• Published 7th May 2018
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Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Unicorn & Ex-Aid: Tirek's Revenge - Michael_Ravencroft

An unknown disease sweeps through Canterlot City, attacking its youth, and a villain of the past seeks to progess it. It will take Unicorn and the expertise of a Legendary Rider to end this epidemic.

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Level 1: Let The Games Begin

Sunset felt a bit uneasy as she waited in line, Rainbow Dash had informed them of a new video that was coming out and was supposed to be one of the greatest of this year. Although when she found out about the title of the game, Sunset’s mind couldn’t help but conjure up images of a certain being who bore the same name. The game was called “Tirek’s Revenge”, a role-playing game where you travel through a mystical world and defeat an all-powerful monster in the made-up world the game was centered in.

The former unicorn mare couldn’t help but remember her battle against the monster, and seeing him in person. It was the same day she obtained the Shining Memory, and the day where the evil organization, Nega-Shocker, invaded Equestria. Tirek was struck down by the leader, Ambassador Hell, and drained of his magical power until he was nothing. Despite Tirek being the incarnation of evil, it was still a horrible way to die.

Sunset shook her head, she had to disassociate the Tirek from Equestria, and the Tirek who was on a video game. There was no such being in this world, and from the looks of it, such beings were relegated to the form of a video game villain. So here she was, standing in a long line waiting to by a copy.

In front of her was Sandalwood and Microchips, both playing a game of hacky sack to pass the time. Sunset watched them for a while, but then turned her attention to the rest the mall and people watched. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were milling around a jewelry shop, no doubt looking for expensive pieces to add to her, no doubt, large collection of jewels.

Sunset turned her head slightly and noticed Trixie Lulamoon coming out of the Magician’s Supply Shop, her arms filled with bags and boxes of unknown items for her “magic acts”. Trixie was a girl who was still a bit abrasive. Despite being under the Sirens’ spell during the battle of the bands, Trixie’s natural showboating and boasting attitude made it hard to approach her sometimes. Not for a lack of trying, Trixie was a nice person, and often times nice to be around, but she could be a handful and hard to predict.

“Oh well, one of these days maybe we’ll make an honest connection,” said Sunset.

Suddenly, Sunset felt something thud against her head, making her stumble forward just a bit. Before Sunset could do a face plant, she was caught in a pair of familiar arms. Sunset looked up and saw Flash Sentry, smiling and giving a light chuckle as he helped Sunset back to her feet.

“Falling for me again, Sunset?” Flash asked.

Sunset smiled and rolled her eyes. “Ha, ha, could you be any cornier?”

Flash shrugged. “I try.”

Sunset looked down and saw the thing that made her lose her balance. It was a hacky sack. She picked up the offending item and turned around to see Sandalwood and Microchips coming towards her.

“Sunset, dudette, sorry! The sack got away from us, you okay?” Sandalwood asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, no harm no foul,” said Sunset as she tossed the hacky sack back.

“Y-You’re are certain that you’re not injured?” Microchips asked.

“Seriously, guys, I’m fine. But if you want me to show you, we could arm wrestle?”

Microchips waved his hand, passing on the offer.

With that sorted out, Sunset sighed, prompting Flash to say, “You look a little down.”

“Yeah, I’ve just been waiting in line her for a while. I thought about calling the girls to see if they…maybe…wanted to wait with me and relieve some of the boredom, but I couldn’t do that to them. Giving up their afternoon to spend it in line waiting.” Sunset saw Flash was about to say something but cut him off. “And no, I won’t ask you to do that, you have better things to do than to just stand in line with me.”

Flash frowned for a moment, but realized he wasn’t going to budge Sunset from this. “Alright, guess I’ll head off. Talk to you later, Sunset.”

Sunset bid her ex-boyfriend a goodbye, and resumed her waiting. He really was a great guy, and was sure he’d make any girl happy, but her heart was set on Twilight. Unfortunately, so was his, but it was for the pony princess in Equestria. Huh, now that I think about it, Princess Twilight did seem interested in Flash. But she also said she was interested I me too…

A thought crossed Sunset’s mind that made her face turn red.

