“Whoa, whoa, Sun-chan, it’s alright! He’s a friend! His name is Paradox, Parado for short,” said Emu. “Now what were you saying?”

“The code for this game world is…unique, it’s not like the normal Bugster virus code we see back in our world. There’s something else laced into it,” said Parado.

Sunset relaxed and sighed. “So, what do we do now?”

Emu looked around until his eyes settled on the dirt road. “For now, we seem to be placed in the roles of wandering adventurers. Let’s take this road and see where it leads us.”

Sunset shrugged. “As good as plan as any.”

Sunset and Emu followed the dirt road, with no other options currently at hand it seemed like a better idea than sitting around. Along the way, both Riders informed the other of their adventures and trials they faced. Emu swapped information regarding the Bugster Virus and the Bugsters that infected humans in his world, while Sunset informed him that she was in fact a pony from an alternate world, and that the monster they faced was a denizen of her world thought killed.

“Sounds like you’ve been through a lot,” said Sunset.

“Yeah, but in the end, it’s what’s made me who I am. Nevertheless, I will always strive to bring a smile to my patients, and I’ll do the same for those people in your world,” said Emu.

“Thank you, Dr. Hojo.”

Emu shook his head. “Nah, no need for that. Just Emu, we’re friends now after all, Sun-chan.”

Sunset chuckled. “Alright then, thank you, Emu. So, I have a feeling I know what game we’re in and how this started.”

Emu raised an eyebrow at that. “How, what?”

“The game is Tirek’s Revenge, it’s a fantasy RPG game. It was hyped as the hottest game of the summer, and practically everyone bought a copy, including myself. None of my friends got sick, and neither did I. Either it was due to the Equestrian magic inside of us, or because of my Unicorn Memory, which we seem to be lacking,” said Sunset.

It was true, while on the road, Emu and Sunset tried to transform, but they couldn’t summon their Rider belts or their Gashats or Gaia Memories. Even Parado was unable to take a physical form or transform, stuck in the form of a familiar phantom.

“There has to be a way for us to see our stats or…something,” said Emu.

Both started to check around their bodies until Sunset’s hand landed over her heart. A screen appeared before them, displaying her name.

Name: Sunset Shimmer

Class: Mage Knight

Level (Current): 1

Points Until Level Up: 0/1000

Attributes: Fire, Empathy, Mystic Arts, Sword Arts

HP: 1000/1000

MP: 1500/1500

Str: 10

Agi: 15

Spd: 20


Sword Skills: Blaze Blade, Swift Rush, Sword Dance

Magic Skills: Pillar of Fire (Lvl. 1), Lightning Strike (Lvl. 1), Accelero (Lvl. 1), Duplicities Nature (Lvl. 1)

Passive Skill: Empath Link, Regeneration B, Magic Resistance A, Physical Resistance B.

Limit Break: [Unlocks After Level 2]

Emu glanced over her stats and nodded a bit. “Okay, so you’re kind of a ‘squishy’ character build. Large on swift attacks that deal a decent amount of damage for hit and run, but with spells that can keep you at a long distance. How did you do that?”

“I…I think I pressed my hand over my…um…ahem, heart, I guess,” said Sunset.

Emu did the same, and just like Sunset, a screen appeared before them.

Name: Emu Hojo

Class: Berserk Healer

Level (Current): 1

Points Until Level Up: 0/1000

Attributes: Healing, Empath, Hammer Arts,

HP: 2000/2000

MP: 1000/1000

Str: 30

Agi: 20

Spd: 15


Hammer Skills: Helm Splitter, Earth Shatter, Power Bomber

Magic Skills: Panacea (Lvl. 1), Ars Heal (Lvl. 1), Iron Shield (Lvl. 1), Wind Strider (Lvl. 1)

Passive Skill: Empath Link, Regeneration C, Magic Resistance C, Physical Resistance A.

Limit Break: Unlocks After Level 2

Extra Skill: Paradox Phantom

“Huh, seems like I’m a healer tank, interesting,” said Emu.

“What’s that ‘Limit Break’ thing? I don’t remember it in the game when I first played it.” Sunset asked.

