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Sirens Deserve Saving Too - desolate_account

The Dazzlings have had it pretty rough since their defeat, and Adagio is teetering over her breaking point. Could Sunset maybe get through her tough exterior and convince her she's in need of help?

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Sirens Deserve Saving Too

Humiliating. Absolutely humiliating. Mortifyingly embarrassing and shamefully pathetic. Adagio Dazzle could think of many more words to describe her situation, but opted to leave it there before she felt more like jumping off a cliff than she already did. To take kindness from anyone else would have been preferable. To have been found near weeping like the pitiful thing she’s become by anyone else would have been less dreadful. Accepting the sympathy of a rabid raccoon was something Adagio wished had been an option over this. But even so, here she was. She sat comfy on a bed much more pleasant than the beat up old mattress she shared with her fellow Dazzlings. Admittedly, their lives after suffering defeat at the hands of the Rainbooms had been anything but perfect. Never until then had they needed to seriously think about money, shelter, rent or food. They’d always been able to charm others into getting what they wanted with music. Now though, notably thanks to the owner of the bed Adagio was now sitting on, the sirens have had to struggle to get by. Go figure she’d eventually break. She’d felt it coming for so long. Adagio knew that eventually, the floodgates would open and she wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face forever. Thankfully neither Aria or Sonata had seen her break down. Surly they’d think down on her as their leader. Well... Maybe Sonata wouldn’t. But Aria for sure would lose some respect for her. At least, Adagio assumed that would be the case. Even so, the former seductive singer was sure she would’ve take that over Sunset Shimmer.

So that being said, why was it that when Sunset had found her sulking in an alleyway, Adagio had (albeit begrudgingly) accepted her invitation, and was now in Sunset’s house? Adagio hadn’t the slightest inkling of an idea. It had all just sort of happened, and she'd simply gone through the motions. These past many months Adagio had begun feeling bitter towards herself. Sinking so low as to accept company from the one most responsible for her misery certainly wasn’t helping in that regard. But in the deep corners of her mind, she had to acknowledge that this did barely beat out moping in an alley or freezing half to death back at her heater-free home.

She heaved a deep sigh and shifted further into the blanket she had draped over her shoulders. It wasn’t too long until she heard footsteps approaching. Since finding her and asking if she’d like to chat for a while, Sunset hadn’t really spoken a word to the siren. It was for this reason that apprehension filled the pits of Adagio’s stomach. Certainly, Sunset would want to talk to her about why she found her disheveled and hiding in an alleyway. Sunset would ask her why she’s allowed herself to become such a mess, and how she’d be so low as to jump at Sunset’s kindness like a neglected puppy would to the promise of affection. Sunset probably wouldn’t mean it in a rude way, but absolutely her curiosity would get the best of her and-

“Hey Adagio, I made some tea. Want some?” Adagio was pulled out of her thoughts by the scent of tea hitting her nose and a cup of warm liquid being held towards her.

Adagio didn’t respond. She only took the beverage and waited awkwardly for Sunset to do whatever it is she was going to do next.

Sunset took her seat next to Adagio. It was a bit too friendly for the older girl’s taste, but she didn’t have it within herself to complain. A moment or two passed between the two where no words were spoken. Sunset was probably thinking carefully about what next to say. “So…” She began. “I haven’t seen you around since the battle of the bands. Have you been well?”

Adagio sneered. “One can only be so well after public humiliation that grandiose.”

Sunset cleared her throat and tugged sheepishly at her collar. She hadn’t wanted to strike any chords with her guest, but it seems she’d already managed to press the wrong button. “W-well um… Yeah, sorry about that.” Was that the best she could do? Sunset mentally face palmed herself which was accompanied by a tired eye roll from Adagio. “I mean... I’m sure you understand why we did that. We couldn’t have you going around causing resentment and envy like you were. But believe me, the past is in the past. If anyone knows we can put that mess behind us, it’s me.”

“Oh believe me, Sunset Shimmer. I know plenty about your magical temper tantrum and how royally destroyed you were by ‘the magic of friendship.’” There was a certain amount of emphasis and disdain placed on those last four words. Adagio couldn’t help but think how piteous she was probably being. She was acting like there was still some dignity that she retained; she continued to act like the confident and powerful leader she was before the incident at Canterlot High. It was pretty sad, and quite frankly she despised herself more by the minute for it.

Sunset couldn’t help but smirk. That little comment was supposed to be snide and insulting. But it was dripping with irony. “You know…” Sunset mused “You were pretty destroyed by friendship too.”

Adagio wanted to bash her head in. If you’d told her mid battle of the bands, that in a year or so time she’d be helplessly taking sass from Sunset Shimmer, she wouldn’t have been able to contain her laughter. But alas, here she was.

“Heh.. Sorry.” Sunset was quick to apologize after being met with silence. “I shouldn’t tease you.”