Wait, could Princess Twilight be thinking about…herding?! I mean, she is a Princess, and technically speaking, royalty does have the right to create a herd with as many stallions and mares as they choose. Five wasn’t too bad, ten is okay, but more than that…eh…

Sunset face palmed herself, the only reason she even knew about that stuff was to prepare herself for the day she did become a princess and could indulge in such things.

“Thinkin’ of something naughty?”

“No, not necessarily, mostly about the polyamorous relationships and the ramifications in the human world as compared to EquestraiAAAAAHHHH! PINKIE PIE!” Sunset shouted as she fell on her rear.

Indeed, the curly haired, hyperactive, pink party planner was standing right beside Sunset. But not just Pinkie Pie, but also Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, and Starlight.

“Wha-What are you guys doing here?”

“Well, I got a text from Flash Sentry saying how you were in a line and that you were kinda bored and bummed, so I called the girls over, and decided to have a waiting in line party!” Pinkie explained.

Sunset smirked. Nosey Flash Sentry.

“Excuse me, Sunset, but what was that about polyamorous relationships? As in, more than one lover?” Rarity asked.

“Oh…um…well…” Sunset got up and gulped. “In, ahem, Equestrian society, it’s not uncommon for there to be multiple ponies in a mutual loving relationship, we call it herding.” Sunset explained.

“So…you’re saying a guy can have more than one girlfriend?” Rainbow asked.

“And vice versa, or one mare can have more than one mare as a mare – er – girlfriend.”

The others turned to Starlight Glimmer, who was busy enjoying a triple scoop ice cream cone, looking for confirmation to this new revelation in pony society. Starlight finally noticed their gazes and said, “Yep, it’s all true. Although nowadays it’s not as common as single pairings, but neither is it unusual. Of course, that all depends if all parties involved consent to being in a herd. For example…”

Starlight walked up to Twilight and placed an arm over her shoulders. “If I wanted to be a part of yours and Sunset’s relationship, I’d have to get not just her permission, but yours as well. Because that would also make us lovers too.”

Twilight’s face began to burn red, the thought of having another girl in their relationship was a bit too much for her brain to handle.

“Or, heck, technically speaking you all could be a part of Sunset’s herd, the only difference is that you all don’t have any romantic feelings towards her,” said Starlight.

Twilight’s mind raced again, the thought of Sunset being in a harem-like relationship with all their friends, was…was…

“Oh my gosh, Twilight fainted!” Fluttershy exclaimed.

“Bet she was thinking about all of us as Sunset’s girlfriends,” said Rainbow Dash, who then glanced over at the girl in question. “Huh, I wouldn’t mind that actually.”

“NOT HELPING!” Sunset shouted.

***__________<U> x [+]E[+]__________***

A couple of hours of waiting later and it was finally Sunset’s turn. However, the moment they got there, the store clerk put up a sign that said, “Sold Out” on it. Sunset groaned a little, but then smiled. Despite the fact she didn’t get the game, hanging out with the girls was fun.

Then Pinkie Pie said she preordered a copy of the game for Sunset, and then Sunset invited the girls over for a game. Another hour later and the girls had arrived at Sunset’s place with food and drink, having already alerted their parents that they were staying over at Sunset’s place for the night, and possibly some of the morning as well.

Sunset had set up her game console, and had extra controllers out and ready for all the girls to play. The food and sodas were already set up around them, so that the girls could quickly get to them and enjoy without having to go far.

“Alright girls, ready?” Sunset asked.

“Ready!” they shouted.

“Starlight, you don’t want to join us?” Rarity asked.

Starlight chuckled as she waved her hand. “Yeah, no. I’m still getting used to these things, that looks like it requires a bit more coordination than what I’ve mastered so far. But I don’t mind watching, I’ve wanted to see about these ‘video games’ for bit.”

With that settled, Sunset and the girls started the game.

