• Published 30th Apr 2018
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Fallout Equestria: The Great Hoard - RuinQueenofOblivion

A few years after the end of the Enclave War, a group of friends sets out into the Dragon Lands after a legendary treasure. But they're not the only ones, and they have to brave the dangers of this wild, unexplored land to survive.

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Chapter 4: Misty Mountains

“The significance of a myth
Is not easily penned on paper by
Analytical reasoning.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien.

“Wow, that’s… wow,” Pure Heart said as we looked up at the massive mountain range before us. It rose above the desert floor and seemed to go on forever, stretching into the heavens. “Well, I’ve never seen anything this large since Everhoof back in Equestria.”

Go Fish looked up gulping. “Please don’t ask me to fly up there.”

“Serenity, what does the map say?” Calypso asked as she looked over at me.

“Well let’s see,” I said as I took out the maps and compared them. “Well, it says here that there is a path that we can all take through the mountains. It seems to lead to an old mine shaft that should take us further up the mountain and on the trail to Stable 110.”

“Well, that’s good,” Pure said.

“Oh wait, what’s this here…” I said as I pretended to read something closely on the map. “Yes, here we go, it says that ponies named Go Fish must fly up there.”

Go Fish tried to take the map from me. “If that really said that then I will force my hoof into the one who wrote this.”

I laughed as I held the map out of her reach and stuck my tongue out at her. “Do you really want to risk it? I’m the navigator, I think I know what I’m talking about.”

Crow chuckles he sniffs. “Do you smell blood?”

I put the map away and looked around, suddenly on alert. “We should check it out,” I said and gave the others a nod. I could smell something, but not the direction it was coming from. “Crow, can you help us find the source of it?”

Crow turned into a bloodhound sniffing around. He howled and run towards the scent.

“Come on, let’s follow him,” I said as we chased after him and towards whatever the source of the scent was.

We made our way up the mountain a bit until we finally heard the sound of something being attacked. As we came into view of what was going on, the first thing we saw was a massive bipedal monster with long claws and a tail as well as horns growing out of its skull.

Just barely out of view was its victim, a mare with peach colored fur and a darker mane. I couldn’t make out much more than that, though her ears looked a little, off.

“We have no time for you all to get ready to fight this thing.” Crow quickly shifted into a bear charging at the creature roaring loudly.

“Crow stop!” Go Fish yelled. She turned to look at me. “We can’t just let him fight that thing on his own.”

The large creature turned to the bear. It roared loudly at the changeling. When Crow didn’t let up and kept his charging pace. The two clashed they hit loud enough and hard enough that their bodies sounded like rocks hitting each other. The bear reared up slashing his claws on the creature. Both seemed to be evenly matched. Of course, the creature with the horns was a lot bigger than the bear. It reared up fully and screamed in anger spit flying all over as it roared.

That roar didn’t scare the bear that charged at the large creature. Horns formed on the head of the bear while he tried to gore the large thing. The large creature swung its large claws slicing into the back of Crow. Blood and flesh ripped and rent but the changeling didn’t stop its attack. A horn made it into one of the legs of the creature. Another claw went deep into the changelings back rending more flesh and blood drained from his wounds. Crow kept pushing the creature to the edge to push it off.

They finally made it to the edge before the large creature could be pushed another claw smacked the Changeling right in the face. Causing him to fly back a bit on his hind legs. The creature stood on the edge and with one stomp with his front legs, the edge of the mountain gave way causing both creatures to fall as suddenly as it started the battle ended with both of them going over the edge.

“Crow!” I shouted as we ran to the edge.

Go Fish rushed over the edge and looked. “ I don’t see him!!”

After a while, a little bird slowly flew back up and it changed back into Crow. He was badly beaten and bruised he lay there panting deeply and in pain. “Help” He weakly said

Pure Heart rushed over to him and took out a healing potion and some other items before she looked back at me and levitated some healing potions over. “The rest of you go check on the mare, I’ve got this.”

I nodded and grabbed the items before I headed over to where the peach colored mare was lying on the rock. The first thing that drew my attention, however, was her wings, they were a dark red, but they weren’t feathered like mine…

“Is that a Bat Pony?” Calypso asked as she looked a bit surprised. “I knew there was a tribe near here, but I didn’t think one would come out here.”

Go Fish looked at the Bat and then back at Crow. “Crow didn’t even think he went to go save her without even thinking of payment. I mean come on this is Wasteland 101.” The Blackjack in her talking.

“Fishy, the Blackjack in you is showing,” Calypso said as we started working on the bat pony mare.

“What was that thing?” Go Fish asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen anything like it,” I said with a shake of my head. “I’m guessing its something unique to the Dragon Lands. I doubt it’s the only one out there, so we need to be careful.”

“Yeah,” Calypso said as she looked thoughtful for a moment. “I talked with Night Shroud a few times before she went back home. I’m trying to remember if she told me about any of the local wildlife.”

“I’m worried we will see more. We are no match for them look what it did to Crow.” Go Fish said

“Figures, we didn’t think to bring something heavier than rifles,” I said with a groan as there was a cough as the bat pony mare’s red eyes fluttered open. “Hey, you’re okay, we’ve got you.”

She looked at us in surprise looking around in a great amount of fear. But she didn’t see the creature that attacked her. “What happen to Death creature?” She softly asked her voice sounded very smooth and gentle.

“A friend of ours risked his life to save you.” Go Fish said.

“You’re both going to be okay,” I said and gave her a reassuring smile. “What happened there? Why were you being attacked by that thing?”

She stood up on her hooves and spread her wings to check them. “I was just coming home after some trading. These creatures sometimes just attack when hungry. So I wish to thank the one that saved me.”

I nodded and looked over to where Pure Heart was working on Crow. “He’s over there with my marefriend. He’s in good hooves, she’s not a doctor but she’s got enough medical training at least.”

The mare stared at Crow her eyes just looked him with hate. “He’s a changeling why are you risking yourselves with that? There is no way that is what saved me.” She was in denial.

Go Fish blinked staring at the bat and then back at Crow. “Uh no he did save you.”

“Yeah, he risked his life, why would we lie about that?” Pure asked as she looked at the bat pony confused. “What’s going on?”

“You can’t be here... Not with him. They will kill him.” She looked at Crow then back at us. “We have been raised to hate Changelings. To the point, he won’t be able to shift in there.”

Crow sighed standing on his hooves. “Well, not the first time I had to deal with something my species did.” He said with a weak smile.

