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There are people who want to tell stories. One full of laughter, one full of tragedy, another full of heroes. I am but one of those people, one who writes full of mystery.


One day, Fluttershy finds a strange looking seal in a nearby lake. The next, she finds a small yellow rat that can create mass amounts of electricity. As the days went on more and more started showing up, all of which seeming lost and scared. It didn’t take somepony like her long to realize that these animals were different from those she usually saw, and had no idea where they are. Of course, when a creature is in need Fluttershy knows what to do.

Hopefully she can find enough room for all these strange creatures.

This is something very different from what I usually write, but I think we can all agree the best part about fanfiction is that you can take it as seriously as you want. Besides, what’s wrong with doing something different?

Pokemon is owned by Game Freak

May contain spoilers for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Chapters (4)
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You're doing pokemon? I'll take a look.

Uh, two things. One, there are some typos you might want to go back over. The summary made me think Fluttershy would find Pikachu, not Mimikyu.

Great story so far, but Mew and Arceus are both the creators of Pokemon.

I'm curious to know if Keldeo will be involved in this.

Not completely on-board with the whole talking legendaries thing, but at least not all pokemon talk here. I was confused when Ashi was mentioned without much of an introduction - not that I need to see Flutters adopt him right off the bat. Just took me a bit to realize he's Flutter's poppino. The characters sound a bit weird too but I really can't call it a bad start. I think you have something going here.

Yeah, sorry about the Popplio/Ashimari thing. I recently found out that was it's Japanese name and I've since fallen in love with it.

Like miss brainwash a whole town has any right to judge

that dragon got off light for the what he said about lillie

I liked how you referred to Lunala as Nebby, nice touch. Overall a relaxing break from the action, mystery, and blood filled stories you been doing recently. This story actually reminds me of a another story revolving around Spike and Mimikuyu, called Spike meets Mimikuyu if anyone’s ever read that.

Yeah, if I didn’t call Lunala Nebby I would be punching myself in the gut. Glad to see you’re enjoying it as well!

Didn't that salmence say something(unheard by the ponies) about Nabby's mother aka Lillie?


Lunala appeared from the wormhole moments later, Twilight noticing the moon that appeared in the wormhole. “Never, ever , call me naive!”

It was more like the Salamence called her naive or something to that effect, it was directed at Nebby.

ehhh I'm not that invested. I started following because I was looking forward to the idea of Fluttershy taking care of Pokémon and the Slice of life style shenanigans it would lead to, but so far its a somewhat clunky 'worlds coming together' story

“If I had a son or daughter, I would worry for him just as much. Yet one thing I’ve learned from my time resting, listening to news the branches give me, is that at a point the mother most realize his boy has grown up,”

You put 'his' instead of 'her' in this statement. Love the story anyways.


Thanks, I’ll get on that right now!

Yeah, I was a little worried the first few chapters would do that, and I think it would have been better if I hadn’t introduced Nebby in the way I did, but I do still plan to do that. If you aren’t invested enough to continue, that’s my fault for not hooking you well enough, but I promise there will be lots of Fluttershy in the not so far off future.

Are you familiar with a crossover entitled A New World, A New Way? Because that's also a MLP/Pokemon crossover and it's very similar to this.

Wonder how they will react when they learn that nebby is the moon pokemon?

Yeah, I am, and I won’t deny that it has inspired a little bit while writing this, though that was only after I began. While the first chapter went the way I expected it to, the second chapter was not what I originally had planned. In fact, part of the reason I added Salamence was to make sure I at least followed up on what I originally set out to do, because he gives me more of a reason to focus on Fluttershy caring for her animals and not devolve into a copy of A New World, A New Way. I have a lot more to talk about once I finish something I making for 50 followers, but that’s the jist of it for now.

Every mare would want a piece of Keldeo.

don't forget that in the movies and some of the games that the legendaries do speak...with their minds!

Fluttershy hummed happily to herself as she prepared breakfast. Angel was still asleep, and so was the many other animals that she cared for around her cottage. She was more than happy to let them sleep in this morning, especially when things had been far more hectic the past few days. Pouring herself a box of cereal, the pegasi quickly floated around her kitchen, checking cabinets to make sure she didn’t need to head into town today.

PegaSUS. Singular.:ajbemused:

“Hm, looks like I’m gonna need some more finish,” She said quietly before giggling. “Ashimari does seem to enjoy eating.”

I'm guessing that you mean fish.:unsuresweetie:

Though Fluttershy knew, being the element of kindness, in a town that is many agree is a walking disaster field, on the edge of the everfree, and her own timid personality keeping her away from many things made her friends uncomfortable.

total might be a better choice of phrase.

Twilight’s eyes rolled back before fainting, the others quickly preparing a makeshift bed for her before she hit the hard wooden floor. Fluttershy and Rainbow grabbed and placed blankets, Rarity used the couch cushions as a quick mattress, Pinkie got a pellow, and Spike gave her a stuffed animal to snuggle with.


Just letting you know I’m fixing these as you post them. Thanks for telling me!:twilightsmile:

“Oh, this here is Mimikyu, or Mimi for short,” Fluttershy said as she picked up Mimikyu with her hooves. “The poor thing, all it ever wanted was to be loved. It told me that it wears the cloth because it’s so ugly it killed somepony just by looking at it’s real body. No one, even if they are ugly, she ever be hated because of that,””

A better phrasing might be "somepony died just after looking at its real body".