[A long time ago, in the kingdom of Algantha, peace reigned and magic flowed through the land and people. It was here that lived a mighty ruler, who’s magic was like the sun, warm and inviting, and yet powerful and overwhelming. Her name was Queen Solara.

However, peace, sadly, does not last forever. An evil being rose from the depths of the underworld. His heart was a black hole of evil, and his hunger for power knew no bounds. This being of evil, went by the name…Tirek.

Tirek waged war on the kingdom and nearly succeeded and taking all the magical power of Algantha. But in the midst of this chaos and darkness, six young heroes stepped forward, fear of Tirek nonexistent as they could no longer just stand and watch the world burn. The magic of the land was moved by these six young ones, and granted unto them the greatest magic that was tied to their individual virtues.







With these Six Virtues, the young heroes, hence forth known as The Pillars, defeated the evil Tirek and imprisoned him in the depths of the underworld from whence he came. However, Tirek did not go quietly.

“Hear me Pillars of Algantha, your light will not last forever, you will fade, and once you do…I will have my revenge!”

The Pillars did not idly take this threat, so with the permission of the queen, The Pillars formed the Guardian Academy. Training the next generation of heroes to protect the land, and for the eventual day when Tirek would rise up, and claim his revenge.

And so, your journey begins…]

Sunset and Starlight glanced at each other, the story was…eerily similar to old Equestrian tales of the Elements of Harmony. But, that’s just a coincidence, this was a parallel world, so things like this were bound to happen. Hopefully.

The girls spent the next six hours creating their avatars and playing the game, learning different skills and leveling up as they progressed through the game. After another two hours of gaming, the girls finally got worn down and crashed where they were, some using the other as pillows and sleeping on top of the other.

However, while the girls slept, something strange occurred from the game. The game began to glitch, becoming pixelated here and there. For a brief moment, a shadowy image appeared on the screen, before the tv cut to black and turned off.

***__________<U> x [+]E[+]__________***

Sunset woke up first, it was midmorning from what the clock on her wall said. She glanced to her right and saw Twilight resting across her lap, a sight that made Sunset blush and at the same time made her heart flutter. Sunset stroked Twilight’s hair affectionately as she let her girlfriend use her lap as a pillow, on her left Rarity had…well…somehow Rarity ended up using Pinkie’s chest as a pillow, or pillows in this case.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack had crashed on the floor, with Starlight and Fluttershy slumped up against each other. As cute as the scene her around was, Sunset knew that they needed some breakfast, but before she could rouse her friends, something else did. A symphony of cellphone ringtones went off in the room all at once, startling the hell out everyone and caused a rather chaotic mess to occur.

Twilight rose up quickly and smacked her head against Sunset’s jaw. Pinkie Pie jumped and made Rarity roll off of her, and right onto the backs of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Fluttershy released a loud “EEP!” and made Starlight clutch her amulet and fire a magic bolt straight ahead. When the commotion was over, and their senses returned, the girls began to groan loudly.

“Ow, my head…I am so sorry Sunset,” said Twilight.

Sunset only gave a thumbs up, having accidentally bit her tongue when Twilight hit her jaw. Rarity managed to get herself off of her two friends, with both girls rubbing their backs.

“Jeez, were you trying to break our spines?” Rainbow asked.

“I said I was sorry, ouch, and on that note, are you two made of rocks, because that what it feels I’ve landed on,” said Rarity as she massaged her own back from the landing.

Starlight finally took notice that they weren’t being attacked. Her gaze fell on the spot her magic bolt hit, having left a burn mark on Sunset’s wall. With a quick spell, she erased the burn mark and fixed the damage it had caused before her host could see it. “What in Equestria was that noise?”

The girls’ cellphones all went off again, some at the same time, and others a minute after the other, even Sunset’s. Each of them looked over their phones seeing that they had received a lot of text messages from their respective parents, in Sunset’s case, hers were from Principal Celestia who had become her De Facto guardian.

Sunset called Celestia on her cell and waited, but the wait wasn’t long. [Sunset Shimmer, are you alright?!]