“I’m sure if we just explain the situation…” I started to say when there was the sound of wings flapping and several more Bat Ponies landed around us with their weapons trained on us and especially on Crow.

“All of you lay down your weapons and surrender,” one of them, the obvious leader said. “You’ve trespassed into Harrower territory and are accompanied by a Changeling. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t shoot you on the spot.”

“Eclipse the Changeling saved my life.” The bat mare said. “A Death creature attacked me and he risked his life to save me.”

“Don’t listen to her Eclipse she is obsessively under his mind control.” A gangly little mare said whispering in his ear. “We must follow the laws.” I looked at the mare she looked at me her eyes looked evil and green.

We all paused a moment as we looked between each other. I didn’t know what to do, the Bat Ponies looked like they were getting ready to shoot us.

“I give up.” Crow dropped everything. “I will go with you willingly if you leave my friends alone.”

“How do we know they’re not Changelings too?” Eclipse pointed out. “You could all be Changelings for all we know.”

“I call upon the rite of parley as the right of a chieftain's daughter!” Calypso said which made the bat ponies pause as they looked at her in surprise.

The Gangly mare smirked and came out from the group. “Oh, how sweet..” She hissed I could swear she looked like a snake. “Prick them Eclipse just a bit if they bleed green they will be Changelings.”

Eclipse paused a moment but looked at Calypso. “What right do you have to claim parley? What chieftain do you claim by the rite?”

“President Winter Breeze of the Enclave,” Calypso said which made them pause a little. “She met with Elder Dark Star over a decade ago and was acknowledged as a fellow Chieftain. The rite is mine to claim by your laws.”

“Oh, the daughter of such a mare.” The gangly mare hissed. “But the laws are the law.” She pointed her hoof to Crow. “He must be held in Jail and then tried for his crimes!!”

“What crimes?!” Go Fish asked.

“The Crimes of his kind. What they did to us.” She hissed and chuckled.

“We’ll accept your rite of parley,” Eclipse said and looked at the other mare. “No harm will come to her or her companions as long as they are in our lands. However, the rite of parley does not apply to Changelings unless they can prove that they are not guilty of the accused crimes.”

The gangly mare chuckles looking at me with a smirk. “Oh, that is so hard though. No Changeling is pure.” She smirked slithering back into the group.

Crow looked at the mare he saved bowing his head to her. Then looking at the guards. “I will not fight it. I will go with you.”

“And what about you, Chieftain’s daughter, what will you and your companions do?” Eclipse asked.

“I have an idea.” The gangly mare said again. “Let me take them to my chambers I shall treat them with honor and respect. Till the elder can see them.” She smirked.

I didn’t like the sound of that, there was something about this mare that made me incredibly uneasy.

“I'd rather go with somepony…” The bat mare covered Go Fish mouth and looked at us shaking her head. Mouthing. ‘Do it.’

“Fine, we’ll accept your, gracious offer,” Calypso said.

The mare smirked it was the smirk of a snake. I could swear she was one. Her forked tongue shot out of her mouth. “Oh, I am honored daughter of the Enclave.” She said in a hiss.

Go Fish gulped.

“Now Eclipse make sure no one harms this changeling. If he is guilty then he will be put to death. But we can’t allow the citizens to harm such a creature.” She gave Crow a lick and he fell to the ground knocked out. “Now let's go shall we.”

“Yes, come with us,” Eclipse said as he lead us up the mountain.


We were lead through a tunnel. The guards took us to this strange gangly mares chambers. An iron door blocked the way in and when we came close it opened a hiss of odd smells in the air came out of it. It felt downright evil.

“Come in come in.. My home is your home… For now course.” We were lead with the peach mare Crow saved and taken inside. We saw pure darkness with green flames spouting out of pits near the walls. In the room was a soft couch a table and good food that we can eat.

“Now now enjoy yourselves. I must get back to the elder. I will return but stay here it’s safe here. There will be rumors that you’re filth of that Changeling. So you will be fine in here.” She smiled leaving the room and the doors closed in locking us in.

Go Fish looked to our new friend. “What a lovely home you have.” She sounded like Blackjack. She sounded full of anger and hate.

The peach mare looked at us and she smiled weakly. “I am sorry I didn’t mean to cause anything.”

“It’s not your fault,” I said with a sigh as I shook my head a little. “What is up with that mare? There’s, something about her that’s, well, off.”

“You mean Slither?” The peach mare asked. “Well ask long as anyone can remember. She has been the elder's voice and does what he asks. She is loved and feared but I have seen… through it... I am sure you have seen what she really looks like. A snake… or what some would say naga. But she looks pony when she stares and uses her venom on you. You see a mare.”

“I don’t like her,” Calypso said with a shake of her head. “We have to be careful around her. Hopefully, we can get out of this before it gets too bad.”

“We never caught your name,” I said as I looked at the peach-colored mare. “Sorry about us saving you and then getting you caught up in the middle of all this drama.”

“Oh, I am Dusk Lily and don’t worry it’s a lot more fun than I have ever had.” She smiled. “ But I am sorry about your friend. If she picks the judge she is going to get him tried for murder.”

“But he didn’t do anything wrong!” Pure Heart protested. “He saved your life, he’s helped us more times than we can count! He’s not going to hurt anyone here.”

“I am sorry I am very sorry. I know you all must care deeply for him. But you have to understand we have been raised to hate changelings and we don’t remember why.”

“I fought Changelings,” I said. “They tried to take over my home and we fought back. But Changelings aren’t inherently evil, sometimes they can be used for evil purposes, but they are just as capable of either good or evil as any pony. I fought alongside a Changeling named Vex and never had a problem with him, or with Crow.”

“He has risked his life for all of us. He even saved me and my marefriend here.” Go Fish said the first time she said it her cheeks turned bright red.

“He helped protect a town in Equestria for years,” Pure continued. “He’s one of the nicest beings I’ve ever met even if he has a hard time opening up to others. Even if the Changelings have hurt your Tribe in the past, he was never part of them or any hive that was behind it.”

“Sins of the father,” Calypso muttered and shook her head a little. “That actually may give us an edge.”

“But the only one that knows everything about Crow is Pure Heart.” Go Fish said.

“We can use testimonials of his actions in Equestria,” Calypso said. “And if we can prove that he was never part of any Hive that’s lived in the Dragon Lands we can discredit the entire case against him. He’s being accused of the crimes of a single Hive against the Tribe, not an entire species despite the wording.”

“We have a way to do these trials all those sitting at the trial with will see every memory everything he has done. Everything including the pain. He will be forced to remember.”