“Could be a…power up? Most times Limit Breaks in games refer to the characters using their most powerful attacks, or…” Emu looked to Sunset.

Sunset had the same look of knowing in her eyes. “Our Kamen Rider powers?”

“It’s just a theory, but if true we’ll need to level up.”

“Yeah, but how?”

“Guys, incoming, twelve o’ clock!” Parado warned.

Just as he said, something did indeed come bounding down the road. They were monsters, each looking the same, big, about eight feet tall. Snaggle toothed, with yellow eyes, bracers, on their wrists, a metal chest plate, and large rock clubs in both hands. Each was a different color, green, blue, yellow, red, purple, and orange. Sunset drew her sword into a reverse grip style, and Emu drew his hammer.

“Of course, what fantasy game would it be without goblin monsters?” Sunset asked.

The purple one roared and charged ahead, Sunset dashed to intercept, moving with a speed that was more than her normal running speed, but less than her speed as Unicorn. Sunset managed to close the gap between herself and the lumbering beast, and with a quick slash of her sword, cut the monster across the belly, leaving a large red gash. The gash itself glowed, and seemed to be made of digital code. After the hit landed, there was an icon that red “-30” in red. The goblin seemed to recover from the attack, and raised his club to counterattack.

“Sun-chan!” Emu warned.

Sunset looked up and quickly shouted, “ACCELRO!”

Just as the club came down, Sunset had dashed away in a display of speed that would have made Rainbow Dash impressed. Sunset took this opportunity and slashed at the goblin repeatedly, each blow taking away another “-30”. After about four hits, the monster was felled, disappearing into particles of light. Upon his demise another icon appeared that displayed “EXP +100”.

“Looks like we gotta grind some EXP, Sun-chan!” Emu charged in as well, jumping into the air and spinning around as he gripped his hammer with both hands. “Helm Splitter!”

Emu brought his hammer down on the red goblin, making it stumble about as its eyes became swirls, and an icon that red “-60”. Emu came in with a standard attack, hitting the goblin again upside the head and dealing “-40” damage. Sunset came in and stabbed the beast in the back, dealing “-30”, Emu came in and dealt the finishing blow, turning it into particles of light gaining the icon “EXP +100”.

The remaining goblins circled up, attempting to surround and attack Emu and Sunset. But both Kamen Riders were not so easily out maneuvered. Sunset jumped into the air, at the same time, Emu raised his hammer and shouted, “EARTH SHATTER!” as he struck the ground below him. The dirt and rock exploded outwards in a three-hundred and sixty-degree barrage of sharpened rock shards. The result of which was a multiple hit attack that was dealing “-20” five times.

Sunset, still in the air, concentrated as she accessed the magic system of this game world. It was so simple it was almost a joke, it was a game, as simple as calling out the name of the spell. “LIGHTNING STRIKE!” Four orbs of crackling electrical power formed overhead, and in the next moment, all four fired bolts of lightning that struck the goblins, each dealing “-50” damage to the monsters. Their combo attack was enough to fell the beasts as they shattered into pieces of light particles.

Sunset landed on the ground with practiced grace, and gave a thumbs up to Emu. “Well, six-hundred EXP down…”

“And four-hundred to go,” Emu finished.

***__________<U> x [+]E[+]__________***

Nasca was still at the hospital, Dillo, Hawk, and R0V3R were there, using their sensors to get readings on the area to figure out what happened to Unicorn and Ex-Aid. Poppy was with her, having returned to her human form. Shining Armor had left to go and check on the civilians and to have the police double personnel around the other hospitals in the city. After a few minutes, the mech-animals shook their heads.

[No sign of either Unicorn or Ex-Aid, but I am picking up traces of digital code, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before,] said Twilight through Dillo, her voice disguised.

“AAHH! It’s a pi-pu-pe-po-panic!” Poppy shouted. “Emu and Unicorn are gone, and we have an outbreak of an unknown Bugster Virus strain!” The pink haired woman then looked to Nasca curiously. “By the way, why haven’t you changed back, the battle’s over for now?”

Nasca rubbed the back of her helmet. “Can you keep a secret?”