“Um, yeah, I’m fine, my friends are over and we just –”

[How are you all feeling? Are you feverish? Dizzy? Nauseated? Anything?!]

Sunset narrowed her gaze as her mind began to analyze the situation. “No, we’re all perfectly fine, but something tells me that something happened that was bad enough that you’d ask me that. All our cellphones went off, I’m guessing their parents are asking the same questions.”

“Yeah, no, no Mom, I’m not sick,” said Rainbow Dash.

“Granny, slow down, what’s happened to Apple Bloom?” Applejack asked.

“Sweetie Belle’s what?!” Rarity exclaimed.

“Daddy, don’t worry about me, I’m fine, just take care of Lime and Marble!” Pinkie stated.

Sunset took stock of their conversations and asked, “What’s going on?”

[Sunset, I don’t know what’s happening entirely myself. But early this morning a lot of teens and kids have been dropping like flies, that is to say, they’ve become very ill. The police and emergency services are declaring that everybody stay indoors for the time being. If you girls aren’t sick, please stay inside and keep watch on the news. I’ll be in touch from time to time just to check up.]

“Okay, thank you,” said Sunset as she ended the call. “This is bad.”

Rainbow Dash hurriedly turned on the tv, and put it on the news. And just as Celestia had said, the news was talking about an illness that was sweeping across the city.

[We now go live to Namby Pamby for some breaking news. Namby?]

The image of Namby Pamby appeared on the screen, standing outside a hospital in the city.

[This is Namby Pampy coming to you live from downtown Canterlot City, officials have yet to pinpoint the cause of this illness, but have narrowed down the symptoms based on the cases so far. Victims of this disease display similar symptoms to the flu, fever, chills, and achiness. But what has officials more worried, this strange phenomenon that occurs in the victims.]

Namby got close to one of the victims and showed how a kind of pixelated blocks formed around the body and then disappeared.

[Medical personnel are saying not to panic, if you or your loved one display this kind of phenomenon on their bodies, police are urging to isolate and call for an ambulance. A special disease response team will come by ambulance to transport them to the nearest hospital for treatment.]

The girls sat there and took it all in, there was a city-wide pandemic going on, and not a normal one at that.

“Could…Could this be a Dopant attack?” Starlight asked.

“It doesn’t make sense, if this was a T1 I don’t see a point in a Gaia Memory that makes everybody sick.” And I doubt Equal would allow someone to blatantly cause such a pandemic like this.

“But you saw that, that ain’t natural! Isn’t there anythin’ we can do?!” Applejack asked.

“Yes, couldn’t we…we…take them to Equestria?! I mean, surly medical technology may not be the same there, but since your world excels at magic, there must be someone there who has the proper magical healing techniques!” Rarity asked.

Starlight shook her head. “Our magical knowledge and its application to medicine has come a long way, but there are just some diseases in Equestria that magic can’t cure. That’s why ponies who are masters of potions and herbal remedies still exist, because what magic can’t fix, there sometimes exist a natural curative. But I’m not sure if bringing your family members there would help or make it worse…”

“Well we gotta try somethin’! Our sisters are sick with this stuff, and we need to –!”

[Hold on, something’s happening!]

The girls turned towards the tv and watched as something appeared at the hospital. It took the form of an orangey blob thing, but soon it took shape, and became a large monster. It was a large snake, with rows of sharp black spines, and jade colored scales. The beast’s eyes shined yellow as it’s drool made the asphalt sizzle.

“We better take care of that,” said Rainbow.

“Yeah, like, now!”

***__________<U> x [+]E[+]__________***

Kamen Riders Unicorn and Nasca arrived at Canterlot General Hospital, finding Kamen Rider Trigger already engaging the snake monster. Trigger was firing his Chrome Buster at the monster, but each time an energy bolt struck, something strange happened. When the bolts made contact with the monster, icon appeared that said “Miss” each time the bolt hit the monster.

“What the heck is that?” Nasca asked.