“We’ll figure it out,” I said with a sigh as I shook my head a little. “He’s a good being, he’s helped us and that’s all that matters to me. We’ll figure out how to get him out of this situation, somehow.”

“So, exactly how are we going to do that?” Calypso asked with a frown.

“I… honestly have no idea,” I admitted as I rubbed the back of my head a little. “None of us are really lawyers or whatever.”

“The fact that you’re his friends will be helpful in the long trek of this,” Dusk Lily said. “But they will see everything, they will see his past and what he did. I’m sure he has some evil in his heart, but maybe not fully.”

“Everypony is capable of evil,” Calypso said with a sigh. “Its part of our nature, just because he has evil in him doesn’t mean he is a threat.”

“So, how do we prove that?” Pure Heart asked.

“Each thing they will be seeing is what you talk about. If you focus on what he has done with you ponies, then it will be easy. We will be seeing everything even the secrets he wishes to keep.” Dusk Lilly had a frown form on her face after those words.

“If the alternative is he is punished for being born a Changeling, we might not have a choice,” Pure said with a frown. “I don’t want his secrets to be exposed if he’s not ready for it either, but this isn’t going to end well for him if we don’t.”

“I warn you that when that mare calls with a set of drums. We will know it's time for the trial. I trust you won’t argue with her.” Dusk Lilly tried to say without a strain of pain.

Go Fish snorted. “I will kick that mares butt if she harms him!!”

“Where’s a spiky-haired defense attorney when you need one…” Pure Heart muttered and I tried not to chuckle a little at that.

The sound of voices outside the room. We could all hear the gangly mare sound off. “The crimes of the changeling Shall be shown to us all my friends. If he is guilty he will be killed and his friends will then understand... Our blight!”

We exchanged a look for a moment. I knew we were going to have to do something about that odd mare if she was actually going to be causing problems for the Tribe, but exactly what was that going to be?

I sighed a little as I brushed my mane back. We had a lot to figure out right now, Crow was not going to be killed. Not when he’s never done anything wrong. But there were still a few things I didn’t understand, and Calypso looked as concerned as I did.

“I don’t understand something,” Calypso finally said. “When my mother visited the Harrows years back she said the Tribe was friendly and didn’t seem to have much of a Changeling problem at all. What’s going on here? And what’s with that mare, how long has this been going on?”

“That is something that most of us are trying to learn,” Dusk Lilly said. “See I am part of an underground movement. We got caught this mare has only been in power for six months. But most of us feel we have known her since birth. Even our books talk about her like she has been alive for years.”

“Alright,” Calypso said as she looked at the rest of us and sighs a little bit. “We need to do more than just prove him innocent, we need to uncover the truth behind that mare.”

“Then why don’t some of us go to the trial and some try to talk to the leader here,” Go Fish said thinking a bit more. “Is that wise though?”

“We don’t have much of a choice right now. I’ll go to the trial,” Calypso said with a nod. “Given they see me as the daughter of a chieftain I can use that to my advantage because of the rite. Pure Heart, you know Crow better than any of us so I think you should come too, the rest of you should look into everything that’s going on.”

“Got it,” Pure Heart said and the rest of us nodded in agreement as she took a deep breath.

“You two better practice your dramatic pointing and shouting objections,” I said with a chuckle.

“Please be careful Caly.” Go Fish nuzzled into Calypso. “I don’t wish you to get hurt.”

Calypso smiled a little as she nuzzled back. “I will Fishy, you’ve got nothing to worry about. We’ll get Crow out of this somehow, I promise you all.”

Dusk lily shook her head. “I feel the best way we can learn. Is to first try to speak to our leader and ask if we can use the forbidden section of our books.”

“You have a forbidden section?” Go Fish looked at the peach bat with worried eyes. “Why?”

“Because it was demanded by that mare. That those books be forced into a secret vault that only the leader can open.”

“Alright, so then we have to talk to the Elder,” I said and nodded a little. “How do we do that?”

“Well, when the mare is not around her hold on the leader seems to weaken. So we need to find a way to get through to them. She is always there at their side and never leaves. This is going to be the first time in a while,” Dusk Lilly said with a nod.

“Alright, Calypso, Pure, make sure that you either prove Crow innocent or at least buy us enough time to find us the information,” I said and the two nodded as Pure gave me a quick kiss. “Be careful, okay? I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Hey, I’ll be fine, Crow is not a bad being, we just have to prove it,” Pure said as she nuzzled me gently. “I’m more worried about you really.”

“Hey, it’s me, I’ll be fine,” I said with a smile that I didn’t really feel. I just hoped I was right.

“You being you is the reason we should be worried,” Go Fish laughed.

“Mmm, she’s got a point,” Pure said with a chuckle as she nuzzled me again. “You do tend to get into trouble a lot Serenity. Maybe we should lock you in a broom closet instead.”

“Do the Harrows even have broom closets?” I asked. “But fine, I’ll be on my best behavior, there, now you only have to worry about Fishy.”

“They took my guns away I feel naked without them!!” Fishy stomped her hoof in anger. “If I had my way I would.” She was cut off by Dusk Lilly covering her mouth as the door opened up.

A guard looked in and seemed to be controlled from the look of her eyes. “Those that wish to help the Changeling may come. But the others will be forced to stay in here.”

“There is no need for that. I shall keep an eye on them. If they step out of line I will call the others.” The guard just looked at Dusk Lilly mindlessly nodding.

“We’ll be going,” Calypso said as she and Pure Heart stepped forward. “Let’s get going.”

“Stay safe you two, get Crow back,” I said and they both nodded before they headed out with the guards.

“Now I warn you to follow my lead. If you do anything that is out of line, I can’t protect you.” Dusk Lily said while going to the door looking at me and Go Fish.

“I understand, I’ll follow your lead,” I said with a nod and glanced at Go Fish. “We both will got it Fish?”

“Uh….” Go Fish tried to find a way not to have to follow the lead of some mare. “Fine, I can’t think of anything without being drunk.”

Dusk Lily looked at me and then at Fish. “This friend of yours miss seems a bit foolish. Can you promise me that she won’t be a fool?”

“Better hope you never meet her mother…” I muttered to myself with a chuckle. “Don’t worry Dusk, I’ll keep her in line, just keep her away from anything alcoholic.”

Dusk nodded. “Come along the Elder's chambers aren’t far from here.” She said as she headed out of the room making sure we aren’t far behind.


