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Demons run when a Good man goes to war.


Ten years prior the city of Fuyuki was devastated by a fire that resulted from a disastrous Gas Explosion, claiming over Five-Hundred innocent souls before being extinguished.

Unbeknownst to the general public, however, the true cause of the disaster was no mere gas leak, but the catastrophic climax of a secret Ritual that had been held in the town for almost Two-Hundred Years.

Now, ten years later, Seven Masters once again converge on Fuyuki, hoping to lay claim to their deepest desires, even if they have to step over an army of corpses to do it.

Not if Sunset Shimmer has anything to say about it.

Chapters (4)
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Fate Stay Night crossover? Which version of Fate Stay Night, there are like twelve differrent timelines now.

you can tell that at one point i hit adaptation reboot fatigue :rainbowlaugh:

It's set in the vanilla Fate Universe, taking place immediately post the climax of Fate/Zero, though the story itself picks up ten years later. There will be call-outs to other series, but for the most part the story follows the events of Stay-Night Canon. Which route they go down I'll leave to your imagination. For now.

This is interesting so far though I gotta admit I was never really able to get into the Fate series with Zero being the only one I watched all the way through. Though I am a fan of the Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya series.

I wholly agree that Zero had one of the best stories by virtue of being based off a light novel rather than an Eroge. Gen Urobochi's work was inspired by the likes of Lovecraft and other sources, so it's no wonder Zero and Apocrypha could get so compelling.

That being said, while there isn't anything inherently wrong with Studio-Deen's FSN Anime, I highly recommend giving UFO Table's Unlimited Blade Works a watch, or failing that just the UBW and Heaven's Feel Movies, which do a decent job of summarizing the two Routes.

Indeed, if you enjoyed Zero, you'll likely enjoy the Heaven's Feel Movies, since HF is considerably Darker than the Fate and UBW routes, despite UBW being arguably the most popular.

As mentioned in my Author's notes, this Story will borrow elements from most Type-Moon media, but I'll be aiming for an overall darker and more serious tone as we saw in zero, as evidenced by Sunset being Kiritsugu's apprentice. Other details to follow as the story progresses.


Vanilla Timeline: Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay-Night & Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, the latter of which takes place regardless of which route you took during FSN (Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, Heaven's Feel). Strange/Fake may also take place in this timeline.

Apocrypha takes place in an alternate timeline where the Einzbern summon Ruler (Japanese Jesus) instead of Avenger (Wishes he was Actually Satan) during the 3rd Grail War.

Extra Timeline: Earth's Mana dried up by 2030, forcing the Mages to 'Go Digital'. The events go Extra, Extella, Link, with CCC taking place Mid-way through Extra as a side-story. Last encore is an alternate retelling of Extra where the villain went 'fuck it' & ended the game early.

Prisma-Ilya timeline: An alternate reality where there was only ever 1 grail war but it was cancelled prematurely because Kiritsugu and Irisviel didn't want to sacrifice Illyasviel for world peace. Miyu's timeline is set in a world where Pandora's box was never opened.

Grand Order Timeline: Another alternate timeline where Lev Lainur Flauros didn't commit suicide prior to 2004 and Olga's father, Marisbury Animusphere won the Fuyuki Grail War as the Master of Caster.

I haven't mentioned any of the spin-off games since for the most part they don't really have any canonical weight to the main series. Hope that clears things up.

Exactly what kind of answer would the universe have for someone like PINKIE?

And the Association's Shard of the Round Table for Sunset? Oh boy. Well, since the Shard is tied to an entire collection of legendary Knights, the one chosen would be dependent on the compatibility with the Master. To be honest, while Sunset does have a similar attitude and also once defied her monarch, I'm not 100% certain that Mordred would be the one chosen by the Grail for her. While I would not be surprised at all if she gets summoned, Mordred is also too impulsive, reckless, impatient and carefree for even a hardened version of Sunset. And not even in a good and more agreeable way like Rainbow Dash, since she also fights like a wild animal. Most of all, she has a very violatile and explosive temper. Sunset and Mordred may have similar back stories, but they are still very much a contrast in almost every other regard.

Sunset is far more patient and refined with firm standards on approach. A number of the other Knights of the Round Table would also be a good fit. Lancelot and Gawain both make a good match, and perhaps even Galahad would be resonate with the pure and noble soul that we know Sunset has somewhere inside of her.