“Funny, I was about to ask you two the same thing! I’ve been firing one shot after another, but it’s not taking any damage!” Trigger informed.

“We’ll see about that,” said Unicorn as she took out the Metal Memory.

< METAL! >

< ACCEL! >



Unicorn and Nasca transformed yet again, taking on the forms of Unicorn Iron Heart and Nasca Full Throttle. Nasca’s bike appeared next to her, and quickly transformed into her Engine Blade. Unicorn struck the side of her left hip port twice.


A ring of multiple layered metals appeared in her hands, and with that, both Unicorn and Nasca charged in with Trigger providing long range support. Nasca flew in from the right, spun once in the air, and brought down her Engine Blade right on the snake’s left side. However, the same “Miss” icon appeared. Unicorn closed on the front and tossed her metal ring at the monster. The ring bounced off a few objects, ricocheting until it struck the monster in the head. Yet again, the same “Miss” icon appeared.

All three Kamen Riders backed off, trying to assess the situation.

“I don’t get it, I definitely felt my sword hit, but it’s like it did no damage,” said Nasca.

“Whatever’s keeping us from causing it damage, it’s not some shield. Our attacks are connecting, but it’s like…like…”

“Like what?” Trigger asked.

Unicorn wanted to say, “video game”, but that was too absurd even for them. There had to be some other reason why they couldn’t hurt it. While they were trying to figure this out, the monster started to turn its attention on the hospital, slithering its way towards the building.

Just then, something strange occurred, something that even made the giant snake monster stop in its tracks. A portal opened up a few feet away, and from it fell out two people, flat on their faces. The Riders, and even the snake monster looked confused.

The first person was a girl, her hair was pink and short. He skin was a light peach color, and had blue eyes. Her outfit was that of a white blouse with a bright yellow bodice, her collar was yellow, and had a similar colored necktie hanging under it. She wore yellow gloves on her hands, and yellow shoes. The girl had on thigh high leggings, with the right one colored light pink and mint green, and the reverse on the left leg. Her skirt was in various shades of pink, with yellow frills at the edge.

The second was a young man, he had neon magenta pants on, and wore a white lab coat. He had a strange looking stethoscope hanging around his neck, and had a blue shirt on. His complexion was a light magenta with light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Compared to the girl, he looked to be the more normal of the two.

“Oi, Emu, don’t just go jumping into portals that opened up out of nowhere!” the young woman scolded.

“Sorry, Poppy, but you saw that thing, and the people being brought into that hospital and…Uh…Poppy, we’re not in CR,” said Emu.

Poppy glanced about, noticing that things were different. The portal was some feet above them, and somehow, they were outside. “What? But, we were inside, did we get transported into a game? Oh, Kuroto, don’t tell me he did it again?!”

In the distance there was a voice that shouted, “It’s GOD DAN KUROTO!”

“Uh, Poppy, we have a problem,” said Emu as he tapped her shoulder.

Poppy looked in the same direction as Emu and yelped as she laid eyes on the giant snake monster in front of them. The snake roared as it approached them, but stopped when it felt dozens of energy bolts pelting its back. The monster hissed in annoyance and turned around to deal with that annoyance.

“It’s not safe here! Get into the hospital, now!” Trigger ordered.

“Emu, they’re…!”

“Kamen Riders?!”

< FANG! >


Unicorn switched her Gaia Memory, and changed into Unicorn Fang Edge. “Hurry, we’ll cover you!”

Emu looked to Poppy, and Poppy to Emu. A determined expression was on their faces as they nodded in silent understanding. Emu reached behind his back and took out a Driver colored neon green and purple, while Poppy pulled out a device that looked like a game controller, colored a neon blue-green. Both Poppy and Emu took out another, smaller device. The one in Poppy’s hand was neon pink, and had the picture of an anime girl with pink hair and a yellow dress, and had the words “Toki Meki Crisis”. Emu’s device was a neon magenta color, and had a character that was ball shaped, with spikey hair, and the words “Mighty Action X” above it.