The mine that made up the Harrows Tribe’s village seemed to be built out of a central shaft with tunnels going in every direction on each floor. We followed Dusk Lilly down a tunnel that leads away from the main shaft and towards the Elder’s room.

“So, why live in a mine in the Dragon Lands?” I asked curiously as we made our way down the tunnel. “I mean, I know bat ponies prefer the dark but there has to have been places back in Equestria you could’ve lived in too.”

“That is a question but for most of us who are born here, It’s home. Now I never really learned why we live here. But It’s meant to house a great protection for us.” Dusk Lilly nodded.

Go Fish stayed silent she didn’t wish to be the fool.

I nodded a little as we walked on, something was nagging at the back of my mind a little. Night Shroud, the member of the Thunderbolts that had come from this Tribe, what did she think of this whole thing? Where was she anyway? She had been part of the special forces for the Enclave and so she had some of the best training in Equestria, so had she fallen under sway or was she missing or even dead?

“Do you know a mare named Night Shroud?” I asked.

“Night Shroud? No never heard of her. In fact, after that mare showed up many of our kind vanished. None have been able to find them. It’s kind of strange but there are rumors deeper in the mountain of screams.” Dusk Lily had a frown on her face. “I wish I could be more helpful.”

“Oh…” I said with a frown as we walked on in silence. That just made me more worried, to be honest, and I hoped that nothing had happened to the bat pony soldier. It just gave us another reason to stop this vile mare. “We’ll figure out what happened to them, somehow.”

Dusk Lily nodded and we walked past a group of sleeping guards. “These guards without that mare around always seem to fall asleep so we should get to the Elder’s chamber with no issues now. Just please don’t ask silly questions.”

“Right, got it,” I said with a nod. “I wish Pure Heart could’ve come, this is much more her area of expertise.”

Finally, we made it to the chamber. It’s pretty much an empty room. But on a chair is a cloaked figure that seems to be having trouble breathing or is just old.

“Uh, hello?” I asked trying not to startle the figure. “Are you the Elder?”

“Elder please speak to us. We need your okay to go into the forbidden books and learn please elder,” Dusk Lily bowed her head in respect hoping to wake whoever the elder is up.

The elder weakly spoke. “I… don’t remember.. I don’t remember anything..Family… love..” The hood is removed and the pony looks so old and weak. “But maybe….hope.”

“What is wrong with him?” Go Fish asked.

“This is what that mare does to you if she gets her hooves on you. Elder, please give us your key so we can read and learn. My friends here are from the outside, they wish to learn.” Dusk lily is trying to get through to the stallion.

“Bring… them close… I wish to see them..” He looked towards me his eyes looked blind. “Bring them please.”

“Should we?” I whispered to Dusk Lilly.

“Yes let him trust you.” Go Fish looked to me and Dusk Lily and walked to the stallion. The stallion placed his hooves on the face of Go Fish and she blinked looking to me with the corner of her eye.

“Strong…. Hopeful… wise... Beyond her years… Peaceful.”

I stood there watching for a long moment. I honestly wasn’t sure what to think about this, but I wasn’t about to object. This Elder seemed to have a strange insight into Go Fish, what would he even say about me? Somehow that worried me a lot right now.

The stallion removed his hooves from Go Fishes face and looked towards me with his blind eyes. “Come child.”

“Umm… alright,” I said as I stepped forward and moved closer to the stallion. “I can’t promise you’ll like what you see.”

“Most never like what they see, child.” He placed his hooves on my face. He gasped in pain. “Oh...pain… Such pain… A warrior… A young warrior… You wish to find something...You wish.. To free us...from this… pain... “He starts to get angry. “Such anger!! Such hate!!! You fill your heart with despair… “ Suddenly he calmed down and removed his hooves from my face.

“I’m sorry…” I said softly.

“Don’t worry child... Go… take my key.” He lifted it up. “Quickly save your friend... It's too late for me.”

“It’s never too late,” I said softly as I gently took the key. “We’ll do everything we can to save you and your Tribe, I promise.”

The stallion weakly smiled. “Thank you...now go the trial is not going to go well. I can tell you this. Find what you seek fast before she gets what she wants.”

“What do yo..” Go Fish was cut off with the rise of the stallion's hoof.

“GO!!” The stallion yelled

“This way,” Dusk Lily lead us to the back of the Elder’s chamber.

“We have to get to the library, and fast,” I said as I gently hid the key within my barding. “This is our best chance to save Crow and this whole tribe. Let’s get going, now.”

Dusk Lily lead us to a back way out. “This is a faster way will keep us away from the eyes of the others.” She opened a door and lead us out leading us to the place we need to get to and fast.

I nodded a little as we followed her close behind.

“Is there a reason... why he saw what he did you miss Serenity? What are you a warrior or a murder?” Dusk Lily asked with those simple words.

“I was a soldier…” I said softly as I lowered my head a little. “When I was young I went to war against Changelings with the help of other ponies when they invaded my home city. I can understand the paranoia over Changelings like I said… but I’ve never done anything but protect my friends and home. And that was a long time ago, I’m no longer that pony…”

“Well then after this is all over and done with. I am going to go with you on your journey. Even though there will be Changeling I can learn to trust him like you have.” Dusk Lily lead us deeper into the passageway and we came to a locked door. “In here we will find what was hidden. I warn you some things were hidden for reason.”

“Yeah…” I said with a sigh as I nodded a little. “Don’t worry, we’ll be careful. Fishy, try not to mess with anything you shouldn’t, okay?”

“Oh come on this is me!!” Go Fish proclaimed

“I know, that’s what I meant,” I said with a shake of my head as I took out the key. “So, exactly how do we know what we’re looking for?”

“I am sure you have seen what this mare looks like, a snake-like creature evil creature. If you can look through her mask you could do the same with the books. Since she put a spell on them.” Dusk Lily looked at me. “You have the mind of a warrior I am sure you have seen her.”

“Yeah…” I said with a small nod and a shake of my head as I unlocked the door and took a deep breath. “It’s time to save Crow then, I hope.”

When we go in we see all the books in a line but for some reason, some are missing. Go Fish went to them and she vanished into the spell-like she never existed.

“This is weird…” I said as I frowned a little and looked around. It was like I couldn’t remember something, what was going on? “It feels like there’s something off here… what’s going on here?”

“See what I mean?” Dusk Lily asked. “She placed a spell on us and we forgot like we just forgot who stepped into that spell. Do you remember the name of the one that came in here with you? I don’t know her so I don’t forget her. You said her name was Fish?”