Poppy shook her head affirmation.

“Unicorn and I are on rocky terms with the cops. No one knows that we’re high school girls. Trigger’s dying to know who we really are, and wants to bring us in for being vigilantes. He only became a Kamen Rider like a month and a half ago, but Unicorn’s been protecting the city for a bit, and I was the second to get my powers. My friend on the other side of those robots is the same way, so for now, I can’t power down.” Nasca explained.

“Oh, wow, that sounds exhausting,” said Poppy.

“You have no idea.”

“Well, secret safe with me. I’m sure Emu would feel the same.” Poppy smiled and patted the young Rider on her shoulder. “Problem is, how are we going to fix this?”

“With God’s help, of course!”

The portal opened up again, and from it appeared a man. He was dressed in a black suit, with light gray skin, green eyes, and black hair. This man carried himself as if he was above all others, and had an aura that made Rainbow Dash uncomfortable.

“Kuroto! What are you doing outside your cell?!” Poppy asked.

Kuroto ran his hand through his hair and fixed Poppy with a steely eyed glare. “How many times must I remind you all, it is…GOD DAN KURO – AAAH!” Kuroto yelped as he held the back of his head.

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it before, enough already.” Another man emerged from the portal, he too wore a lab coat and a strange stethoscope like Emu. He wore a Hawaiian shirt, and blue jeans, with sunglasses that hung off his collar. “Yo, name’s Kujo Kiriya, Coroner and Infectious Disease specialist. Also, I’m Kamen Rider Lazer.”

“Thank goodness, you were able to open the portal again!” Poppy exclaimed. “Where are Taiga and Hiiro?”

“They’re getting some equipment and bringing it through, they’ll be here any minute. I just went ahead because I don’t trust this guy,” said Kiriya. “Where’s Emu?”

“That’s probably better explained when we’re gathered up.”

After about an hour of coordinating with the hospital staff, Shining Armor and Nasca were sitting in a private meeting room in the hospital, with Hawk perched on Nasca’s shoulder. Introductions were made, Kuroto and Kiriya stood to the left, while the two newest stood on the right. The first was a tall man, he had combat boots on, and army fatigue pants. He wore a black, shirt, had an orange complexion, with dingy yellow eyes, and hair that was black with a few white streaks in it, his name was Hanaya Taiga, aka Kamen Rider Snipe.

The other was a younger man, he was more professionally dressed compared to his colleagues. With a blue shirt and black dress pants, his face was focused, serious, almost emotionless, but calculating as well. His complexion was powder-blue, with silver eyes, and sandy brown hair. The young doctor’s name was Kagami Hiiro, and was Kamen Rider Brave.

“These are the members of the Cyber Rescue team, called to action by our country’s Ministry of Health, in our world, we combat the Bugster Virus in order save patients before the virus can consume them and the Bugster monster is set free,” said Poppy.

Shining Armor glanced to Poppy, Kuroto, and Kiriya. “And you three are…Bugsters too, right?”

Poppy raised her hand and stated, “I was born a Bugster, but I have no intention of hurting humans! I merely just want to have fun, play together, dance, and help insure their good health!”

“As for me, I was human, but then I was killed by this guy,” Kiriya pointed his thumb at Kuroto, “and then brought back by his equally – if not more – insane old man as a Bugster. But this crazy SOB turned himself into one to save his hide.”

Kuroto smirked and said, “Don’t be jealous, Kujo-san, my talents are that of a god, death cannot overcome me.”

“Ignore him,” said Poppy and Kiriya.

Kuroto rolled his eyes and then proceeded to the computer board on the wall. After turning it on and bringing up their data on the Bugster Virus, Kuroto faced the others. Taiga walked to the front and said, “Normally, when the virus hits, it targets a person’s specific stressor. Whatever stresses out the patient only fuels the Bugster more, and once their stress levels hit a certain point, that person is broken down and the Bugster is granted full life.”

“The only way to save the patient is through the use of a Gamer Driver, or Bugvisor like Poppy’s. We excise the Bugster and eliminate it before it has the chance to consume its host,” said Hiiro. “In our world there were a few different types, and each one was based on a type of video game, made by yours truly over there.”

