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Sounds interesting. Sad and sex tags don’t usually go well together but I’ll give this a try.

Well time to go down this rabbit hole for a possibly good Mayor Mare clop story.

You can't link to NSFW art work. You should take care of that before one of the admins gets on you.

You are allowed to post the derpibooru ID number of the image in the summary, as long as it isn't a direct link.

Hope I did okay. [crosses fingers] :fluttershyouch:
That can be taken so wrong... :rainbowlaugh:
Thanks for the reminder, guys. Don't want to lose my "publish without moderation" privilege. :twilightsheepish:

Any more story requests coming soon?

Not sure what you mean. This wasn't a story request, and I've never done one before (to my knowledge). :rainbowhuh:

Not bad, its actually good to a point where it tackles daily lives of the elderly. Kudos!

Like this one a lot. Getting older can really suck sometimes. This is one mare really that deserves a happy ending.

What a nice read this was. I do like me some character development in my clopfics, this did not disappoint.

I’m surprised by the first clop scene, in which there’s almost nothing in between penetration and the first mutual orgasm. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something quite like that, especially not in clop-first fics. In this context this courageous choice pays off, I like that it leads to what’s more akin to “making love” than “having sex”, with more abstract feelings in the foreground and bare bodily sensations relegated to the background.

All in all, great tribute to 1704546. I hope everyone can appreciate this as much as I did.

Well, I'd hardly call 47 "elderly". :trollestia:
Boy, howdy, does it suck. Especially when your own body starts betraying you. :eeyup:
Thank you. I felt that they both would have had some built up frustrations to get out of the way before the actual love-making could happen. Her, because it's been so long, and him because, well, he's a 22 year-old male. Granted, it's not as bad as a teenage male, who can get hard at a particularly shapely tree, but you know how it is. :twistnerd:

8887036 You’re welcome :twilightsmile: I don’t suppose there’s hope for a sequel?

Oh yeah. I've been hip deep in the suck of recent.

This is hot and sweet. I would remove the 'sad' tag though. While it has a few points where one might feel sad for the Mayor she doesn't spend much time dwelling on it. It doesn't really focus much on that part of it plus she gets hit on quick enough and ends up having a lot of fun. If anything the only thing that's sad about this is it's shortness of length. I think the night with Caboose should be a lot saucier and more detailed hehe. :)

This is great, though. Sincerely-it's nice seeing one of us greymuzzles get to have some fun.

Well, it's more sad for the feelings it's trying to invoke in the reader, rather than the feelings of the mayor, who has learned to live with it. As far as lonely graymuzzles go, let's just say that the proverb that writers put a bit of themselves in their stories is more true in some instances than in others. :twilightsheepish:

Yoooooo, is it cool that I could make a spin off of this? It was fye!🔥

Go for it, dude. :rainbowwild:

Not bad. Honestly this is the first--and so-far ONLY--Mayor Mare-focused story I've read. Wasn't fully expecting what happened, but glad to see some Mayor-ships happening aside from the cliche Mayor/Raven.

No real 'complaints' BUT a big thing (or two) I wish to point out;
-The assistant's name is Raven Inkwell (as the tag for her says).
-Trying to search for an image on derpibooru by number didn't work--or the image was deleted.
~personal note; I read all MLP fanfics with everyone defaulted as in-show/feral, unless stated they are human/anthro. Just a thought.

Also came across a couple spelling errors, but overall I give it a 10/10!

Why, thank you. I'm so glad you liked it. I tend to split up the name Raven and Ink Well to differentiate the two assistants that Mayor Mare and Celestia use. Raven is the unicorn PA to Celestia, and Ink Well is the Mayor's, but this is just my own headcanon. As for the link, I'll look into it, and the story is tagged anthro, so... yeah. If you ever feel like pointing out spelling errors in any of my stories, feel free to do so. I'm always open to that sort of help. :twilightsmile:

Whoops, missed that anthro-tag in me excited-curiosity at another fanfic with Raven tagged.

No problemo, dude. :twilightsmile:

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