“Fish?” I asked and blinked a little as I tried to remember. It took a moment before I got a flash in my mind of a grey Pegasus mare with a black and purple mane, then everything came rushing back to me. “Oh, yes! Go Fish, now I remember!”

Go Fish’s head came out of the spell looking back at me. “You called? Well if you did I can’t see anything in here. There is nothing maybe you will have an easier time?”

I paused a moment at that if I went in there Pure Heart and Calypso would forget about me. Could I take that? How would we explain this to them? I sighed a little and looked back at Go Fish and Dusk Lilly.

“Well, I can try, but I’m worried about the effects of the spell,” I said with a sigh. “Do you think it might be possible to dispel it?”

“Yes we could, but how I don’t know. I do know if you have a strong will you can break her spell. I think your friend there is to well forgive me for being blunt, foolish.” Go Fish grew angry was about to say something but she stayed silent.

“Alright, I’ll try…” I said with a sigh, I just hoped that this wasn’t going to end badly for us as I walked forward towards the books.

“You can do it Serenity. You can do it!!.” Go Fish jumped around trying to be a cheerleader and was doing it badly.

I passed through what seemed to be the barrier and blinked a little as I looked around. What was I expecting really? I knew the spell was in effect, but it wasn’t like it would affect me right? I looked back towards Go Fish and Dusk Lilly and called back. “Do you two still see me?”

“I don’t know you.” Go fish tried to act all stupid. But of course, the bat pony wing smacks her over the head.

“Yes, we see you.”

“Okay, weird, I wonder if that’s because you’re aware of the spell or if it doesn’t affect me for some reason,” I said and took a deep breath.

“I wish I could be of course help. But look for a book on anything that could be useful,” Dusk Lilly said.

“I swear if I start not feeling so good..:” I muttered as I started looking over the books. I wasn’t sure if I was going to find anything. “I’m not seeing…”

And that’s when I stopped in mid-sentence when my eyes fell on one book. It looked pretty unremarkable, but something about it seemed off to me. I reached forward and picked it up. When I turned it around it had the words “Ancient Enemies of the Harrowers” on it.

“Okay, that’s weird…” I said as I turned back towards Go Fish and Dusk Lilly as I held the book up. “What do you two think?”

“Open it and see if Changelings are in that list.” Dusk Lily said.

“I don’t really know Serenity. I’m just very worried,” Go Fish said as she smiled weakly.

“Don’t worry…” I said as I looked at the book with a frown. I didn’t like talking about it, but my adopted mother had on occasion used dark magic over the years. I had developed something of a sense for that kind of thing, and this whole place reeked of it, but I didn’t want to worry my friends. The only thing I had ever sensed that was worse than this was the ghost town with the Skinwalker “I’ve got this.”

I opened the book carefully as I looked through the pages for any sign of either Changelings or anything else that might relate to our situation.

“There’s nothing in here about Changelings,” I finally said as I looked back at my friends. “At all, it looks like you’re all being lied to.”

“What else do you see?” Go Fish asked.

“Let’s see…” I said as I flipped through the pages again. There wasn’t much to see, there were a lot of strange creatures around sure but nothing really jumped…

I stopped on a page as my eyes went wide as a strangely familiar pair of eyes stared back at me and I nearly dropped the book. I looked the book over and a chill ran up my spine as I read more about this thing.

“What did you find? Bring me the book please.” Dusk Lilly asked bound on begging a bit.

I quietly walked forward and gave the book over to Dusk Lilly still open to the page I had found. There was no doubt that this was what we were dealing with, and it chilled me to the bone. “We may have a problem…”

“Naga.. or to others viper. A creature that is known to sneak into lands to take over slowly. By mimicking ones of the past and the present. Last time we saw one it was during the end of the great war. These creatures haven’t been seen since.” Dusk Lily dropped the book in horror. “I read the last part…”

Go Fish picked up and looked at the last part. “Changelings and those with strong wills. Can see through their mask. But that is not the biggest issue. If left unchecked they will eat those that follow them.”

“We have to stop her, now,” I said definitively. “How do we get to where the Trial is taking place?”

“If we show enough ponies this and explain. We can get there with a great force,” Dusk Lilly added.

“You two do that,” I said as I straightened myself up a little. “I’m going to get to the trial, maybe I can stall long enough to give you time in case it’s going badly.”

“I agree go Serenity go with the wind. Tell the elder if you have to,” Dusk added.

I nodded and ran out of the library and back towards the Elder’s room first. Even if he was weak I had to at least try and convince him to help. I just hoped that he’d listen.

“Elder!” I said as I pushed the door to his room open, breathing heavily for a moment. “We know what’s going on, you’ve got a Naga in your midst!”

The elder opens his eyes. “Then it is true... Take this.” He lifts a whistle.”It will call our greatest warriors.” He looked to me with his blind eyes. “When you look into her eyes she will..try to take over your mind. Keep telling her no… beat her.. Free us.” He offered the whistle to me.

I took the whistle and put it away carefully as I looked at him and frowned a little. “I’m sorry this all happened. I’ll make sure she’s stopped, I promise you that.”

“Thank you… call them… Call them. There are more than her.. They’re waiting to fully show up. Call them when you get there only they can hear this. Please hurry.”

I nodded a little as I gave him one last reassuring smile and turned around and ran back out of the room. It was time to stop this Naga and save the Tribe from her grasp.

I had to do this, for everypony.


The gangly mare stood around laughing softly as I made my way into the trial area. “You listen to these mares and how they defend this fool!! This monster this creature you have seen in his head.” Points up to the spell that shows Crow’s memory. “What he has done, what he has killed. You two think he is a good creature?” She laughed hissing softly they could hear the hissing

“You don’t know him!” Pure snapped as she slammed her hooves down on the ground. “He’s changed, he’s not like that anymore! He’s spent years protecting ponies, that Changeling is long gone!”

“Everypony, you have to consider the fact that nopony is truly the same as they used to be,” Calypso said, she sounded a lot calmer than Pure, but she was starting to falter. “Ponies can change, Changelings can change.”

The gangly mare laughed softly. “Look at them jury and judge... Look at them hope for their friend. The Changelings have done so much... To us..” The creature hissed and went to the judge whispering in her ear. “We have to follow the law… Of our kind..” She then hissed going to the jury.” Ain’t that right my friends.” Her words sounded like poison.

I moved over to Calypso and Pure Heart and whispered to them. “I found a book of enemies of the Tribe, Changelings aren’t in it,” I said quietly. “But there is something called the Naga, and it sounds a lot like our creepy mare here.”