Emu pressed the button on the device. The wind picked up for a moment, whipping through Emu’s hair and lab coat, and he gave a cocky smile.



The moment they activated the devices, a wave of pink and magenta light washed over the entire area, making everything pixelated for a few seconds. Boxes appeared in the air, and on the ground, generated at random positions around them. Digital windows opened behind them, displaying the images that were printed on their devices The snake monster took notice of this, its body reacting to the field. Unicorn, Nasca, and Trigger watched the two newcomers, recognizing the design of the belts.

“Don’t tell me…” Trigger started.

“Are they…?” Unicorn asked.

“HENSHIN!” Emu and Poppy shouted.



A body length square appeared before the pink haired girl, and passed over her, when it disappeared, it revealed the girl donned in Kamen Rider armor. The front was colored golden-yellow like that of the dress the girl in the picture wore, with a white collar around the neck area. Her pauldrons were golden-yellow, with pink heart shaped plates. Her legs, from above the knee down was covered in pink and silver armor, and boots that appeared as sneakers, all overlaid atop a black armor mesh. Poppy’s helmet was in the shape of metallic pink hair, with a golden-yellow heart shape plate. Her visor was black and silver, with two large blue eyes.

The female Rider gave a twirl and struck a pose as a flash of pink went off behind her. “Kamen Rider Poppy!”


A circle appeared around Emu, and from it five different icons with different images appeared. Emu selected one, and his body was immediately covered in a bulky white armor.

“Transformation plus!”

Emu maneuvered the lever on his Driver and activated the next transformation.




A slimmer version of the Rider appeared in the form of a body length magenta square. Emu jumped through it, shedding his bulky armor and achieving the next level of power. This new form was slimmer, upon his chest was a game controller apparatus. On the right side there were buttons that were colored yellow, blue, green, and red. The left side had some kind of gauge on it, a possible video game “HP” gauge.The rest of the suit was neon magenta color with black stripes, with some armor pieces colored neon green. His helmet had spikey neon magenta hair frills, with a visor that had orange eyes, and a mouth piece that looked as if he was smiling.

“Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, I’ll change these patients’ fates with my own hands!”


Ex-Aid summoned a hammer weapon, and Poppy removed her Bugvisor and attached it to her right forearm. A mini-chainsaw blade extended and both Riders charged into the fray. Ex-Aid jumped, bouncing off the boxes that formed everywhere, ricocheting until he arrived at the snake’s head and struck it across the cheek. An icon appeared upon impact that said, Hit, and soon after the monster recoiled from the blow.

“No way, he actually damaged it?!” Trigger stated.

Poppy dashed and slashed at the monster’s underbelly, the chainsaw blades whirred, causing the Hit icon to appear multiple times in one blow. The pink Rider jumped away, and landed close to Canterlot’s Kamen Riders. “Normal attacks don’t hurt Bugsters, but with the fields up, even without a Gamer Driver, you can cause it harm so long as we’re around.”

Unicorn smiled under helmet, without a bit of hesitation she dashed towards the monster. Her arm fangs extended, Unicorn jumped into the air, spun a few times, and came down with a multi strike to the back of the monster. Each blade impact made the “Hit” icon appear, causing damage to the monster. Seeing that Unicorn’s attacks were successful, Nasca and Trigger went to work. Trigger took out the Gatling Memory and placed it into the Chrome Buster.


The Chrome Buster merged with Trigger’s right arm, forming a Gatling cannon. Trigger took aim and fired a barrage of energy bolts at the serpent, and just like with Unicorn, each bolt exploded against the monster’s body with a Hit icon. Nasca revved the hilt of her Engine Blade, causing the wheels in the center of the blade to spin out and generate heat.

>>>> SPEED OF HEAT! <<<<

Nasca came down with a fiery slash that detonated upon hitting the snake, creating a large Hit icon. The five Riders continued to barrage the monster with multiple attacks from every angle, the giant serpent was noticeably getting worn down, his body even flashed with a thin red line outline. Ex-Aid saw this took out a new device, red in color, with the image of a robot on it, and pressed the button.


