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Sometimes, I am half convinced that I do not really exist. Just wishful thinking, I suppose.


“Applejack,” Fluttershy croaks weakly. “Applejack, it’s me. Please open the door. It’s Fluttershy. Please. I need your help.

…There’s something in my throat.”

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Just the description scared me.

Wow. Very well done.
Very good combination of horror types, and that ending reminds me of something out of Lovecraft.

Glen Gorewood

What did I just read? I mean I love H.P. lovecraft, and I love this story. This was amazing and I think I'm going to be seeing elder gods tonight. I think my only question is, can someone please explain the ending? If the second heart is the or another being, then I'd love to see that. Still, I think I may I need a summary to wrap my head around this. Last thing I can say to this, amazing.

Feels like Lovecraft, and I always love some Lovecraft. Good work!

cover image alone will keep me up for a long while

Thanks for reading! My interpretation (yes, my interpretation of my own story, LOL) is that the "other" creatures are parasites that feed on dreams, which is why the "other other" creatures in the cave went to sleep/died in the first place. I think this is most clear when one of the creatures uses the parasite as a medium by which to speak and says shit like "delirium" and "my kingdom of dreams and anger", etc. Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you (both for reading and the follow!). Lovecraft was the primary inspiration, although the whole "something in my throat" thing came about while I was watching the movie "Altered States."

Hey, I remember you! Good grief, you must be my most consistently present follower! For that, your president salutes you. And yes, it would be rather a terrifying thing to hear in almost all circumstances.

Might be a good thing. If you sleep, that may be sign that THEY'VE got you, too. Thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

Thank you kindly. I hope old H.P. isn't turning in his grave. I've heard he wasn't a fan of many things at all.

Fluttershy needs more insight.

Yeah, the "There's something in my throat," hooked me and terrified me all the same. Went to bed thankful that mine was at least relatively clear.

So could it be just by going in the cave that the parasite manifests, or could it be by the dirt? You do describe the dirt in the cave getting into AJ's mouth as she was digging for Fluttershy.

Hmm, you raise an interesting point! I'm not sure, actually. I will certainly think on it.

But might I propose an alternate interpretation? (And don't for a moment take this is as being actually what undoubtedly occurred - I like to keep things ambiguous). If the parasites feed on dreams, and Applejack has been having strange dreams in the nights leading up to the night depicted, then maybe she was already afflicted prior to the events of the story? After all, the creature speaking through the mouth of the parasite does imply that delirium occurs before death, so maybe this is all Applejack's hallucinatory transition "into the other"?

Now that'd be a twist!

Perhaps, perhaps. I do admit to having fears on this particular subject before publication.

Ooooh been too long since I've seen something freaking and eldritchy! Really gripping story, short but still impactful.

You're very kind. Thanks for taking the time to read my little slice of cosmic horror!

I know you said you're going to pursue other things for a while, but I wanted to let you know I'm following! I plan to read your other stories at some time as well.
I had already read Second Thoughts. I enjoyed hearing from Applejack instead this time. Both stories were engaging with memorable endings. I like your style! I'm looking forward to more.

Am I the only one, who thinks that the thing from the cave resembles a changeling?

Thanks, man, means a lot. Oh, and between you and me, give me a month. All I'm saying. :raritywink:

Damn good stuff. Faving this and looking forward to whatever you might make next. :raritystarry:

Thanks, yo. Always get them good feels when I read kind comments such as yours. As for what comes next, well, let's just say that although I have not yet begun working on it, I consider it to be something of a spiritual sequel or successor to this particular story. Hope to see you there. :twilightsmile:

that ending gave me a chill ... well done good sir or madam.

Thank you, I'm glad. 🤘

No dislikes, i gotta say i'm impressed
good job!

Thanks, yo. I am actually rather surprised myself. Many a time my approach to writing didn't quite agree with folks.

Magnificent! Top shelf! Splendid!
Greatly written, nice horrorlike feel, well paced, left me wanting more...
Check, check, check and check!
One of the best I’ve seen with a minimalistic design following the line of reason of “what we can’t see is often more terrifying than what we can...”
And the way you finished it was amazing the way it basically says “when you enter the cave you cannot leave without one of them coming with you.”
Hope to see more of your work!

Your kind words warm my mossy, snow-covered heart. I thank you both for reading and taking the time to comment. Means a hell of a lot, seriously.

Funnily enough, your chilling remarks about my chilling remarks ("when you enter the cave...") are making my skin crawl with renewed existential dread. Oh boy, I feel a cosmic heart attack coming on...

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