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Even after 1000 years and with no word that he's alive, Celestia still searches for her younger brother who ran away after Luna's banishment. But even if she finds him, it won't be easy for him to fit in todays society as it's changed dramatically in order to prevent it's extinction.

With Stallions now being less than 10% of the population and seen as fragile and in need of protection, how will the ponies of Equestria accept a Alicorn who is also a Stallion?

(This Story contains: Male Alicorn OC and RGRE ''Reverse Gender Role Equestria'' with some twists)

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Liking the fact for a male Alicorn doesn't need a female to be safe and happy unless he falls in love willingly.

I will be keeping an eye on this onw

So Luna's twin brother appears and is nearly caught while up in the Crystal Empire, that was not a smart move for him to even go there.

I am very interested how this story will continue. Good job btw.

Your math about birth rates is very strange. If there were many stallions in miltary, then death rates of stallions would be higher than the mares. So long time ago percentage of stallions was 51%. To balance the higher death rates, birth rates should have been higher too.

"After that the percentage of stallions went from 51% down to 19%, but as you know that war almost eliminated half of ponykind. The only ones who didn't fight were either to young, old or too sick and we only had a very small amount left in the military at the time. ...

Let's say Equestria was a peaceful nation, so lets take the birth rate of 6 stallions : 5 mares. Thats a rate of 54%. So the probabilty that a stallion will be born is 54%. So if average lifespan in Equstria was something like 100 years, then in 200 years the population would come back to its original ratio, because surplus of mares would just cease to be. Considering that mares started to take dangerous jobs, that would happen even faster.

...It's also to do with the gender imbalance as there is almost 10 times more mares than stallions so they have to be protected to make sure this doesn't get worse." Celestia nodded at her explanation.

Seeing that 19%/100% is 1 to 5, and now its 1 to 10... So somehow birth rates how plummeted from 54% to something like 9%. Thats some strange magic there.

I don't know if this counts as constructed critisicm, but I find my arguments pretty well reasoned. Don't take this as an insult, it isn't. The mentioned statistics just broke my immersion, so...


I will try to fix it before I continue.

Thanks for telling me


The Idea was that Stallions would be the main ones fighting so their death rate would be much higher. So they would go below 20% but even after the war, with so many traumatized from the fighting they would not settle down or they would be to old to have kids by the time they got over it.

This combined with the fact that Stallions would still be operating dangerous jobs would mean they still die at a higher rate than Mares and at this time the ponies believed that only 1 mare and stallion should be married. Not 1 to many. This would cause low birth rates and over time as most families only had 1 or at most 2 foals so the stallion would become less in population.

It would only be after herds (Where many mares share 1 stallion) and trying to keep stallions out of dangerous jobs, that the population would start going up again.

This was the original idea I had.

I was thinking. Luna's Twin Brother has the power over the Dawn or Dust part of the sky. making it beautiful colors. and his being with the Mane 6 as their stallion will be great too. ALSO King Leo, is Celestia's and Luna's cousin. He is living as a King of Aquastria. A Seapony kingdom. To learn more read "Under the Sparkling Sea". he looks like a Large Lion Fish. The other Cousin is Prince Leon. he looks like Blueblood with cutiemark, but he has wings and is a foal. He is in a Panini My Little Pony French magazine.


I was going to just make this about him and trying to fit in to a changed world after so long. No bad guy or disaster.

The idea of him power over dusk and dawn sounds alright. But I don't know if I will write about him falling in love with the mane 6.

That might change if the idea gets a good bit of support

Well, your idea about population ratios would work if you the war in which most of the stallions died was relativly recent, but then there would be a cultural problem. If the war was recent, the society would have traditional values, as you mentioned.

You didn't mention it, so I want to clarify that the problem between the herd and the populus is that even if 10 mares would bear a child from one stallion, then half of them would probably birth a stallion. There would be a lot more mares in first few generation after the war, but after a while populus ratios would stabilize, even with dangerous jobs.

I could come up with a few ways that can make this logicaly correct:

  • Something happend to shift birth rates.
    Like you can say that Sombra wanted to win the war, so he cursed the remaining population to shift birth rates. Maybe he thought that mares were inferior and incapable of defending themselves or something.
    In Estee's Triptych Continuum there is "The Most Special Spell" which allows for homosexual reproduction between mares, but a child is always a filly. Tho in his story in increased mare population only slightly. If something similar takes place in yours after the war, it could result in current situation.
  • The low birth rate of stallions was always there.
    Maybe you can remove the war altogether.
    Or make the war a reason why mares are so overzealous and overbearing towards stallions, because the stallions were considered to be under the threat of extinction.
    Maybe Celestia, Luna, Sol and the other alicorn came to Equstria to help (or seeking help) from different society in a time of need.
  • You can just stop explaining ratios, tho that will reduce your creative vision, but there would be no obvious logical inconsistencies.

Sorry for long post, I hope you have as much fun as me figuring this out :pinkiehappy:

Hmm....will be tracking for now, but the pacing may want to slow down just a tiny bit. Whats here is good, but its seems like it had 3 chapters worth of progression jammed into 1.

Tracking, this looks interesting so far.
Also, how could Sol say no to getting with a guardsmare?
gotta love their athletic physique.

Felt a little quick, but it has promise.