“However, in our world, we have managed to keep the virus, or Game Disease, suppressed for a number of years now,” said Kiriya.

“So how is it that so many kids and teens have contracted a virus that’s supposedly only limited to your world?” Shining Armor asked.

Kuroto pressed a few icons on the board and brought up the virus DNA helix. “This strain is different from the one in our world, and yet similar. It shares similarities with the most malicious strain, Gamedeus, the ultimate Bugster, seen here.” Kuroto pointed to a silver part of the helix. “However, this other part, this black essence, this is foreign. It doesn’t read like digital code. In fact, I’d say it’s more organic, but not human in the least.”

“Was there any kind of game that the patients were playing when the disease hit?” Taiga asked.

“The only big-time game that came out recently was Tirek’s Revenge. Come to think of it, Unicorn called that shadow Tirek…” Nasca pondered for a moment. “Unicorn went away for a week on a mission, and during that time she fought alongside other Kamen Riders to save another world, and one of the monsters she fought against was Tirek.”

[But according to Unicorn, Tirek was killed by the same enemy force he was conspiring with. So, how could a being from a different dimension come into contact with a virus that was locked into another world?]

Taiga, Hiiro, Kiriya, and Poppy all turned their gazes onto Kuroto.

The prideful man looked at the others and then shook his head vehemently in declination. “I had nothing to do with this! I was working on a game, yes, but not this! Contrary to what you may believe, I am not looking to create another Kamen Rider Chronicle scenario!”

“So how did that portal get formed? It was, Kuroto-san, who managed to get it open again.” Taiga accused.

Kuroto held up one finger. “First: address me as Kuroto-sama. Second: The portal uses a unique code similar to our Gashats that warp reality and generate a Game Field. However, this one was made specifically to act as a bridge to another world. I suspect the first time it opened was pure coincidence, a result of the power of this current Bugster strain. It most likely connected to our world because of the similarities that it shares with the Bugster viruses that originated there.”

Shining Armor listened to all this, processing the information. The notion of a multiverse was the fantasy dream of every comic book nerd, himself included. But learning that there were more Kamen Riders out there was a bit mind blowing, and even more so, to find out that at least three of the four standing before him were licensed medical doctors. Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, I mean, I’m a cop and commissioned under the CCPD.

“Maybe you and Unicorn should take a lesson from these guys,” said Shining Armor.

Nasca rolled her eyes behind her helmet. “I’ll take it under consideration.”

“In any case, if I understand you right, we need a copy of that game to analyze, right?” Shining Armor asked.

Kuroto nodded.

[I can have a copy brought to you immediately,] said Hawk.

Shining Armor looked to the robot bird perched on Nasca’s shoulder. “And who are you again?”

[I…um…I’m not a Kamen Rider, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m…uh… ‘Tech Support’?] Nasca could see Twilight face palming herself at her choice of words.

“Oh, like a guy in the chair kind of thing. Makes sense I guess,” said Shining Armor. “On that note, I’ll start tracking down the game company responsible for creating this thing.”

“I’ll come to,” said Taiga. “It’ll help to have someone with you who knows what to look for.”

“Let’s get to it!” Poppy shouted.

***__________<U> x [+]E[+]__________***

Shining Armor and Taiga sat in a squad car, on their way to the game company responsible for releasing the game. Apparently, from what Shining Armor was able to gather before leaving, the game was designed by a company based in Canterlot City. Knightmare Studios, a company that has created a lot of different games, some were big successes, others were not, but more the former than the latter. This Tirek’s Revenge was their latest hyped game, and reviews gave it a ten out of ten for role-playing games.

“The game was released around the country, but only Canterlot City was affected, why is that?” Shining Armor asked.

“Whoever did this wanted a controlled environment. It’s the same with any experiment, you have a group of test subjects, put them in a controlled environment, and cultivate whatever it is you’re trying to make. Depending on the field of study, it can be anywhere from a new drug…or in this case, a new virus,” said Taiga.

“Just when I thought that all I had to worry about were criminals with super powers, now I find out there are crazier things out there, like living viruses.”

