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This story is a sequel to All-American Girl

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This law governs not only physics, but politics as well.

This is the story of one of those reactions, when the need to do something -- anything -- leads people astray.

Not every idealist is a hero. Not every villain is selfish. Not every cause is just . . . save in the hearts of those who fight for it.

This story is in an episodic format and takes place at various points in the timeline of AAG.

Cover image created by GIULIO.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 15 )

Celestia's dialogue seems off...not sure why, but doesn't sound like her.

Thank you for the comment.

I admit that Celestia is not a character I know well, so it's entirely possible I got something wrong. Beta readers didn't pick up on it either though, so perhaps it's a matter of style? Either way you're right that it isn't particularly compelling dialogue and could be better. I just don't know how either.

You've caught my eye... I am curious as to how this'll turn out.

Thank you for the feedback, sir. Hopefully you'll be getting notifications about this from tomorrow on so you'll be able to keep up.

One city wiped off the map, two devastated beyond recognition, countless millions of Equestriani citizens dead, injured, or displaced, thousands upon thousands of our brave defenders killed in action, the deployment of orbital superweapons, the Princesses themselves assaulted on multiple occasions. It is sadly not unprecedented for such destruction to occur, even in so short a time. What is unprecedented is for a country to be so ravaged, and yet do nothing.

Equestria has been attacked, and we are now at war. If one were to look at the government, though, one would scarcely believe it. The nobles are still engaging in their powerplays and arguments, the bureaucrats are continuing on as usual, new agencies are being formed that have little to do with fighting a war, and the Princesses are currently on vacation. Instead of the Princesses at the head of government, we have a changeling queen who was apparently raised by ponies installed as regent while the Princesses indulge in family drama.

It would be a betrayal of my Fascist principles to question the loyalty of someone who has so clearly embraced the Equestriani lifestyle. However, it would only be sheer folly to not question the qualifications of the mayor of a village where everyone is her child to serve as regent of one of the biggest nations in the world undergoing one of the biggest crises in its history. In peacetime, perhaps, this could have been considered acceptable, but it is not peacetime. We are at war, and no one in the central government seems to have realized this.

Fascists or not, they have a lot of points. Celestia and Luna devote too much time dealing with their newfound love/sexual lives and familiar drama...to the point Cadence seems the only alicorn actually doing her job.
And don't forget Blueblood and Champagne's evil conspiracy to take over Equestria (twirl moustache)...not considering what would mean having to deal with the changelings and Nightmare by themselves.
And finally, leaving a inexperienced changeling queen in charge given the current scenario was another bad idea.

I'm actually curious as to see how the Humans adopted by Equestriani will turn out.

It's kind of the reverse of DJ's situation. In particular, the two Human children have very Equestriani names. I wonder how this will affect them in the future.

Sounds like they confuse harmony and order.

Hmm, well it's certainly loyal to its tragedy tag because damn this story was a downer. Not what I expected out of an AAG story, which tends to still leave in happy moments to counter the bad and a note of hope ringing in the end. Not sure whether I like that change. I mean, it obviously gripped me since I'm here at the last chapter, but I just feel so... down after reading this.

Then again, tragedy was never my thing.

They do make good points about the problems, but as Namar astutely pointed out they're completely wrong about the solutions. That is a signature of fascist movements throughout history which has even been lampshaded by many of their leaders, there is a revolutionary force that promises change in a country and then they touch are an emotional nerve for the populace and then a counter revolutionary force arises which promises to fight the first force and be completely different while at the same time advocating for functionally the same things only with one big difference. In this case of the EFP/Purehooves conflict it's one of race, but otherwise their grounding for both in the Weather Underground seen in the Rarity prequel story means that they actually agree on a lot outside of that.

Heh. Heh. Yeeeeeeeeeah. :twilightoops: Hopefully their childhood will get more light in stories written by other authors.

Thank you for the comment, sir. I'm sorry it's not to your tastes, but I'm pleased to hear it got an emotional response from you. The tale of most of these characters' lives is probably not going to end well in the future, but it's entirely possible for at least some of them to survive. Though it would be assuredly be at great cost.

The major problem with fascists is that many of their solutions involve hurting the ‘other’ and not helping ‘their kind/proper folk/etc.’

In short, yes. Fascism brutally attacks its out-group while failing to provide for its in-group, which makes it a bad governmental system. The only places that have been able to maintain it for more than a generation are the non-expansionist Iberian nations, and they aren't exactly fascist today either.

Your version of fascism is still so much preferable than the Purehooves.

And I loved your story and hope Shin makes the EFP a canon element to the universe. While our still happens to be a reformist pressure group with no compulsions against violence, they are pro - integration rather than racists. And last but not least : their leadership actually believes what they preach, rather than using the group as a convenient excuse to get into power.

Well, the EFP preaches that they're the ones who should be put in charge because they're the only ones that can save Equestria, so being power hungry and sincere aren't mutually exclusive for them.

Also, this story was designed from the ground up to be canon, so you can rest easy there.


Also, this story was designed from the ground up to be canon, so you can rest easy there.

Awesome. The Purehooves have far too much power in canon.

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