“It’s weak, time to finish it!” Ex-Aid stated as he inserted the device into the Gamer Driver and pulled on the switch.


“Transformation Double Plus!”


A red robot flew out of the belt, it hovered around Ex-Aid for moment before opening its mouth and chomping down on his upper body.

“IT ATE HIM?!” Trigger, Nasca, and Unicorn gasped.


The robot disengaged its parts and combined with Ex-Aid, granting two red shoulder pauldrons, red and white chest armor, and helmet with a V shaped gold crest. His left forearm had a large robot fist incased around it, the fingers flexing as he made a fist. Ex-Aid took the same device from his belt and placed it into another slot, energy began to surge from the device and into Ex-Aid’s left arm, even his eyes was glowing.



Unicorn took out her Fang Memory and placed it into the right hip port.


The arm fangs reversed their position, with the curved point now facing towards her opponent as the bladeS shined with intense blue light.

Ex-Aid launched his robot fist right at the serpent, hitting it in the chest. Ex-Aid looked to Unicorn and both nodded as they dashed for their target.

“Dual Schneider!”

Unicorn went low while Ex-Aid went high. The magical Rider struck the beast with both blades, piercing its hide, at the same time, Ex-Aid slammed his left arm back into the robot arm. The combined power of their attacks surged through the serpent and caused it to explode right then and there. Both Riders landed on the ground at the same time as two Perfect! icons appeared where the beast once was.

Unicorn rose up, returning to default form at the same time as Ex-Aid, Unicorn glanced to Ex-Aid and asked, “Let me guess, you’re a Kamen Rider from another universe?”

“Yeah, so we really are in a different world?” Ex-Aid asked.

“Seems that way, do you happen to know a Kamen Rider by the name of Tsukasa? Also goes by Decade?”

“Actually, I do.”

“Heh, small multiverse.”

“I’m glad you have found amusement in this battle…” Suddenly, from the flames of the serpent’s destruction, a being made of shadows appeared. It took the form of a centaur with horns, and had piercing yellow eyes that looked down upon Unicorn. “…I promise it will be the last time you find amusement in anything!”

Unicorn and Ex-Aid took a few steps back, with the other Riders taking defensive stances. What was worse about this situation was that the monster’s form, and his voice, it sounded exactly like the one creature that Sunset had thought was killed months ago. “Tirek…!”

“Oh, you do remember me, Unicorn. Good, my vengeance wouldn’t be as sweet if you somehow forgot me,” said Tirek.

“How are you alive?! Ambassador Hell killed you during the battle in Equestria!”

“Yes, he did, didn’t he…? In some way I am thankful, but in another I would very much like to have killed him!” Tirek calmed down a bit as he chuckled. “But seeing as you are alive, I can surmise that he is not. Which will make this conquest all the easier!”

“So, you’re behind the all the kids and teens getting sick in the city?!” Trigger asked.

“I am, and soon, I will have the power to break free from the world I am in, and into this one,” said Tirek.

“I WON’T LET YOU!” Unicorn yelled as she dashed for the dark centaur.

Tirek raised his right forearm and blocked Unicorn’s punch, he quickly grabbed her by the throat and hoisted her up. Ex-Aid ran towards Tirek in an attempt to save his Rider alley, but Tirek was faster, having tackled Ex-Aid to the ground, and stomping on his chest, pinning him against the street.

“I like that fire in you, both of you! Come to my world and put that to good use!”

Tirek’s shadow horns glowed with orange light, at the same time a portal opened behind the dark centaur that created a sucking vortex. The dark centaur swiftly threw Unicorn into the portal like a rag doll, and soon after punt kicked Ex-Aid into that same portal. With a flash of his horns the portal was gone. Tirek chuckled evilly and faded from sight, returning from whence he came.

Poppy, Nasca, and Trigger rushed to the spot where their friends disappeared, but there was nothing. No trace of the heroes. They were…gone. '