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Inspired by Arc 3, Chapter 48 of Starlight Over Detrot: A Noir Tale

A spell to produce silly string would be - would have been - no concern to anypony. Anypony except Slip Stitch: coroner to the city of Detrot Police Department, and Party Pony. Limerence has known the spell for years, and to him it was just another part of the arsenal of pranks he and his brother used to play on each other when they were foals.

Stitch thinks it can revolutionize everything about partying itself. He just needs to perform some...research with the unicorn and his horn first...

[A complete crackfic that, if not already obvious, should not be taken seriously. Unless you want to.]

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Comment posted by Bruno deleted May 10th, 2018

Well...I...Well now...


That certainly was an interesting read.

and a sharp pfwee sound rang out.

That part still makes me giggle thinking of how absurd it would be.

I would certainly hope you enjoyed it.
Because if anyone asks I'm saying it's your fault


Because if anyone asks I'm saying it's your fault

Am not sure how I feel knowing I inspired this...

Well, time to examine my feelings again.

Quite a fun read!

I can't even describe the mental imagery that this evoked... Have a like.

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