“A Naga?” Calypso asked as she narrowed her eyes a little at that and looked back at the gangly mare before she started to speak again. “You claim to have been attacked by Changelings before, but you’ve never provided any proof of it. What evidence do you have to this story? How do we know that Crow isn’t the only Changeling you’ve ever seen?”

“I have hurt those in the past..” Crow weakly spoke. He was weak and sick from seeing his past. “But I rescued one of your kind earlier.” The image goes back to the creature attacking Dusk Lilly.

The gangly mare looked at the image with fear.

“I’ve got an idea…” I said quietly as my friends looked back at me.

“What kind of idea?” Pure whispered to me. “And why do I get the feeling that I’m not going to like it?”

“Because you probably won’t, and I don’t either,” I said with a soft sigh. “These ponies don’t know the first thing about Changelings, no matter what they think. I’m going to show them the truth.”

“Alright… I don’t like this either but, let’s try this,” Pure said. “Your honor, the defense would like to call an expert witness.”

“No… No...this won’t do.” The gangly mare tried to tell the judge. He turned to her pushing her back for the moment.

“We have to be fair. Even if this is a changeling. We still have to be fair,” the Judge said. “Call your witness.”

“We call Miss. Serenity as an expert witness on the nature of Changelings,” Pure Heart said as she looked back at me. “I hope you know what you’re doing Serenity.”

“Me too,” I said softly as I stepped forward.

Crow looked at me he was weak he looked sick. “Please Serenity.” He had tears marks staining his face. “The things...I have seen again.. Please..”

“Don’t worry Crow, I don’t blame you for it, I’ve done my fair share of terrible things,” I said softly as I looked at the Judge and the other ponies before I looked at the Gangly mare for a moment and began to speak. “9 years ago, I lived in the Crystal Wasteland. We were attacked by Changelings who tried to take us over. But there’s a lot more going on than just that, I would like to show you some of my memories of those days.”

The judge nods to the guard. One of them came up to me putting their hoof on my head. Casting a strange spell I could see the spell on Crow’s forehead it glowed brightly. As they would now see what I remembered.

The first images that appeared were of a town made out of crystal with ponies walking around. In my memory, I had turned down an alleyway in the city and heard something behind me. When I turned around, an image of a Changeling appeared and it hissed loudly as it rose up and started to rush towards me.

With a mere thought, I stopped the image in my head and closed my eyes before I started to speak. “This was daily life during this time, Changelings were infiltrating our city and would grab and replace ponies. My mom was the mayor of the town so they would sometimes go after me to get close to her.”

The ponies around us started to whisper in confusion. I’m pretty sure they were confused as to what was going on, I didn’t blame them. This was the truth, and while they had something to be afraid of, I knew they had to see everything.

“All you are doing is proving our case, I would like to thank you for…” the Gangly mare started to say before I interrupted her.

“Let me finish,” I said with a smirk as I started it back up and the images started to play again. The Changeling that was attacking me suddenly was pulled back by green energy and was kicked by hind hooves sending him sprawling.

By the insectoid hind hooves of a Changeling drone who offered me a hoof with a gentle smile. He was dressed in a coat with an old faded hat pulled over his head with a hole for his horn.

“That was a close one wasn’t it?” He asked as he helped me up and the Gangly mare frowned a little.

“Yeah, next time you be the bait,” I said with a chuckle as I brushed myself off in the memory and we walked out together and the images froze again.

“That was Vex,” I said with a smile at the memory. “We had been doing what we could to lure out Changelings to try and stop the infiltrators. Vex used to be part of the Changeling infiltrators years ago, but he came to love the city and chose to fight against his former compatriots with me and my friends.”

“Objection, this doesn’t prove anything,” the gangly mare said with a sneer. “You’re talking about one Changeling, that doesn’t do anything to prove Crow’s innocence.”

“Really?” Pure Heart said as she smirked a little. “Because it proves that your assertion that all Changelings are evil is inherently flawed. And Serenity can prove this better than anypony.”

“I’ll show you,” I continued as I remembered something else and the images changed. They showed images of me and my friends fighting Changelings, other Changelings refusing to fight and even joining us.

But then we reached the crux of my argument as the images showed the Changeling Queen we had fought during the invasion as she stood down.

“Stand down, all of you!” She snapped in my memory. “This has gone too far! The fight with the ponies of the Crystal Wasteland has resulted in too many deaths on both sides. I’m ordering all of you to stand down!”

“You see, the Changelings had lived in peace for over 200 years,” I continued. “Then years ago they were attacked by forces under General Marigold and were decimated as a result. They made a deal with the reborn King Sombra, a name I’m sure you’ve all heard before, and was used by him as they rebuilt over the years. They believed that there was no other option but to infiltrate the Crystal Wasteland.”

“I don’t see the point of…” the Gangly mare started to say.

“The point of this is that the Changelings want nothing more than to live in peace now,” I countered“They only go on the offensive and attack or feed on ponies when they are pushed to the point of desperation. They are not monsters, but they will make mistakes, just like any being.”

Crow lay there groaning. “I risked my life by saving Dusk Lily you can keep trying to say I am evil. I may have done stuff in the past. But I will never do anything to this new world. This new world is full of too much pain.”

“There’s one more image I want to show you,” I said as I pulled up a new memory in my mind. “This is something you must all see because this is the truth of Changelings.”

A new image appeared from my head. The image depicted a new settlement that looked like it had been built out of an old Changeling Hive. Changelings and ponies were working together as they interacted, there was no mistrust, just two species working together.

“This is the settlement of Honeycomb in the Crystal Wasteland,” I said. “It was built out of the destroyed Changeling hive from the invasion. This is a memory from only a year ago when I last visited it. This is what Changelings are today, they are not the monsters of your stories.”

I changed the image one last time and showed them my memory of when Crow saved Dusk from the creature and looked back at the gangly mare and smiled a little.

“You see fillies and gentlecolts of the Harrows, you’ve all been deceived, I don’t think there has ever even been a Changeling in this part of Equestria before Crow, at least not for a while,” I said with a soft nod. “But that doesn’t mean there aren’t monsters among you.”

“The defense rests your honor,” Calypso added.

“Now before we fully end this. Crow, what did you see after you saved Lily?” Crow grunted and when all the bats showed up one thing stood out. The gangly mare along with two others looked like snake creatures. Crow looked into her eyes and he turned into the gangly mare.

The judge turned to the gangly mare. Along with many other of the bats. “You’re not what you seem to be then.”