This is a fun read up to here! I love the intro you've reused, as it reminds me in feel to the 'bet' group of stories from way way back when for R1/2, and it allows a formulaic kickstart to get to the fun part.

Nice to see this updated again. Good chapter.

Mordred was an excellent choice. The parental issues match well enough that Sunset plausibly could have summoned her just with compatibility.

The obvious question is how that affects Artoria's summoning, assuming that still happens. Referencing the canon summoners for Caster/Lancer makes me assume--perhaps incorrectly--that we're going to get the same Servants as in canon, so unless you mix things up (Berserker Cu? Archer Herc? Caster [redacted]?), the only class left for her would be Assassin... which seems like an awkward fit, invisibility cloak aside.

... though, I suppose one lesson from FSN's Archer is that just because you're summoned into a class doesn't mean you have to play by its rules when you don't want to.

Well, how's that for a first chapter. Dropping Sunset right into the fire will make things interesting. Hopefully this makes for a good read (as you can see from my avatar...)

A few thoughts from how things change on Sunset's side and the rest of the F/SN's cast side...

1. Depending on whether Sunset sees being put into the FSN world as a good or a bad thing, she'll probably at the least be pissed off at Rainbow Dash once she finds out her Sonic Rainboom was what put Sunset there specifically as opposed to any other world. Sunset won't necessarily know that she would have gone to some other location if not for the Sonic Rainboom, but she's a smart lass. She'll deduce as much.

2. Being put into Fuyuki right during the fire...will she actually know where the portal is at, having to move as soon as she appears in Fuyuki?

3. Shirou is in the worst shape of the two, so he'll be the one who gets Avalon. Which is just as well, because that would've been a huge power-up for baconhair.

4. If Sunset lives together with Shirou and Kirigitsu, then Kerry will have a harder time bullshitting the two about proper magic exercises and training and just trying to keep them away from magic proper. Heck, it wasn't really revealed in this chapter but I'm going to imagine Sunset got age-regressed hard to be about Shirou's age now.

Hah. You got me. I was fully expecting Sagara to be around for at least a few chapters, but instead he got offered up as a sacrifice right in the first chapter. I mean, given this is a story with Sunset in it, I expect deviations, so the possibility of somebody new from one of the games I've never played being a Master didn't seem out of place to me, but I guess to some extent we'll regress to status quo.

Still, I can tell what Kiritsugu did do for Sunset. He not only taught her the more unsavory sides of his own position as the Magus Killer, leading her to killing Sagara point blank with a gun instead of any magical tricks, he also hooked her up with connections. Waver Velvet may not be the top of the totem pole, but he's got a good enough position to get Sunset more training and stuff in the future. Plus the information she'll need for the new Holy Grail War.

I am curious...if the portal brought Sunset into this world, and more specifically into Japan, I assume she would have been turned into somebody who looked Oriental? That way at least, she would fit into Japanese society.

So it would seem that Kiritsugu didn't hook Sunset up with Waver, but rather she stumbled into that connection on her own. Well, at the least, her and Shirou will be armed with more information than canon Shirou was, given Kerry's report at least mentions the corruption of the Grail.

Also, if Sunset and Shirou are adoptive siblings, that means Sunset also has access to the more criminal elements of Fuyuki through Tora. She she's set up there.

Legit I would've been pretty happy if Sunset summons some sort of sunset deity, like Amaterasu

Well, I haven't kept up to date with the franchise. Reading up on the FSN version of Mordred and of course that Hero's own legend, yeah, this one definitely suits Sunset. Certainly, there are some hard parallels between the two. It'll be really awkward if/when Artoria comes into play, and I can't help but wonder if she'll also be summoned as Saber, bypassing the Grail War limitations of only one Saber.

I am curious though. At the start of this chapter in the narration about King Arthur, it refers to Artoria with male pronouns on multiple occasions. Waver knows that King Arthur was female, and even reveals it in his thoughts several times, so narratively I would expect the first little bit to refer to King Arthur by his true gender at the least. Though I suppose if you're talking about his legend at large, then yeah, it would refer to him as amale.

1. In terms of her overall attitude, it's a Good Thing. Namely, Sunset won't be the self-entitled bitch she became in the first EG movie. If anything she's a more cynical version of the Sunset we see later on, a decent person whose seen what the world's really like behind the fake mask it puts on.

