• Published 29th Apr 2018
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Sunset Shimmer's Equestrian Friendship Tour - CapNTilfy

Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria to bond with the Mane 6 and discover the secrets of a long lost book. Book One of "Not Just Any Other Old Day", which is the second part of a trilogy.

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The Train Ride Part I: Sunset Shimmer

"You know..." said Sunset as she and Starlight reached the train station. "We don't know an awful lot about each other."

"Yeah." said Starlight. "I suppose that's true. We both hung out the human girls for so long, you and I never really got a chance to connect."

"We could...I don't know...maybe talk about each other's past? All I know is that you ruled over a village."

Starlight gave Sunset a look.

Sunset stepped back. "But we don't have to if you don't want to! I just wanted to find common ground."

Starlight smiled. "No. It's fine. I'm curious to hear about your past...'exploits', too. Plus, it'll kill time on the way to Canterlot."

"Sweet." said Sunset. "Let's board the train first though. I have a feeling we're going to be asking each other tons of questions."

Starlight giggled. "Me too."


The two got situated at their seats. Sunset was the first to talk. "Okay. I admit I'm nervous doing this."

Starlight smiled. "You don't have to if you don't want to, Sunset."

Sunset smiled back. "No. It's okay. This is just difficult to talk about."

"I understand. I've been there too."

Sunset looked out the window as the train started moving. She took a deep breath and sighed. "It all started when I first became one of Princess Celestia's students..."


"...and that's how I first entered the human world." Sunset finished.

"Wait." said Starlight. "There's a dark magic library? Why would anypony make that a thing?! That's just dangerous!"

Sunset shrugged. "No idea, to be honest."

"So?" prodded Starlight. "I know that's not the whole story."

"You're right. It's not." said Sunset. "Adjusting to the human world was an absolute nightmare..."


"...and the Fall Formal was just around the corner, so I figured it would be the perfect time to steal Princess Twilight's crown."

Starlight gaped at Sunset. "Wow...it sounds like you went through hell..."

Sunset smiled sadly. "Tell me about it. And during all that time, I was alone."

Starlight clenched her teeth and made a hissing noise.

"Like I said. Tell me about it." said Sunset. "Anyway, I went through with my plan to steal Twilight's crown. I ran through the portal..."


"...and despite everything I did, they all still forgave me." Sunset said, eyes red. "I'll never forget that. Never." she said as she sniffled.

Starlight hugged her.

"Thank you, Starlight. I'm okay, I just get emotional remembering all the things I saw when the rainbow hit me."

Starlight smiled. "I understand. Please, continue."

Sunset nodded. "Not longer after that, Canterlot High started preparing for a musical showcase. The five girls had my back, at least..."


"...and just like that, I proved myself to CHS. That is, until-"

"Wait." Starlight cut Sunset off. I'm sorry, but did you say sirens? The sirens that Starswirl the Bearded banished? They ended up in the human world?!"

"Yes." said Sunset, with a look of irritation on her face.

"Sorry." said Starlight, blushing. "I got a little excited there. Continue."

"As I was saying, I finally proved myself to CHS. Until one day, when the holidays were around the corner..."


"...and after that, we all had a holiday party at Applejack's with her family." Sunset looked at Starlight. "Are you okay?"

Starlight's eyes were red with tears. "My Celestia...I can't even begin to imagine the pain..." She put her head in her hooves and started sobbing.

Sunset shot over to Starlight and gave her a hug as she continued crying.

"Finally having friendship, earning the respect you worked so hard for...only to have it taken away!" she sobbed again.

"Hey...hey...Starlight. It's okay. It's in the past. And I've said many times that my past is not today." She said as she comforted Starlight.

Starlight eventually calmed down. "I-I'm sorry. Loneliness has always been an emotional subject for me." she said as she wiped a tear away.

Sunset gave her a sympathetic look. "Are you going to be okay?" she asked.

Starlight smiled. "Yes. I'll be fine."

"Okay." Sunset said. "A while after that happened, there was an event between our school and another. The event called the Friendship Games"...


"...and it was then that Princess Twilight Sparkle met the human Twilight Sparkle." Sunset looked at Starlight, who had been blushing. "Is something wrong?" she asked Starlight.

"I...didn't realize she told you about the whole time loop thing..." said Starlight, putting her hoof behind her head.

"Why would..." Sunset said as she suddenly put two and two together. Her eyes shot fully open and she gasped. "No!"

Starlight slowly nodded her head, ashamed.

"You were the one responsible for the time loop Princess Twilight mentioned? Oh, I have got to hear that!" said Sunset, her initial shock replaced by anticipation.

Starlight blushed. "I'll tell you, but I know for a fact you're not done telling me everything." she said.

Sunset frowned. "Fine. Anyway, later that year, me, the girls, and many of the CHS students to a trip to place called Camp Everfree..."


"...and the Pinkie Pie accidentally destroyed the dock. After we rebuilt it!"

Starlight stared, slack-jawed. She shook her head to snap herself out of it. "Wait...human Twilight has a boyfriend?!" she shouted. All of the passengers gave Starlight a dirty look. She laughed sheepishly. "Sorry. I was just so surprised."

Sunset laughed. "Tell me about it. I tease her about it every chance I get!" she said with a grin. "Anyway, after that, Camp Everfree needed funds for repairs..."


"...and together we won the contest!"

"Nice!" said Starlight.

"So after that, the director for the Daring Do movie approached us..."


"...and Juniper was banned from the set."

"Ah, so that's how you know her." said Starlight.

Sunset nodded. "Now, as for the most recent of events. I was on my way home from work. Fluttershy had picked me up from work Friday night..."


"...and that's when I came through the portal. I got lost in the castle until I found the Friendship Map's room until you showed up."

"Geez. You've been through a lot!"

Sunset smiled. "Well enough about me. How about you?"

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