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Most stories will be based around Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Sci-Twi, and Scootaloo! Also a W.I.T.C.H fic writer on Fanfiction.net(Same username)


After the devious acts of two individuals and the laughter of ponies as a consequence, Scootaloo runs away, unaware of the mighty future waiting for her. When she loses something vital and is forced to start a new path, the town she once called home is put into tears, regret written all over their name for the previously homeless filly that they believe is forever gone. She was given a memorial in her name, her birthday celebrated each year after her supposed death, as well as guilt that cause them to attempt at doing the unthinkable. Unaware that she is alive......and doing a lot more than well. A story of love, guidance, betrayal, memory, heart, family.....and forgiveness.

*Alternate Universe where Equestria has technology(Customized Electronics, computers made for ponies, turntables, TV, Radio, and some created by yours truly).

After Season 7

Part Of The Lost And Found Collection

Rating Subject To Change Periodically

Extremely Light & Temporary Gore

Sex Tag Added Due To Very Subtle Sexual Innuendos

Base Cover by subjectnumber2394 on DeviantArt

Updated Every Friday Evening(7PM)



No tracks here are owned by me... That may soon change.

I also have a YouTube Channel if anyone is interested. Nothing much since I abandoned it a long time ago and am now just reviving it. But if you want to check it out, Here's The Link.

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"Do you think...we might've went a little too far?" Apple Bloom asked aloud in worry as they walked around. "I thought I heard her cryin'. I didn't mean to laugh at her."

But you still did:facehoof:.

"Well....maybe a little," Sweetie Belle agreed. "I didn't think she was going to start flying through the air. I thought she was just going to land nearby. Instead, she went flying that way, flew back, and caused a whole bunch of chaos. I was not expecting that."

With you three nopony knows what to expect:trixieshiftright:.

"Me neither. I mean, I was mad at her, yeah. But I don't think....I don't think that was cool of us. At all. We need ta' apologize."

I think its a little too late for that Apple Bloom:ajbemused:.

Way to go AB, SB...you made Scootaloo the laughing stock of all of Ponyville...over something so petty no less...I hope you're happy with yourselves:ajsleepy:.

"You know.....sh-she used to tell me she was going to be flying...soaring," Rainbow chuckled sadly, holding the wings back up to her chest. "'I'm gonna fly as fast as you, Rainbow Dash'......She would always say that to me....and now.....I'll never be able to see her smile ever again. Never be able to hear her cheers, her shouts....her playfulness.....I'll never be able to see her take her first true flight......she's gone."

Oh Dash...:fluttershysad:.

It was an Aurora. An Aurora shaped and colored like Scootaloo's cutie mark. Magic. "Congratulations, Cutie Mark Crusader Scootaloo," the two said, grabbing everypony's attention. "You just took your first flight. We love you."

That was beautiful:fluttershysad:.

Twilight sighed in response. "I don't know. She's more than likely still grieving. But if I hear that she doesn't come back down from her home in two more days, I'm going to go check up on her. Because I have a bad feeling that if she doesn't...we'll have another huge problem on our hooves."

Please tell me she will not kill herself:twilightoops:. That is the last thing they need right now.

I like Nurse Goldhoof, she reminds me of Nurse Redheart:twilightsmile:. That was cute how she bonded with Scootaloo too:rainbowkiss::heart:. If she thinks that little Bright Snow is a handful, she should’ve seen how Scootaloo was like before she got amnesia:rainbowlaugh:!

But i have more happy going chapters. But that won't be until chapter ten or eleven.

Apple Bloom breathed a sigh of relief before she walked over, pulled her into a hug, and nuzzled her cheek, making Sweetie gasp and blush seemingly unnoticeably. "Thanks, Sweetie," she whispered with a smile.

Do I sense shipping coming:ajsmug:?

Wow that was emotional:fluttercry:. And yes, you do write great stories:ajsmug:.

Also, AB and SB SHIP:rainbowkiss::heart:!!!