Taiga smirked a little. “I’d like to tell you that this is as strange as it gets, but I’d be lying.”

Shining Armor and Taiga finally arrived at the Knightmare Studios building. It was twelve floors of corporate, story boarders, coders, and designers. The front of the building had a logo of a shadowy silhouette of a woman in armor, a sword in hand and a full moon behind her. Both men exited the car and made their way up the stairs and into the main lobby of the building, Shining Armor and Taiga approached the receptionist and said, “I’m Officer Shining Armor of the CCPD, the Special Crimes Unit.”

The receptionist, a young man in a nice blue suit stood up immediately. “Yes, sir, uh, what can I do for you?”

“I need to speak to the design team responsible for making the game you just released, Tirek’s Revenge. We believe it may be involved with the current viral outbreak happening in the city,” said Shining Armor.

“Ah…y-yes, sir, I-I’ll have to call upstairs first let me uh –”

Suddenly, the phone rang at the reception desk. The young man picked up the phone and from the other end someone shouted, “CALL THE POLICE!” and the line went silent.

“What floor did that come from?!” Taiga demanded.

“Seventh floor,” the young man said.

Shining Armor and Taiga ran towards the elevator, having called in for back up before entering. Both men arrived at the seventh floor, spotting several people trying to make a mad dash for the emergency stairs and the other unoccupied elevators. Up ahead, they spotted the cause of this commotion. Several creatures dressed in raggedy armor, and oddly shaped orange heads were tossing the office equipment around, trashing the place. Shining Armor and Taiga wasted no time and sprang into action.

Taiga took out a dark, navy blue Gashat, holding it like one would a gun, and pressed the button.

“Mission start.”


A screen appeared behind Taiga, and below him a wave of navy blue energy flowed out, pixelating everything for a few seconds before it faded away. At the same time, Shining Armor summoned his T-Driver and took out the Trigger Memory.





Shining Armor placed the Trigger Memory into his belt, an azure electrical field appeared around him, donning him in the armor of Kamen Rider Trigger.


A circle appeared around Taiga, each with a kind of “character select” image on it. Taiga waited and hit the one with a navy blue outline, using his hand in making a gun gesture with it. Taiga was donned in bulky white armor, the same as Emu. The difference being that half of the armor’s face was covered in a yellow metal plate.

“Tactics No. 2.”




A neon yellow panel formed before Snipe, and once it passed over him, he immediately shed his bulky armor and entered his second level form. His body was covered in a dark, navy blue armor mesh, his upper chest plate was a gun metal gray, with the same controller design, buttons and life gauge. Parts of his armor were neon yellow, with some silver armor plates, and neon yellow lines. Around his neck hung a cape that was pushed off to his right side, his helmet consisted of a gray mouth plate, a visor with red eyes, and a neon yellow armor plate covering his right eye, as if to mimic a bang of hair. This was Kamen Rider Snipe.


Snipe summoned his blaster weapon, the stop half was colored navy blue and black, with the underside and grip colored white. On the side of the weapon were two buttons, a green one labeled “A”, and an orange one labeled “B”.

Without much talk, Trigger took the right side and Snipe took the left. The two gunslinger Riders began firing multiple shots at the Viruses, and just like before, each bolt created a Hit icon. One of the Viruses got close to Trigger, but Trigger managed to block its sword swing with his Chrome Buster. He parried the sword away, and did a roundhouse kick to the Virus’ face, sending it to the floor where he fired three shots, destroying the Virus. Another two came at him from the side, but Trigger quickly inserted a Gaia Memory into his blaster.

< DUAL! >

|^| DUAL! ARMED! |^|

Trigger placed his left hand over the Chrome Buster and pulled away, and as he did, another Chrome Buster appeared in his left hand. Trigger fired both blasters at the same time, hitting the Viruses before they could get to close. Three more came at him from the front, and two from the back. Trigger fired multiple shots ahead, hitting all three, but when he turned around to fire the at the other two, they were quickly shot down by yellow energy bolts. Trigger turned to Snipe, seeing he had fired the shots, but then quickly turned to the ones coming at him, blocking a sword blow with his left forearm, and firing five shots into his attacker before pushing him off.