No, I damn well deserve it. My life has become a joke.’ The thought rang in Adagio’s mind. Luckily for her however, she was rather talented in the art of poker face. Her face was straight and not an ounce of self hatred shown through it. After putting up with Aria and Sonata’s constant bitching and bickering for so long, you had to have a certain level of control over the emotions you let show. ‘If only I’d known better than to let my guard down.’ Adagio thought in reference to how she’d been so quick to melt after escaping into the alley. If she’d just waited until she was locked up in the bathroom at home, she wouldn’t be in this situation.

Sunset looked down at the cup Adagio clutched in her hands. “Feel free to try the tea.” She spoke, sounding somewhat hopeful. “It’s a special kind. Tell me if you like it.”

Adagio eyed the liquid suspiciously. There wasn’t any harm in taking a sip she supposed. With that in mind, Adagio slowly brought the cup of warmed leaf water to her lips. As soon as the taste hit her, her eyes shot open. “I-is this... ?”

Sunset smiled and nodded her head. “It’s from Equestria. I’ve gone back there a few times to visit with Princess Twilight. Every now and then I’ll bring something back with me. That was always my favorite blend. Too bad they don't have anything like it here.”

The siren had never been too big a tea drinker. But it was hard not to become nostalgic at the very recognizable Equestrian taste of the beverage. She hated to admit it, but she missed home. Be that as it may, there was no way she could even think about showing her face in Equestria again. What good would it do anyways? She was now a siren that couldn't sing. There was no use for a creature like that anywhere, back home included.

A question bounced through Adagio’s mind. She almost didn’t want to ask, but it slipped out regardless. “What do you gain from being nice to me?”

“Well… You seemed like you needed it.” That answer was far too simple for Adagio. There had to have been more to it than that.

“Don’t act like you’re not pitying me, Shimmer. It’s patronizing.” Adagio growled. She couldn't blame Sunset for the pity though. Anyone pity would a girl found curled up and feeling sorry for herself in a dark alley.

“No, no, nothing like that. Adagio, I’ve been in your shoes.” Sunset extended a hand out with the intention of placing it gently on Adagio’s shoulder. But the hand was shrugged away.

“You don’t know a damn thing about me.” Adagio brought the blanket tighter around herself, as if to keep shielded from Sunset and her faux compassion. Or at least, what she thought must’ve been faux compassion.

“You’re right I guess… I don’t really know anything about you. I’m not sure what you’ve been up to since we last saw you, and I don’t know what led you to where I found you. But whatever the case, I’d like to help you if I can.”

The mere thought of barking yes like a trained animal to Sunset who was offering her help, filled Adagio’s mouth with a sour taste. “Oh please…” Adagio huffed. “How could you help me? There’s nothing that you of all people could possibly do for me.”

Sunset tapped a finger to her chin in thought. Truthfully, she wasn’t entirely sure what she could do. But if finding the Dazzling a step away from bawling her eyes out was any indication, Adagio did in fact need help. “What could I do for you, Adagio? Is there anything you need or want?”

“Oh I have a marvelous idea, why don’t you fix our pendants?” The siren spat. Sunset opened her mouth to respond. Likely something along the lines of ‘you know I couldn’t do that even if I knew how.’ But Adagio stopped her to continue talking. “Or, you could help pay rent for the shitty apartment that you put me in, however indirectly. You could tell Aria and Sonata to shut their mouths for a single solitary second, before their constant screaming drives me to insanity. Or Sunset, for the love of it all, you could end my suffering with a rainbow laser that does more than just strip me of my dignity and reason for existing.”

Sunset was dumbstruck. What was she to say to that? ‘I’m sorry..?’ That probably wouldn’t do much. How long had Adagio been holding that in she wondered. It seemed like Adagio and her fellow Dazzlings had been crawling through life since their defeat. And like Adagio said, however indirectly it may have been, Sunset was more a less responsible for that. Even if comeuppance was necessary, it didn’t make her feel any better about being the cause of someone’s misery.

Apparently, Sunset had gone quiet for a pretty long while. The silence was broken by an uncharacteristically wistful sigh followed by a touch of classic Adagio sarcasm. Though it was delivered with a bit of melancholy in her tone. “Whoa there Shimmer, try not to say too much at once. I might not be able to keep up.”

“O-oh um… Sorry, I’m just… Not sure what to say.” Sunset bashfully scratched at the back of her neck.

“Don’t bother…” Adagio let a tired breath escape her. “I didn’t think you’d know what to say.”

Still, Sunset felt like there should be something for her to say. She should’ve been able to offer some sort of comfort to her guest, no matter how small. Just something. Anything. So, she let the first thing she could think of slip. Once she’d said it, she almost regretted it. Seeing the look it got her from Adagio. “Would… you and the others like to stay here for a while? With me?”

Adagio’s eyes widened. So many thoughts and emotions raced through her, she couldn’t understand what she was feeling. Anger? Relief? Was weight being lifted from her shoulders or was there more being added to it? It’d be hitting absolute rock fucking bottom to say yes. To actually take Sunset up on that. On one hand, she’d be abandoning any shred respect she had left for herself. But on the other, did she have any self respect left to lose? On one hand, she’d be cowering into the open arms of a sworn enemy. On the other, neither she nor Aria or Sonata would be stressed about money anymore. Or at least… likely not for a while. And they'd have a relatively nice place to live.