That's dumb and it wouldn't work. Stallion deaths wouldn't remain consistently high enough to change society as a whole in such an enormous way that gender roles would become reversed (since reversing gender roles is an enormous undertaking and would take several generations to actually accomplish), and once you reach the "stallions aren't fit for mare's work" situation, the stallions will stop doing the dangerous crap that made them all die as mares take over the workforce, and then their numbers will go back up. Environmental influences only work until the society removes the influence, and a completely voluntary exposure to external influences (ie stallions fight the wars and take the dangerous jobs) shuts down completely as soon as somepony goes "let's maybe stop shoving stallions into the meat grinder, because they are now a precious resource".

You have to remember that gender roles are reversed; on Earth, if only 30% of the population was female and this was the 1950's, nobody would think to themselves, "Let's all force exclusively women to fight every single war and then put them to work in the factories that are dangerous enough that they have a ghastly impact on the female population as a whole." I know where this story was originally posted, and nobody uses the "war/violence killed stallions and that somehow makes an enormous influence on society spanning hundreds of years" idea because it's really, REALLY, fucking stupid.

C'mon, dude, I read your story and I know you're better than this.

I doubt he would getting very far with 2 alicorns chasing Sol in their home turf, unless he has very strong plot armor.

I was also thinking. Maybe he has power of the earth? with a cutiemark of the planet. Since luna is controlling the moon, Celestia controls the sun. So he can have power over the Dust/Dawn or power of the earth. just a thought. :pinkiehappy:

Great story so far can't wait to see the next chapter

No offense but I agree with Sol. Being treated as an endangered creature who has to be with a mare would piss you off. Being single would be a choice but seeing a female of a different race isn’t against the law; like a siren.

Yep... The new royal pet... Poor Sol...

Good chapter and good story. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

About to get nasty

"I see. Thanks." He said with a sigh but then he remembered something. He was finally talking to somepony and getting answers so he could get one he's looking for. "What about Princess Celestia? That name ring any bells?" She burst out laughing and fell to the floor.

Sol... She was literally just talking about her.

I'm liking this story so far. As for whether Sol should remain single, I don't think so. The story is already establishing him in terms of how he has yet to mature despite his age (his hesitance at exposing himself, and his blank flank). Trying to keep him single seems like it would devolve into zany madcap antics as he tried to avoid all the mares. Better to have a meaningful story of him maturing as he learns about the new Equestria, learns to socialize and form relationships, and find his place in life rather than just hiding away from it like he was.

I think Sol should stay single or at least for the next few chapters. If he had a Mare than he would be seen as just the common Stallion even if this one is royalty.

I say he stays single. At least for quite a few chappies. Shows off his whole "i dont need no mare" thing

I'm fine with sol going either way, but if you do make him go into a relationship please don't rush it

Keep him single! He's a strong independent stallion and he don't need no mare!


I like the herd thing it would be a nice change a pace like make like each one a 1 or 2 chapter long about how he got to know them. Btw I love the story so far and I really really want the herd thing to happen but it's your story so I'll just wait and see what happens. I give this 10/10

I'm quite excited for the next part of your story

Chaos. Magic.
What more do you want for an explaination?

great story...i don't know if it will but i look forward to another chapter some time

Little errors here and there other then that nice chapter

Looking forward to another chapter!

Personally I think you should write whatever you want to write about. Great stories are written by Authors who enjoy the stories they are telling. When they start pandering to others, they can loose their enthusiasm and what was once a great story dulls.

Just a reminder, Some of the best stories on this site don't have a single Element bearer in them at all. Its no loss if there is no mane six romance.

Personally Im just glad that this story is still alive, and I agree with your original idea of exploring the reversed gender rolls. Especially the fish out of water aspect that your protagonist creates.

It would even be interesting to see how modern Mares react to a sexually aggressive Male.

The Monk

Since when is there a green cutie mark crusader?

great chapter hope to see more soon

Just finished reading the whole thing.

And I'm confused.

Well from one flaw on this story, if he's disconnected from society when Luna was banished for a thousand years, why are the crystal ponies acting the same as the rest of the present ponies?

I mean a thousand years ago they have an equal gender ratio based from the first chapter, Sombra and the crystal empire were banished first before Luna so what the heck happened? they were only back in a short amount of time and now they act like the rest of the present day ponies.


Cadence and Shinning hammered that kind of mindset when, in their eyes, the crystal ponies "are not acting like them" and forced couples or single stallions to make a herd instead with non-crystal ponies from equestria and begrudgingly accepted it since no one would raise their voice towards the royals.

is that what happened? cause that's how I see it what with how Cadence, Shinning and those guards treated Sol earlier.

So yeah that's the only flaw (and some sort of theory) I see in this story, I still have a lot of things to rant though

If you want to hear it that is

I will be doing edits on the chap and sending to spooky later today. Should be up in a day or two depending on his schedule

Considering that there's only myself and spooky bouncing ideas off each other im not surprised theres problems, but we do try our best to make the chapters as good as we can make them (spooky more then me, i just act as Grammer Natzi and bounce ideas to him to run with.)

could just make it an alternative timeline where that was always how it was for crystal ponies thus instead of them adapting to the new gender ratio it's the other way around :moustache:

Enjoyable little prompt.

'Here's the setting, here's some characters, let your imagination run with it' isn't my normal cup of tea as I usually prefer a more full story, but still rather nice.

It doesn't need more development in the other brother who (unless I missed it) isn't even named.

I'll fav this Incase the author decides to fill it out into more of a story than a prompt, but no worries if this is it.

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