• Published 23rd Apr 2018
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Listen To Your Heartsong - Israel Yabuki

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I wonder who is Next also another great story in your series

Awesome as always bro

Nice! The boob massage was a very nice and sexy touch!

I came up with the massage idea, but NineTailBeastBall came up with the boob massage. He's a GENIUS

Such beautiful stories of you

who's next after your next story maybe songbird serenade, photo finish, or sapphire shores

Actually, I'm gonna move onto either Daring Do or Gilda

Comment posted by fluttershyfan3030 deleted Jun 8th, 2018

check your pm for my response i don't want to spoil the plot of the next story for those who haven't read this story

Darth Vader voice: NOOOOOOOOO!

I know, you might actually read my post and me and Fleur on that fanfic you made about me and fleur de lis though, if you don't believe me check out on my comments in Modeling your favorite mare.

Another happy ending, at lease I know about blade's son and Blade's current life.

I used to play piano, got too busy with schoolwork, I am going to pick it up next summer

This was one of your best.And while I was reading it.I got to thinking.I think I know the perfect song for Coloratura and Tenor....."As Long as We Got Each Other." by B J Thomas,with Dusty Springfield.A duet from the 80s.It was also the theme song for the hit 80s television series "Growing Pains".Find the song on You Tube and tell me if you agree with me. πŸ˜‰

β€œLet me guess, the old 69?” you asked. Rara nodded and hovered over you, presenting her wet nether regions to you. She got to work on sucking on your manhood at the same time you got to work on licking her marehood. Rara let out cute, muffled moans. You massaged her plump round booty as you kept licking her wet flower.

lol 69 funny

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