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A collab with Curify!

Trixie and Starlight are best friends. There's not doubt about that. So, when Starlight gets a boyfriend, Trixie isn't sure how to take the news. In fact, she's quite distraught by it.

So, in an effort to show Starlight that she's just as capable at finding love as she is, Trixie decides to take the most logical course of action and get her very own boyfriend. A foolproof plan, to be sure.

However, the real reason behind her actions is quite a different story.

Preread by TheWraithWriter
Cover art by Doctor Disco!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 42 )


:rainbowlaugh: Starlight, Starlight, Starlight.

They actually fell in love??!!

Is that what happened??!!

I went into this expecting black tentacles to explode from Trixie's nethers at some point due to the story thumbnail.
I only just went back and examined the picture more closely to realize that was an unfortunate consequence of the typeface.
Now I can't tell if I'm disappointed or not.
So thanks for that.

:trixieshiftright: quite cute
:duck: I kissed him 1st
:trixieshiftright: I kiss him now
:raritydespair: try it with your lips sewn shut!
:moustache: too late
:trixieshiftleft: It's a Trixie thing
:moustache: it's true
:moustache: ice cream?

Thanks! I was trying to write this story while writing our collab and things got complicated, lol.

That's what I've been waiting my whole life for.

Not gonna lie, for a second I thought that the letter S was going right into Starlights butt.

Yeeesssss... :moustache:
This pleases me...

Really cute story dude! Spike and Trixie is a pretty rare ship but it felt totally natural and engaging here!

Another great story!:moustache:
But dude, what is with you and, Poptart. Nothing against the guy, but that looks like your go to OC? Just curious.


Wait, Twilight has GUARDS?!

Why did they go to Manehattan again?

Poptart is my only OC so I give him cameo roles in a lot of my fics.

Cool. Again fun story to read. Spike, Trixie and Starlight have so much potential, and Poptart has been a very flexible and fun OC to read about.:moustache::trixieshiftleft:

No I think I just told you get on my level hoe

I helped you get to that level. Don't forget the little people.


That’s literally what I’m saying bro lol

“Trixie has activated her trap card, so shut yours, Spike!”

That's GOLD! :rainbowlaugh:

Well, I give you mad probs for accomplishing both stories. My fingers would have fallen off :rainbowlaugh:

This ship is acceptable.

Poptart and Starlight, that is. I don't know what you were thinking with Trixie/Spike.

The dialogue in this feels... off. I can't describe it, but it doesn't seem natural. It's weird, because you usually have good dialogue.


things got complicated, lol.

this was fantastic. i would've liked if you had done the entire park scene on the train, while trixie emotes, spike would be literally trapped.

Starlight let out a sigh. “Trixie, this is Poptart. Poptart, this is Trixie.”

Wait a minute... is... is that supposed to be her boyfriend?

“He’s my boyfriend , that’s why.”

Oh my god... after enslaving an entire village and battling through space and time, she comes across her (supposed) first romantic partner with the name Poptart... I did not see that one coming...

Do you mind answering me a question I have? First of all, I really enjoyed this story. It got me laughing on multiple occasions. Anyways, I noticed that in most fan fics that include Trixie talk in 3rd person and as far as I know, Trixie’s never talked like that in the tv show. The only time she does that is when she refers to herself as “the Great and Powerful Trixie.” Do you have any idea on why bronies mostly perceive her character as someone who speaks in 3rd person. I just noticed how she speaks like that in your story so, I wanna know your thoughts on the way she talks. Just curious.

I live for the rare event in which stories like this appear. Spike/Trixie romances and clop only show up once every fifty full moons (that's an exaggeration). Finding one is like finding a Shiny Pokemon (that's not and exaggeration).

Thanks for reading!

Your comment reminds me of my endless hunts for a shiny feebas in SoulSilver back in the day. Instead I just went with a lvl 70 Milotic that I somehow caught with Great Ball because the stars aligned.

Snarky banter and shared insecurities stringed these two together surprisingly well! I wouldn't mind seeing more of this pair, they make for a goofy duo of sweethearts. Also, for Trixie being Trixie.

Okay, I had a giggle here too.

Oh man, I almost forgot about this story. I loved the idea, but the execution wasn't my best. It was an 11,000 word one-shot written in one sitting, lol.

One sitting for 11k is impressive!

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