So heartwarming:fluttershbad:! Goldhoof is getting attatched to Scootaloo:scootangel:!

So nice to see that Scootaloo made even more friends...I wonder how things will turn out from here:unsuresweetie:. I also hope she gets her memories back, cause the more I see it the sadder I get:fluttershysad:.

Well the memories won't arrive until ______s later. Sorry, no spoilers allowed. I hope you can deal! Because this story is in for a ride!

Nurse Goldhoof smiled sweetly, knowing exactly what she wanted before she reached around and unhooked Magenta's rear hooves from the mobile assistant. She then put her muzzle down to a level she could grab. Which she did. The nurse pulled her into a loving embrace, nuzzling her cheek.


"I'll see you soon, girls!" Goldhoof yelled, waving as the chariot drove off. She could make out the two foals' little hooves waving back at her for a moment before she sighed, picked up the steps, and made her way slowly back into the hospital. She was going to miss those little angels.

I hope she’s seen again soon:pinkiesad2:.

"Yeah. And Bright?" Bright Snow looked towards her with a smile. "Thanks. For being my friend and for being there for me when I need help. I have a feeling we're going to make some great memories together."

They’ better:ajsmug:.

This story is shaping up better than I thought it would especially with sweetie bell being in the hospital, I thought someone would have been a link in Magenta and sweetie bell hearing something about each other, like if bright went in her room and met her too. Anyway as for the names part I may be able to point you in the right direction, on deviant art there's a user by the name Nimbostratus that has a name generator that should help :pinkiehappy:

Oh great, now Scootaloo has to deal with another group of bullies:ajbemused:. Just wat she needed:facehoof:. Hopefully she won’t he effected too much by the.

As for Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle...well, I can only wait see where their lives go from here:applejackunsure:.

As for that dream Scootaloo has...hmmm:trixieshiftright:.

Is Scootaloo/Magenta gonna be reunited with her old friends anytime soon? It's honestly kinda nerve-wracking having them be in the same town like this.

For which characters are the romance tag for?

"That's okay!" Gabby interrupted. "We can find her! Come on Babs, we got a Cutie Mark Crusader to save!" She quickly turned back with Babs' hooves wrapped around her neck and quickly made her way back to the elevator. Goldhoof and the doctor shared a look while they stepped inside and quickly closed the doors. Scootaloo was alive. But was now missing. The others had to definitely learn about this.

Looks like they're finally getting clues:twilightsmile:.

"No," she interrupted. She picked up another apple and tossed it into the bucket that was inside of the cart before turning to her sister. "Don't even try tah' change up my mind, Applejack. I told ya'. The Cutie Mark Crusaders is over. We all agreed tah' drop it."


"Not for me!" Bright interrupted. She started walking in a circle with her head held high proudly. "I do what I want!"

Sure you do...:ajsmug:.

"But it's okay. They'll warm up to you," she appeased. "Just give it a shot one day. It doesn't have to be now, it doesn't have to be next week. It doesn't have to be next month, it doesn't even have to be next year! But promise me that you'll at least try and do it in public. At least once." Magenta pulled in her lips as she gazed into Bright's hopeful light blue eyes.

Face your fears Scootaloo/Magenta:pinkiesmile:.

"Yay!" Bright bounced off the bed, nearly tossing off Magenta before trotting eagerly back towards her desk. climbing on it, she grabbed a spare sheet of paper and started writing on it with her mouth. Magenta watched her with interest before she spit out the marker and then grabbed the paper, holding it up so Magenta could see it. It read, "Magenta Promised To Sing In Public At Least Once!"

Nice title:trixieshiftright:.

"I don't think I'll ever forget it, Bright. Especially this whole conversation."


I don't know why Twilight says

"Now all we have to do is find her and bring her back."

as Magenta would not be sent to ponyvill as she still is an orphan and would be staying in the orphanage she is in, unless she gets adopted.

Still liking the story that was just a thing I need to say, and for all I know you have a seen in the next chapter that says just that.

This chapter hit me right in the feels with Bright Snow and Magenta:fluttershysad:.