Adagio couldn’t even bring herself to pretend she wanted no part of that deal. She could only… “I have to go.”

Adagio began to get out of bed. She shrugged off the blanket keeping her warm. She put down her cup of Equestrian tea.

Sunset reached out to stop her “Adagio wait-!” But Adagio was quick to smack her hand away. Sunset reeled back from the smack. It didn’t hurt, but it did take her by surprise. Sunset looked up at Adagio with pleading eyes. She really did want to help her. Not just her, but the other sirens as well. She felt partially to blame for whatever their current living situation was. And it was becoming increasingly clear to Sunset just how forlorn Adagio felt.

“Don’t touch me.” Adagio hissed. She seemed to briefly be taken aback and think twice about lashing out, but was able to compose herself. “Just…” She seemed to think hard about what to say next. It was lost on Sunset what Adagio could’ve been contemplating though, since when she finally spoke it was nothing but a sad ten words. “Sunset, you can’t help me. But thanks for the tea.” With that, Adagio was on her way out.

The sound of the front door being slammed shook Sunset to the core. She felt frustration and sorrow rising within her. Why did Adagio have to be so stubborn? Why couldn’t she understand that she only wanted to help? Sunset wondered these things for only a brief moment. No, she understood exactly why Adagio had rejected her. She understood that Adagio was prideful but hurting. Independent but broken. It would take a lot more than a short conversation to get Adagio on board with accepting help. Especially from the person most responsible for her lot in life.

“One day…” Sunset said quietly to herself. “One day I’ll help her. I’ll help all three of them if I can. It’ll take more than that to shake me.” With new found determination, Sunset grabbed her journal. Time to write to Twilight about this. She’d know better than anyone how to reach out to a former baddie.

Adagio sat alone. It was now night, hours had passed since the incident with Sunset. Aria and Sonata were both fast asleep. But Adagio couldn’t get any shut eye. She looked over to the two sleeping next to her. They were affected by their past too. They had it rough too. Sonata still tried to keep her smile and Aria was still her same snarky self but... Adagio knew that they were hurting too. They needed saving too. ‘Maybe someday…’ Adagio thought to herself. ‘Someday…’

Author's Note:

Here friends, have some feels-y Adagio.

Thanks for reading. :pinkiesmile:

Comments ( 19 )

I like how this turned out :twilightsmile:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.:heart:

Though, if you don't mind, could you give me an example of something I could've done better? Mistakes are for learning from after all. I'd like to try and make every story better than the last.

I was a little bit torn as I was reading this, because I’m not the biggest fan of how you show thoughts and feelings from both characters simultaneously. I’m not saying it’s wrong, just so we’re clear, just that it’s not my own preference. Were this a longer, more complex story, I probably would’ve found it rather irritating.

That being said, I think I might’ve liked the story less if you hadn’t done it that way, because I think it would’ve been easy for Sunset to come across as being overbearing if it were only her thoughts I was privy to, or only Adagio’s. Sunset could easily have seemed pushy, since she’s not just offering help but actively trying to get Adagio to accept it. But getting affirmations that Sunset’s sincere and also that Adagio actually does want to say yes was great, because it meant the situation was less Sunset being pushy and more Adagio being prideful and stubborn, which was perfect :heart:

I liked this, in other words. Thanks for writing it, and I hope you feel the urge to write more of the Dazzlings sometime, because there can never be enough fanfiction of them :twilightsmile:

I really hope that we see the Dazzlings again one day.
A good story.


Oh absolutely, the return of the sirens is pretty high up on my wishlist for the show. The cameo in the season 7 finale was cool and all, but I really want them back as significant characters.

And thanks :twilightsmile:


Well I'll remember to keep that in mind regardless. Thanks for letting me know. Constructive criticism is most appreciated. :)

Very nice. Could you maybe write a sequel where they accept the help and it shows the day to day livings of the four of them in the same house?

That sounds like a fun story, though if I were to write a story about the four of them living together, it'd probably be separate from this story and not relate to it in any way. Even so, maybe I'll write something like that at some point in the future. Who knows? :twilightsmile:

Nice little character interaction. Seems like a good beginning to a story. Got a continuation planned?

Nah, this is probably gonna stay a one shot. Maybe sometime down the road I'll try to write a short sequel/epilogue chapter. But as of now, that isn't on my to do list.

Sunset has her own house big enough so what if she ask the Dazzlings to live with her?

Well I mean,, that's exactly what Sunset did here. And Adagio turned her down.

But has Sunset talked to Aria and Sonata as well?

I guess not. Although, I'm sad to say this is a one shot and will probably not be continued. But if you'd like a hypothetical, I'd say Sonata would be the most open to the idea. Aria and Adagio both have a bit of stubborn pride though.

Aria's more of an 'As long as Sunset's house has great conditions and an empty room for herself' pride.

Interesting approach. And I appreciate that the problem wasn't solved in 2000 words or less. It's hard sometimes to ask for, or accept, help. And I can't imagine how much tougher it would be to accept it from someone who you hold responsible for your problems. Nice job.

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