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Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie! Trixie Trixie.

What the actual literal fuck did you do

A Trixie Fools day prank story. Is there going to be a followup story where they are all back to normal and we find out what Trixie did to cause the whole mess? Possibly with the after-effects being like a hangover and Trixie is in even hotter water for her idiocy with magic yet again?

When you take the I out of Trixie, all becomes Trixe.

It's just fucking trixe. All the way down. There's nothing else. Even background pony is now a trixe.

Spider demon huh.
I guess Skirts has been playing a lot of Dead by Daylight recently or something, it sounds like the Entity.

i like how Pinkie was the only one to say Trixie with that second I.

“Trixie,” insisted another, bouncing straight into the room and unleashing a party cannon into the side of one cultist.

You had ONE JOB, Trixe.


That's a lot of downvotes for trying to get into the spirit of it :rainbowderp:





So do you pronounce it "tricks" or "trick-sir"? 'Cause I pronounce it "trick-sir".

How the fuck did i read this whole thing without noticing what i assume is the deliberate misspelling.

10158766 Where'd the sir come from? There's no 'r' or 'ir' to be found.

WTF? Because I don't get it :rainbowhuh:

The only thing less funny than a joke that needs to be explained :facehoof:
Is a joke that CAN'T be explained :twilightoops:

i didn't even notice it wasn't trixie every single time until i looked in the comments section dear god


*sagely nods.* Trixe.

Being Trixie Lulamoon.

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