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This story is a sequel to Once In A Purple Moon

One otherwise normal Nightmare Night, Princess Twilight painted the moon purple on a dare from Princess Luna. Now she's having trouble changing it back and is starting to panic over what the rest of the world will think.

Part of Tumbleweed'sSpringtime Sequel-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo for Monochromatic

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 12 )

Now I remember why I don't do things like this.

8882972 Things like "get assigned in a Switcheroo to an author who keeps writing about one specific ship," or things like "write about a purple moon"? :twilightoops:

Things where I have to write a story, with a deadline.

8883020 A familiar feeling. But on the other hand, that's why I joined the Switcheroo - I've been trying to motivate myself to write more.

Good but I feel like stuffs missing.

Same here.
If I had spent a year or 2 working on it, it might feel a little more complete.


Are the yaks about to win the space race?!

No. Cherry Berry and the Changelings beat'em there. See?


I wonder if they ever tried in that universe.

I have a feeling that the Yak space program is going to be... memorable.

I rather like that ending. Well, I liked all of it. But something rather... upbeat about the Diamond Dog starting on the path of learning. :)

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