Also, her feelings towards Rainbow are moot. Sure when she finally makes it back to Equestria and puts the pieces together she'll be a little nettled, but Keep in mind, by the time FSN rolls around, over 10 years will have passed since Sunset arrived in Fuyuki, so she's had time to move on.

If anything, it's her relationship with Twilight that'll be the most dangerous. Setting aside Twilight's identity crisis at discovering she was 'The Replacement', Sunset will likely become the 'EMIYA' to Twilight's 'Shirou', seeing her ascension as a joke compared to the shit she went through.

2. And no, she doesn't know precisely 'where' the portal to Equestria is, though she hypothesizes it was at Ground Zero, where the Corrupt Grail was, since that's where Kiritsugu apparently started his search.

3. Shirou will still be getting Avalon, as he needs it to have his origin changed to 'sword'. Sunset will be getting a different form of power-up from Kiritsugu later. In terms of raw power Sunset is definitely leagues above Shirou anyway.

4. Yeah Sunset basically bullies Kiritsugu into teaching her and Shirou properly, so don't expect Shirou to be the total scrub he was at the beginning of FSN. As for her age, Sunset is the same age she was when she appeared in the EQG universe, so her teens at the latest.

Indeed, Sunset is essentially Kiritsugu's 'Secret Apprentice'. The fact she doesn't use the Emiya Name, going instead by 'Banshou Hikaru' (Literally Sunset Shimmer if you squint), works as a two-fold cover.

For one thing, using a Japanese name leads many people to underestimate her, since Eastern Magi are typically looked down on by the Clock Tower Elitists. For another, it allows her to bypass any of the stigma & grievances attached to the Emiya name (Archibald, Einzberns etc).

She resembles her canon EGQ self, albeit 10 years older and with more practical fashion-sense (Duster over business casual outfit). This is yet another thing that distances her from Kiritsugu, who is a pure-blood Japanese, so nobody expects HER to be Banshou Hikaru.

As for fitting into society, just look at Shirou. Even if his features are japanese, there's no excuse for him to have natural red hair and ochre colored eyes, so he's most likely mixed-race like Rin (It's my head-canon that Tokiomi's mother was an Edelfelt).

Kiritsugu likely didn't see Waver as a credible threat without Rider, and most likely didn't keep track of him after the war, so Sunset had no idea what to expect from the former Master of Iskander until she met up with him seeking answers, since then they have developed a working relationship based on necessity and their shared desire to avert another disaster.

Yeah Sunset & Shirou are a little more knowledgeable of the goings on in Fuyuki than canon. Sadly Sunset's relationship with Taiga isn't as good as Shirou's due to events that will be touched upon later. Needless to say, the two don't get on well but Taiga can't really stand up to Sunset because the latter knows all her weaknesses and how best to target them (Lazy, can't cook, mooches food etc.)

As deliciously ironic as it would be for Sunset to summon the literally embodiment of the Sun, Gods & Divine spirits cannot be summoned by the Grail bar certain circumstances. In the case of Artemis, she's borrowing Orion's Saint Graph in order to be with him, and in the case of Amaterasu we actually summon her 'vessel' in several forms (Tamamo Nine), the most iconic being Extra Caster (Cas-Ko).

Rest assured, Arturia will still be in play. However, Mordred being summoned means that there will be a few changes. Not to the roster, but more the line-up. Essentially, bar Herakles & EMIYA, almost all the other Servants will be different Classes from Canon.

My reasoning behind this is because the Einzbern purposefully summoned Herakles as Berserker & when Rin waited to perform the ritual until only the Archer & Saber classes remained, in order to improve her chances of drawing a Knight Class Servant.

As for why the roster hasn't changed aside from this? Well this is mostly due to an interesting conversation with Lancer (Cuchulain) in F/GO, where he reveals that every time he's been summoned he faces off against a certain 'Red Archer' (EMIYA), to the point they've gotten sick of one another.

As such, Arturia, Cuchulain, Medea & Medusa will all be different classes from canon. While I was referring to the legend at large, Sunset honestly had no idea as to Arturia's true gender. The reason for this is because neither Kiritsugu or Waver brought it up, the former because he didn't like talking about it and the latter because he honestly didn't think her 'true gender' mattered in the grand scheme of things.

Does this mean we're getting Lancer Arturia?

Not necessarily, she could be a Rider, or an Assassin (Mysterious Heroine-X). It all depends on how my Beta and I manage to spin things.