The gangly mare looked worried she was had. She let out a loud hiss and screech as we had to cover our ears and the lights of the court went out.

“Serenity, if you got anything good from the Elder, I think now’s the time!” Pure called out and I nodded a little

I grabbed the whistle and blew into it as hard as I could. I hoped that whatever this whistle was going to do was going to help.

There were the sounds of battle outside. The doors, for the time being, had been closed. Crow was no longer held down and made weak by the spell. He stood up and looked at the rest of us. I could see the anger in his eyes. The very hate of what happened to him. When he spoke it was nothing but anger.

“They used... Me…” He hissed deeply. “They made me show my past..” He hissed deeply changing into a bear and stormed out of the room. Roaring in anger going after whoever did this to him.

“Come on, let’s help out,” I said as we looked around for any sign of the Nagas, it was time to take out those monsters.

When we got outside it was chaos there had been more of these creatures then I thought. These snake-like beings just slithered out of holes and cracks. They had been waiting to strike. It seems though the one we want to go after is the main leader. The bigger one, of course, finding her in all this wasn’t going to be easy.

I swear at that point I got a flash of white and yellow. I blinked in surprise as I looked up to see another bat pony mare fighting through the Naga as she seemed to be pushing towards a certain spot. And she was dressed in the familiar white, dark blue, and yellow Thunderbolt uniform so I smirked a little.

“Night Shade,” I said with a chuckle as I ducked an attack from another Naga and kicked at it as hard as I could, sending it flying as I wished I had my guns with me.

I saw Crow not far from me. He kind of left a bloody trail in his way. He bit and chewed and clawed his way through these creatures. His anger was getting the best of him. But I am sure he will control it.

“Serenity!!” Go Fish rushed over she had a few Naga chasing her. She was carrying a box on her back. This box I am sure held what I wanted. She did trip a few times the box flying towards me and landing on the ground beside me. As she rolled and even though was laying on her stomach. She used that time to try to fight back.

I quickly pulled the box open and took out my rifles as I slid them into my battle saddle. I grabbed the others and tossed them to my friends as I turned around and shot another Naga with it, I wasn’t going to let these monsters kill these ponies.

I heard heavy metal hoof stomps. I looked to the way of the elder. He came out in heavy armor. Made of pure metal. He looked younger in his face. He carried a large black sword made of a black rock metal. When he took a slice of a Naga he turned to me and smiled.

“Thank you.” He bowed in his head and simply when he did hit a Naga behind him with his hoof.

“We’d never leave good ponies alone to this fate,” Pure Heart said as she levitated up her rifle and shot another Naga. “It’s just the kind of ponies we are.”

The fight was and wasn’t going well for either side. To many on both sides and it was becoming more and more apparent that I saw some young Nagas hiding with bat pony foals. It seemed that most of them were forced to fight. I am starting to wonder if this was the work of that bigger one.

“We need to focus on the big boss,” I said as I turned around quickly. “This fight is her fault, we need to cut off the head of the snake!”

Later I realized how bad a pun that was, but I was caught up in the moment.

Crow turned to me. “You know how bad that was Serenity?” He said looking to me with a smirk on his bear face. “Now let's descale this boss!!” He charged up Go Fish and Dusk lily who was holding a spear up to the boss Naga.

The bullets flew left and right from us. We tried our best not to harm Naga or kill them. I used my hooves to knock some out. Crow used his claws to beat back some of them. That did stab into his side. He was wounded but that didn’t stop him. The bats and Naga around us fought like a war that... I haven’t seen in years. But this was mine if this kept up too long. The roof could cave in. But the fear of that happening came.

The elder who was fighting many and a group of Naga charged into him as they smashed into a cave wall. The rocks came down on them and killed all of them instantly. I watched and I couldn’t stop it. The elder the one who helped us is now dead. That gave us all a break because that made both sides stop and watch. They even tried to work together to lift the rocks off. But some fought back.

Swords, Blood, gore far from the eye could see. Its horror of war is something I never wanted to see again. I saw Go Fish she was wounded she had a cut in her side. She was laying there in pain telling me to go on. I didn’t want to leave her behind but I had to. I have to end this I thought in my mind.

Crow finally buckled under all the pain. He went through he had many wounds in his bear body. I asked Pure Heart and Calypso to stay with them. I went on ahead despite the pain. I felt in my left leg. I had Dusk Lily she fought like she fought before. I never got to ask her at this time though. Why she fought so good. Around me so many dead on both I wanted to throw up. But I couldn’t I needed to get to the monster.

After a while, we got to her. She was cornered into a rock alive and barely breathing with cuts. In my mind, she deserved to die for what she did. But was it my right to do this? I looked at the bats at the other Naga who stopped fighting and looked at the creature who started all this.

The creature just laughed. “You think... I will just be the only one you will face? There is so such thing as peace!!” The creature laughed coughing up blood.

“I… I can’t…” I said as I hesitated. Even though she was a monster, I couldn’t pull the trigger, it was one thing to do it when we were fighting but I couldn’t kill her. “You’re nothing more than a monster, but I can’t kill you… not again…”

A naga came out of the group. She was different she wore a strange armor that I have never seen before. She looked at her former leader and to me. I could tell she didn’t want this battle. But hate from the past did this.

“I... I’m known as Vyper. I was one of the ones that she almost killed because I didn’t like this idea. I was down where the bat warriors were. Waiting... Waiting for her to weaken,” she said.

“You know, she’s wrong about one thing,” Night Shroud said as she stepped forward next to Vyper and then at the gathered ponies and Nagas. “Peace is not impossible. 8 years ago ponies believed that peace between the Enclave and the NCR and their allies was impossible, but they were wrong.”

She gave Naga a soft nod as she turned to look at the boss of the Nagas and shook her head. “I pity you, you don’t understand us at all. And we’re going to make this peace work because to make peace work, we must fight for it sometimes.”

Vyper nodded and lifted her blade. “First step we kill this monster.”

“Indeed,” Night Shroud said, I walked away from them at that. I only heard the sound of a brief cry from behind me as they killed her.

And as the adrenaline from the fight wore off, the pain came back, and I collapsed onto the rock floor.


I groaned a little as I finally woke up again and rubbed my head. I was lying on a bed in one of the rooms in the caves. My side was bandaged up, I guess I had taken a hit that I hadn’t even felt with all the adrenaline running through my body.

“Oh thank goodness, you’re awake,” Pure Heart said and I looked over at the white and green mare who had a relieved look on her face. “Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m okay, I think,” I said as I sat up as best I could. “What happened? Is everypony okay?”