Arceus eyed Giratina, who looked at the ground slightly embarrassed at what was happening. It was rare to see the ruler of the reverse world standing in front of his father embarrassed about anything. Many of the other legenary’s were also in the room, though they weren’t giving the death glare that Arceus was giving.

“Let me get this straight,” The Alpha Pokémon said. “You ‘accidently’ opened up some portals to the reverse world all around the world. Pokémon of all different types ‘accidently’ fell into these portals, and in an attempt to save face you forced them back out through a wormhole to another dimension !”

Legendaries (proper noun), accidentally, and i believe that Giratina's demesne is called the Distortion World.

From a distance, Rarity, Rainbow, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie watched from a distance as the pokemon rushed through the doors.

You said "from a distamce" twice.

“... what did you just call me?”

“Sala… mence… sala.” The Salamence said, who Rarity and Applejack was surprised to see shaking in fear.

Lunala frowned, Twilight noticing how the magic surrounding the legendary seemed to bounce around uncontrollably. “You think I’m gonna let you free after that?”

That brings to mind...

Oh Boy! Necrozma and the ultra beast might be beings that the princesses know about.

“ Sala !” Salamence growled at her, still noticeably unhappy about being around here. “Salamence… Sala sala.”

“I understand how you feel, but you aren’t in shape to go anywhere right now,” Fluttershy explained, motioning to the bruising and scratching that the Pokémon had gained from the Moongeist Beam. “Look, I know you’re angry, but you need to control yourself. I can help you get better, but you have to behave yourself if you do come cwith me. You want Lunala to do this to you again? Or would you rather heal and than go somewhere you can be left alone?”

“You want to know what a Salamence can do to a non-Pokémon with those jaws of it?” Nebby asked, interrupting Twilight in the middle of her rant. “It’s a dragon-type, one of the most powerful types of Pokémon there is. Most types won’t deny it, and only fairy types overpower it. We Pokémon have an aura that protects us in battle from anything, and the most that happens to us is faint. Do you have that?”

Hey, looking on the bright side: It isn't Mega Salamence.:ajbemused:.

Mega Evolution fuels its rbutality, and it may even turn on the trainer who raised it. It has been dubbed the Blood-Soaked Crescent.

8920648 Dragon-types are fearsome Pokemon except when it comes to the newly-discovered Fairy-types.

What does Alolan Vulpix have to do with the internet?

We all saw how twilight is like when something challenges her world view.
Pinkie sense

almost complete mental break down? Yeah I see that happening

Twilight always has to be right, and that is one of her vices.

Sigh, I'm sorry. I understand this is a new project, but this isn't working for me personally. perhaps its just my taste. if your remotely interested, here's what I would have done (if you think this is insulting, feel free to ignore this section) 1. waited to introduce the mixing cultures aspect till much later. in addition to looking forward to the slice of life stuff, I was looking forward to the ponies trying to understand the creatures Fluttershy suddenly acquired, instead of having the Pokémon world explained to them by legendary, much less a immature one right out of the gate. 2. when they crossed over, let the readers know what the Pokémon are saying, maybe by putting the 'Pokéspeak' in italics or parenthesis, so we know that it isn't normal speak. The whole 'we don't know exactly what Pokémon say' only works when the story is primarily told from the perspective of ones that we understand what their saying. and yet as soon as Nebbie and Lillie cross over we have a Salamance plotting revenge and a focus on Lillie's perspective, it feels like the story would work so much better if at least the audience understood what they were saying. 3. similar to the second idea I had, you could just have Lillie speak normally, because the idea of Lillie being dragged to help Nebbie or for here to lost the ability to talk and be dumped on fluttershy's lap without feels really contrived. I get it, you want to add a story-line about Lillie adapting to being a Pokémon, but not only is that kind of fragmenting the narrative, but making it so that the audience cant hear her opnions o the matter as they come up makes it harder to convey I do see potential in your writing though, so please don't take this as me saying your a hack writer. maybe I'll come back after you've gotten settled into this story.

She’s really laid back, to the point were almost nothing can really phase her.

that, faze

One Pokémon can only bare a small number of moves, usually around four or so, and it’s a trainers job in the heat of battle to strategize the best way to defeat the opponent.

I really never understood that. Even Alakazam, who has more intelligence than a room full of teachers, can only learn four at a time and no more.

“They’re liking asleep by now,” she thought with a yawn. “I guess it makes sense for that Fluttershy… pony? Right pony.”


“You’re not getting the point Nebby!” Twilight exclaimed, no longer able to contain herself. “Battling isn’t right! You’re hurting other Pokémon that didn’t do anything wrong, and even than I’ve found that talking can be more effective. If you are willing to do something like that, than I was clearly right before when I said-”

Twilight... Shut the fuck up.. you are acting like a twat!

Will Keldeo show up again next chapter?

She's going to Twilight'd up again.

Yep, I can see Twilight doing this EVERY time she’s in a foreign country or in a foreign world in this case.

Twilight is good at being a friend but sucks at making friends.
That is why the elements made sure she had the other five to make friends for her.

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