Hmmm... Not sure how either of those would work... Arturia (Rider) I can sort of understand, since she's a "knight", but the thing with the Rider Class is that their Mounts are supposed to be almost or even more famous than the Heroes who ride them, and I don't recall anything from the King Arthur legend to that effect, unless you decide to completely make something up and handwave it as "Parallel Universe BS", but that would have other issues with the summoning itself (see notations on Avalon below).

Arturia (Assassin), is getting Heavily AU, even in-continuity, where she is from a continuity that's deliberately described as a "Parody Universe", and other than name and using a Version of Excalibur doesn't have any real connection to the King Arthur Legend. The deal with using Catalysts to summon Servants is to create a Sympathetic connection between the Ritual and the Legend of the Hero you wish to Summon, so Shiro unknowingly using Avalon to summon Arturia is unlikely to give him her Assassin version, since The Ever-distant Utopia, both the Scabbard and the Place, are heavily connected to the end of the King Arthur Legend, whereas for Heroine-X it isn't even mentioned to my knowledge.

Speaking of Avalon, as Rin says in Fate/Stay Night once she finds out he has it, having it pretty much guaranteed that Shiro would summon her as a Saber Class and that she "Never Had a Chance", explaining why she summoned EMIYA as an Archer, despite doing everything she possibly could to summon a Saber. The funny thing is, she summoned EMIYA before Shiro summoned Arturia, so that implies that there may be some level of pre-selection on the Grail's part involved unless you Heavily game the system like Sunset did here by using an artifact connected to Knights known for their skill with Swords.

I mentioned Arturia as a Lancer Specifically, because even while I don't think he could specifically summon the Lancer version of her, since that Version of King Arthur isn't really connected to either Avalon or Excalibur other than a footnote saying they essentially abandoned them in favor of the Holy Lance, the Lance Rhongomyniad is heavily connected to the normal King Arthur Legend, and in particular it's the weapon she used to land the Killing Blow on Mordred, so even if Shiro summons "King Arthur" Arturia as a "Lancer" using Avalon, it would be a bit like Rin summoning EMIYA as an Archer, where the sheer breadth of her Legend allows her to essentially Multi-class if summoned as anything other than a Saber, and she could possibly still have Invisible Air and Excalibur in addition to having primary access to Rhongomyniad (and might also be a neat bit of psychological play against Mordred in the upcoming Grail War once she realizes what it is).

Alright fine, you caught me. We're getting Lancer-Arturia, which should lead to some issues down the line for Mordred. I merely wanted to avoid spoilers ok?


The curse of being genre savvy in combination of having already researched a lot of Arturia's background and alternates for a story idea of my own, as well as the more traditional legend of King Arthur to fill in gaps.

I'm going to warn you now, though, that I have a habit of putting out pointed speculation in comments that are meant rhetorically as a means to instigate both authors and readers to think about different possibilities they may not have considered, or to expand on ideas they may not have thought out completely. In the future, if/when I do something like this again, you can always go "Now that would be telling" if it's about something you really, Really don't want to give out spoilers on, and I'd be content.


On the subject of King Arthur's lore, what about the fact he supposedly had more kids than just Mordred?

Also, Gawain, Gareth, Gaheris, Agravain and Mordred are apparently siblings? Somehow I imagine Agravain as the eldest having to put up with his younger sibling's shenanigans.

Are you asking in the context of this story, or in general?

I'm not really sure to be honest. There's a lot of conflicting lore; different versions of the legend giving him different families. There's even several accounts where Mordred was just his nephew rather than his Son. Mordred's bastard status isn't really cemented until the "French Romantic" accounts become popularized, and in several versions of the legend both prior and following, the other "Sons" you mention are also just nephews, while others take their place...

Arthur's Sons, whenever they do appear in the legends as his sons, also tend to have a disturbingly high mortality rate, most even being killed by Arthur himself for one reason or another...

Makes sense I suppose, though it might serve as another reason behind Guinevere and Lancelot hooking up, grief over her deceased children, which Arturia could not show as king.

A Holy Grail War with Sunset Shimmer? Sign me up! I've seen one with her as a servant (really amazing), but not as a Master. I am REALLY looking forward to diving into this (and I will as soon as I can, which will hopefully be later today).

Edit: Just read it, and holy crap! I really can't wait for more. Mordred is the perfect servant for her, and just, like, ALL OF MY WANT.

Really, keep up the awesome work.

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