Applebloom pulled Sweetie Belle into a much needed hug, letting her tears fall into her coat. They needed all the help they could get. All of it.

A lot of it.

Magenta wrapped around Bright's shoulders and pulled her into her chest. "Yep! Nopony touches Bright!" Bright wiggled her hooves around, trying to escape. Magenta would never let her go.


Sweetie Belle sniffed and nodded into Applebloom's fur, who was looking at the afternoon sun that was setting in the distance. Hopefully everything will be okay. And that Scootaloo would be fine.

It will be girls...soon:pinkiesad2:.

"And don't you dare say she died with Scootaloo," Fluttershy interrupted. "You're better than this Rainbow Dash! You need to pull yourself together right now. It has been months since the tragedy. We all know what happened and we all feel terrible about it. But there's nothing we can do. Yes, we've shed our tears. We went to her memorial service. We've said we're sorry. But that's all we can do. There is nothing else but to learn from our mistakes and move on. Everypony already has. Even the crusaders. Although they are still holding onto hope, they are still doing what they can to move on. Scootaloo will never be forgotten Rainbow. But we do need to move on. Because if we don't, the guilt will kill us..... Like it almost did Sweetie Belle. You saved her life. Now it's time to save your own."

Yeah, you go Fluttershy:rainbowdetermined2:!

Bright landed next to her and looked her over. "Can you walk in your wheelchair? Are you in pain? Does it hurt? Headaches? Nausea?..." Magenta sighed and walked towards the door with Goldhoof, the latter giggling at Bright's overprotective attitude as she droned on. She and Magenta were definitely going to be watching out for each other. Always.

Always indeed:twilightsmile:.

Such a cute and sad fic at the same time. Also heartwarming. Can’t wait for more! :derpytongue2:

I hope Rainbow Dash will be able to put the past behind her...she punishing herself enough as it is:fluttershysad:. Good to see that Magenta is finally getting those bandages off of her, though I hope doesn't have to hide those scars for long:ajsleepy:. Also, please let Nurse Goldhoof adopt Magenta and Bright Snow:applecry:!

Goldhoof giggled like a highschool filly and looked at the paper. Thoughts raced through her mind. Would Magenta want this? How would she react? What would the future bring for herself, Bright, and Magenta? Would she...would she even be a great mother? Kind Goldhoof took in a deep breath, placed her pen on the paper, and signed her name. Finishing it off with the date.

Once done, Director Diamonds placed Magenta's files back in her folder and shut it. Then offered Goldhoof a happy grin. "Congratulations, Ms. Goldhoof. They're all yours."


I know it might be moving too fast if it did happen... but I am dying for Scootaloo (magenta) to remember something, or literally anything, even if it is small. It is killing meeeeeee. Ughhh. Also, in a previous chapter when Babs and the Griffin (whose name I cannot remember for the life of me right now) found out Scootaloo was still alive, Goldhoof said she was going to ask Magenta about it later. Has she already done it and we just didn’t see it, or has she not done it yet?

...If it all just turned out to be an accident, like Magenta falling into a Water Channel Filter, which is entirelyimprobable—"

oddly specific considering that's what happened and don't even know of that insedent.

Magenta responded through her tears. "H-Happy Hearth's W-Warming, mom!" Then continued crying into her new mother's coat. "You hear that Bright? W-We got a mommy! A family!"


You know what? Eight is great. I'm doing eight.

I don't know why I ever waited on this story it's one of the most heartfelt stories I've ever read and I've only ever cried at two stories queen Scootaloo when she was on about her past and this one at everything.

Also can we call emo applebloom, emobloom

8 years baby!!! :rainbowdetermined2: excellent chapter:scootangel::moustache:

Four days with an expected house of five thousand per stadium, possibly more in Ponyville

5 thousand? try 20 million after the myStable post!

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do more chapters I need this it's like a drug to me.

Wow, such a long timeskip...and Magenta has taken an interest in music:ajsmug:.

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