Snipe and Trigger continued like this, shooting down one Virus Bug after the other with ease. Mini explosions went off around them, signifying the destruction of the Virus Bug grunts. Snipe turned to Trigger and nodded his head. “It’s actually fun to have someone who knows how to shoot at your side.”

“Right back at you,” replied Trigger.


Snipe and Trigger took aim as they watched a monster charge out of the back. It was a chimera, most of its upper body was a tiger. It had two heads at the front, one was the tiger head with large saber teeth, and the other was a ram with rows of sharp teeth. The upper body transitioned into goat legs and fur at the lower half, and its tail was a green snake, it’s fangs long as is it hissed at the two Kamen Riders. In the rams fangs was a young, teenage boy. He had black rimmed glasses, wore white suspenders, with a yellow shirt and a patch with an atom on it, and khaki pants. The teenager was being held by the scruff of his shirt, dangling back and forth and shaking like a leaf.

“Let the boy go, NOW!” Trigger ordered.

The chimera leered at both Kamen Riders, its eyes then shifted towards the window and charged straight for it. Snipe and Trigger chased after it, only to watch as the chimera ran through the window, shattering the glass and dropping seven stories down to the ground below and landing right on top of Shining Armor’s squad car. Screaming could be heard from up above, the chimera looked up and saw its captive falling, after having released him to reach the ground first. The snake tail lashed out, catching the teenager before he could hit the ground and constricted tightly to ensure that he would not escape.

Trigger looked out the window and groaned angrily. “Oh, come on, that was my favorite!”

“Don’t dwell on it, we need to catch them.” Snipe pulled out another Gashat, orange in color, with the image of a fighter jet with a cartoonish face on it.

[+] JET COMBAT! [+]


“Tactics No. 3.”



A white and orange fighter jet module appeared. It flew around for a few seconds until it hovered over snipe and opened. The module formed over his upper body, the chest plate was the nose of the fighter jet, while the rest settled on Snipe’s back to act as a jet pack and wings. On either side of Snipe rested two long barreled Gatling guns that were colored bright orange. Snipe had jet fighter pilot’s helmet was fitted over Snipe’s head, with an orange visor, and his neon hair plate moved up and over the helmet.

Snipe ignited his jets and began to hover up and out of the window. “Grab onto my leg!”

Trigger did as he ordered, jumping out and grabbing onto Snipe’s left leg. The duo flew through the air, catching up quickly to the chimera. Trigger took aim with his Chrome Buster and fired three shots at the snake tail. All three shots landed, making the snake head hiss and release the teenager. The chimera came to a skidding halt as it did an about face and prepared to go after the teen.

Trigger dropped down out of the air and landed in front of the boy. The law enforcer Kamen Rider took out another Memory, and placed it into the blaster.



The Chrome Buster merged with his right arm, and transformed it back into a Gatling cannon. With his left hand, Trigger took his Trigger Memory and placed it into the left hip port.

Snipe took the Jet Combat Gashat and placed it into another slot on his Gamer Driver.





Snipe’s eyes glowed as his Gatling Combats unleashed a hailstorm of neon colored energy blasts that rained down on the chimera, at the same time, Trigger was firing his own barrage. The chimera was pelted with a seemingly never-ending storm of laser fire, with each bolt causing many “Hit” icons to appear. Snipe’s jet pack opened silos that released dozens of homing missiles, the energy bolt barrage stopped, but only to allow Snipe’s missiles to close in and finish the job. The chimera had no chance to evade as all the missiles hit their mark, creating a large explosion with the “Perfect” icon on display.

Snipe landed on the street next to Trigger, his new armaments disappeared and was returned to level 2. Both Riders released their armor and returned to civilian form, turning around to face the young teen they had just saved, only to find him completely knocked out.

Taiga quickly knelt beside the boy and checked his vitals, after a couple of minutes he breathed a sigh of relief. “He’s alright, most likely passed out from all the action. But we’ll need to take him back to the hospital, it’ll be safer with all of us around to watch him.”

“Got it, and I’ll…call in for a ride…”