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Shining Smile

"I wan't to be someone who can make everyone around me smile, someone people can lean on when they're feeling a little down and out."-Asuna

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wow... this is just... WOW! Im amazed by this!!

A bit sudden on the whole compassion but still good.

Thanks. Ya pacing has always been one of my biggest weaknesses especially with a story like this that I have so many plans for.

Yes it is a CrystalLight ship fic:scootangel:

It’s Chrysalis.

Edit: NM, you obviously know that. But her name is misspelled several times.

How did she get from Manehattan to Ponyville over night without fainting first?

There is a train that goes all over. I left it out because I couldn't a way to put it in to that first section with out making it sound like it was just thrown in out of the blue. It was hard to make it sound natural. But I will go back through and see if I can fit some reference to how she got there.

I would also like to see Chrysails getting cravings for meat, she has sharp canine teeth

I like this. Continaea plz

Yes, I do believe I like this.

There's the update I've been waiting for... It lives!

Yep. Sorry it took so long. Real life tends to get in the way a lot. I have already started chapter 5, so take comfort that this story will not be abandoned. It may take awhile but I will keep writing.

So is this going to be a normal update schedule?

Unfortunately no. I have to much going on to commit to a scheduled release, but know that I won't stop working on it.

It’s all good. Do what you need to do.

I am enjoying this fanfic.

NOOOOO! I want MOAR! MOAR I TELL YOU MOAR!!!!! Love the story so far please update it soon.

WE need MOAR chapters!!!!!!!!! :rainbowhuh:

Six months have passed since Chrysalis lost everything to the hooves of Twilight Sparkle. Chrysalis was once the queen of the changelings and now she was a whore. She used to have a few thousand drones to go and collect the love she needed to survive. Now she was barely sustaining herself on the love of lust as she put herself out to anypony, under the disguise of Crystal Green. Most of her drones were killed during the magic wave that defeated her at the wedding; the rest were scattered across Equestria. She was alone. Everything was gone and she would make Twilight pay.

I love how shes fully blaming Twilight for it when it was Cadence and Shining Armor that formed the love explosion.

True but that could never have happened with out twilight.

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