“Well, after the leader of the Nagas was killed the whole thing fell apart for them,” Pure Heart said with a soft sigh. “The Bat Ponies are talking with Vyper right now, that Naga that helped kill the leader, who’s more or less representing them.”

“How’s that going?”

“Well, there’s a lot of unease between them, for an understandable reason really,” Pure Heart said with a sigh. “But there hasn’t been much fighting or problems since then. They’re mostly figuring out what to do with the Nagas.”

“Yeah…” I said with a soft sigh as I got up. “What are we going to do, Pure? We came here because we wanted to find the treasure, not to get caught up in the local politics. How often are we actually going to let this happen?”

“I don’t know Serenity, but this time we didn’t really have much choice did we?” Pure said with a soft sigh. “The Bat Ponies are still a little unsure about Crow, but I think your testimony proved that he doesn’t necessarily have to be a monster. So far he’s been cleared on all charges, but this kind of thing is going to be hard for them to get over.”

“Yeah… but we’ve made steps in the right direction,” I said with a soft nod. “Where’s everypony else?”

“Well, Calypso and Go Fish are talking with Night Shroud,” Pure Heart said. “And I think Crow is talking with Dusk Lilly or something. Things are finally settling down I think, I just hope that everything really will work out.”

“Me too,” I said with a sigh as I hugged Pure tightly, a slight pain went through my side. “So, what are we going to do now?”

“Honestly? I don’t know,” Pure admitted. “Once everything settles down here there’s not much we can do other than move on and hope that everything really will be okay.”

“Yeah…” I said with a sigh as I nuzzled Pure gently. “I really hope everything works out for these ponies. They don’t seem that bad, even if a bit confused because of the Changeling thing. Maybe things will be okay after all… at least I hope so.”

“Me too,” Pure said as she nuzzled back. “So, then what do you suggest we do now?”

“I think, for now, we should just find our friends,” I said with a soft smile. “And see how this goes before heading out. We’ve still got a Stable to find after all, and these ponies, well, I think they’re going to be fine, in time at least.”

“Yeah, okay,” Pure said with a nod as we walked out of the room together. “Let’s just hope you’re right.”

“I’ve got a good feeling about these ponies, and we’ll figure out what to do with the Nagas,” I said with a nod as we started down the tunnel.


“Serenity, you’re awake!” Calypso said as we met up with her and Go Fish in the central shaft of the settlement. I smiled a little when I saw that there were a number of Bat Ponies, some of which were talking with Nagas. “Oh thank the fates, I was worried about you.”

“Hey, I’ve survived worse,” I said as I rubbed the back of my head a little. “How are things going out here?”

“Better than it was,” Crow added. “I have to thank you. You saved my life.” He smiled giving me a bow of his head.

I lowered my head a little. While it had been the right thing to do, the truth was that it had been one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do. All it really had done was bring back bad memories of the war, some good sure, but mostly bad ones.

Still, if it meant helping Crow I could endure some bad memories. That’s what friends are for after all.

“Of course Crow,” I said with a smile. “You’re our friend, all we did was tell the truth.”

Go Fish is speaking to one of the bats. I hear the question she asked.

“Who will replace the elder?” She simply asked.

“We’re still figuring that out,” the bat pony said with a shake of their head. “The fighting was intense and we’re still figuring out who all survived.”

Crow softly spoke. “If only they could work together and pick two. To work together.”

I looked over at Crow and thought on that for a moment. That was an interesting idea, it was just a matter of figuring out how to propose it, and who could do it.

“Any suggestions on who?” Calypso asked.

“I know just the ones.” Crow softly said looking to me and Calypso. “The ones who got the killing blow on the leader.”

“Night Shroud and Vyper,” I said as I remembered what happened. “That could work, and it would be a sign of unity between the two races.”

“A sign of unity would be what is needed. I may have never seen that unity myself.” Crow said with a weak smile. “But I am wishing to see it now.”

“Agreed,” Pure Heart said in agreement. “Alright, let’s talk to them about it.”

“It might be best if you do the talking Serenity,” Go Fish smiled. “I doubt my foolishness could be a good idea.” She winked at me.

“Me? I’m not exactly the most diplomatic here…” I said with a shake of my head. “Isn’t there somepony else who could do it?”

“I can,” I looked over to Dusk Lily she smiled to all of us before walking to go talk to the two that got the killing blow on the boss Naga.

I nodded a little as we hung back a little and listened to her talk to the two. I just hoped that Crow really knew what he was doing with this. I felt more nervous than anything else right now, so I just waited to see what happened next.

“I am sure she will be fine, we better get ready to go. Whatever happens, I feel we need to get away from here,” Crow softly said.

“I’m going to go get some more herbs and healing potions, that Skinwalker encounter didn’t help my stores,” Pure Heart said with a nod.

“I will go with you Pure Heart,” Crow nodded to her before looking back at me. “For what you did for me, I will come clean about my life Serenity.” He said as he smiled at me

“I look forward to that,” I said as I brushed my mane back a little. “But let’s get out of this place first, I don’t want to worry the locals again. Everypony, get our stuff together plus any last minute things and once Dusk is done we can leave.”

“Got it,” Calypso said as we split up and went to get everything together.


“Are you sure you’re ready for this, Dusk?” I asked as we all got to the top of the main shaft where the tunnels leading higher into the mountains were. “I mean, we might not be back here for a while.”

“I am all good. I got everything. Of course, I didn’t have much,” Dusk Lily said, she had a spear attached to a heavy metal armor that has the symbol of the moon on it.

“That’s old Lunar Guard armor, isn’t it?” Pure asked as she looked at the armor curiously. “I’ve seen pictures of it but I’ve never actually seen a complete set.”

“My family had a Lunar guard. Before the war got too bad they brought their entire family to the dragon lands,” Dusk said with a nod.

“Cool,” I said with a smile as we started up the tunnel and away from the Harrow Village.

We walked in silence with only the sound of our hooves on stone echoing through the tunnel as we kept going. It felt like it took forever for us to finally leave the tunnel, and we blinked a little at the light from the sun, not used to them after spending time in the dim Bat Pony caverns.

We looked out over the mountains and found ourselves staring out at the massive mountain range that seemed to go forever. It was a breathtaking view.

We were close to our first goal, I just knew it. Now it was just a matter of getting there.


Perk Received: Friend of the Night.
Details: Your time spent with the bat ponies have given you a deeper connection to the night and the moon. You get an extra boost to your night vision and have a better chance of succeeding a speech check with bat ponies.