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Despite all her boasting and impulsive behavior, Rainbow Dash knows next to nothing about sex, outside of what she (kind of) learned in school. Not only is Fluttershy her first romantic partner, but their first time together would also be Rainbow's first time with anypony.

Fluttershy doesn't know this.

Inspired by Perfectly Not Perfect by Captain_Hairball. Not required for understanding this story, but you should still read it.

My entry for the Springtime Sequel-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo.

Cover art by TheDerpyEnthusiast.

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A fellow TISM fan?

Bah, forget how she's usually written, this is fine! It feels more natural too!

I can't stop looking at Rainbow's leg in the cover art; what the blazes is going on there?

I've had "I Rooted a Girl Who Rooted a Guy Who Rooted a Girl Who Rooted a Guy Who Rooted a Girl Who Rooted Shane Crawford" stuck in my head all day!
[Edit: Well, it's been playing tug-of-war with "Solid Gold" by Eagles of Death Metal but that's still a heckin' coinkydink]

Reading commences.

For people who might not get the reference in the title, and because this should be required viewing for all denizens of the interwebz.

8891597 Greg! The stop sign! just won't leave my damn head.

For those confused:


"What, with me?"

That was so cute I squealed aloud. You go, Rainbow!

All in all, that was adorable—and, honestly, I've always found that stories in which Dash is less experienced than she claims to be the more realistic of the bunch. Half of bravado is making sure you don't prove yourself a liar, is it not? :twilightsmile: Fluttershy was a delight as well. While I expected more lies and fabrications on the part of Rainbow Dash, I enjoyed the characters here as much as the story itself. Well done.

Jeez, TISM is more popular than I'd thought.

Precisely! Let's stop writing every character like they're trying to get into the author's pants!


Some variation would be nice.

That was beautiful! A very sweet Flutterdash and I’m proud to have inspired it. :twilightsmile:

I’ll link to it later.

Instant fav cuz FlutterDash

I have no idea what this means.

TISM is an Australian rock band known for their comedic lyricism that ranges from satirical to outright screwball.

The title of my fic is taken from "Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me," which is probably their most famous song.

It also kicks total arse.

Oh so that's it. I thought it was just a general statement of fact on Rainbow Dash's part.

Very nice and sweet. Out of curiosity, will there be a sequel where Rainbow and Fluttershy turn in their virginity cards?:raritywink:

Maaaaaaaaybe. I was originally going to have this be a clopfic, but I thought it would be too jarring (and also require too much work) if I went from them talking to them doing so quickly.

Knowing my lack of reliability, you probably won't see it for another year or so, but it could happen. :unsuresweetie:

Alright, sir. I like your writing. For the slice of life events the story is meant to portray, the writing was fairly solid. Unlike a majority of stories, the punctuation is sufficient, I can tell how the characters are feeling based on the diction, and none of your sentences are overtly awkward, out of place, or contrived. On a related note, the writing was good enough that it made me feel physically uncomfortable, as I've been dealing with a very similar problem with my significant other. So GG, for writing a story that was all too relatable, though not in a bad way.

That was pretty great.

So I read one of you’re newer stories and I just read this one and you’ve grown a lot as an author. This is a fine story but the third person omniscient style you went with kinda jerked me around, very tell instead of show. It’s cute though, definitely better than 90% of shit on this site, and maybe I’m so critical because it reminds me of my own stuff. Good work boss, keep improving. It gives me hope

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