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Timberwolves: Guardians of the Everfree - Keystone Gray

A research paper on the timberwolves, exploring their creation, purpose, and their connection to the Everfree Forest.

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Autrar na fi Teikyune, be fi Dierkahl

Autrar na fi Teikyune

Be fi Dierkahl

In this appendix, we present translations for the various Cerfish poems, songs, stories, and quotations used throughout this piece. Though the Dierkahl has embraced the evolved common tongue, the original Cerfish tongue is still used, and is required for communication with the Guardians. As such, fluency is common among the Dierguard, for their scouts are the most commonly selected candidates for raising new Vorku.

It is customary for parents to write two or more short poems for their timberwolf: the Life Poems, and the End Poem. In the Foreword of this book, each parent presents a Life Poem. Life Poems are oft written during the lifespan of the Guardian, usually extolling the virtue of their existence or creation. The End Poem is not to be written until a Guardian's life has come to its end. Should a parent not survive their Vorku, the End Poem is written instead by a relative or, failing this, by the Kahl themselves. Both poems are to be presented at the Vorku's interment in the Mausoleum of Guardians, displayed before their final resting place.

Kahruvel iy Bloctorn

"Ton wisp'it es ton quiva vida, fosi nyeli kah.
Sim nyali paka dahtta kahru, nyeli leka sah."

"To eat wisps is to give life, so we hunt.
As we pack together, hunter, we are one."

Nyx'it iy Kehl Luna

"Memki soh nei tantibus, nei etern sinsa vlei,
Nyei desta es taiet drema: pass fleyt nei lohkei."

"Remember not my nightmare, my eternal sincere friend.
Your destiny is better dreams: peace through my night."

Grand iy Apex

"Nousheri kinyu, chai nei, cereta ret vanna.
Nyu temfyu, sikna Teikyun, es vel'ki ichnesa."

"Nourish yourself, child mine, created with love.
Your future, great Guardian, is the forest soul's will."

Lament for the Hidden

Following the Dark War, our ancestors searched for the deer and pony wisps of their kin, but to no avail. Theories run throughout deer culture as to where these beings went. Perhaps Sombra's army inhabits the wisps that remain, forever serving as prey for the Vorku. Perhaps the souls of our ancestors refused to be taken by these creatures. Or, perhaps it is instead that the souls of the slain might yet live on within our Vorku.

The answer has yet to surface. To exercise their frustrations at this uncertainty, our philosophers and scholars turn to art. Lament for the Hidden is one such piece.

"Quantem, nyei kie leken destra,
Iy krahtt na nyei drema, sketra.
Quar 'yuut nyali loktat nyu tem?
Leka nyu eva in chel fehm?

Nai smosha soh sah yeletkai
soh sikna messta fror nyx nyu.
Bel nai reptem pishva na qua
nyu'uut na nyeli vel Vorku."


"Suddenly, your souls were shattered,
and all of your dreams, scattered.
Where do we find you now?
Are you forever in that phase?

I speak not one command
nor great message for your shadow.
But I often wonder of what
you feel of our forest's timberwolves."

Ki Enfei

The bond between parent and timberwolf can be striking despite the short time they spend together, a connection often described as a rapid fire. In the Life Poem Ki Enfei, or Soul Fire, the parent of Vorku Flova'ki (342 to 298 B.R.) describes their passion for their companion, beginning with their initial spark and ending with their shared lifelong duty.

"Fi enfei na nei kahl turb'yor la ton sparka fi enfei in nyei.
Iy nyeli eksiy drema fror fi vel es nyeli etern lega.
Fleyt vanna, nai cereta nyu,
a vida ret a ichnesa,
a vive ret a stahtesa.
ton by sim nyali leka: Teikyune na fi Vel."

"The flame in my heart rises to stoke the flame in yours,
And our beautiful dream for the forest is our eternal legacy.
Through love, I created you,
a life with a will,
a being with a purpose.
To be as we are: Guardians of the Forest."

Mat Vida

In the Dierkahl, it is a commonly held belief that a short life filled with purpose holds greater cultural value over a long life with none. When Mother Life calls us home, we all hope to say we did all we could to serve our kin. The author of the following is unknown, but this may have been the intent, for it is written from the perspective of the Evavrai.

"Vida, morot, beret, destra,
Tempa, temfyu, nai viza krahtt,
Sho-lai grata; korfror liyt,
Tempo, eva, nai lekai grahtt.
Sa iy va, nousheri neita,
Tem etern, nei vel'ki 'tratat.
Krahtt cretei, sikna iy titha,
Rosotu leka ki'loah sotte."


"Life, death, birth, destruction,
Past, future, I see all.
A growing tree, reason for light,
Now, forever, I am the trees.
Food and water, nourishing nature,
For eternity, my soul is shared.
All creatures, great and small,
They are welcome here."

Little Seeds

Little Seeds, or Titha Shodei, is a nursery rhyme song written in 1002 B.R. At the time, it was not uncommon to find mixed schools for pony foals and deer fawns at border villages. So inspired by the sharing bonds formed by Vorku, a pony educator and Vorku parent by the name of Quillborn wrote this song for his young students, aiming to instill tolerance that would carry our two nations forward together.

For chapter five, Apex elected to include this song not just because it was one of Grand's favorites, but also because this piece conveyed her sentiment toward Grand's very creation, itself a unifying act between nations.

"Titha shodei, titha shodei,
Retka 'tratahok,
Titha shodei, titha shodei,
'Tratat sim nyu kot.

Titha shodei, titha shodei,
Titha faun iy foll,
Titha vivei, plass quiva
Nyei vanna iy nyei toll."


"Little seeds, little seeds,
Have consideration,
Little seeds, little seeds,
Share as you can.

Little seeds, little seeds,
Little fawn and foal,
Little lives, please give
your love and your care."

Eksen: Pg. 322. Oxalis Grova, be Urtica na Onnotdalasa.

Urtica, a deer born in the village of Honorhome, was known especially for his talent with historical fiction. In his most pivotal piece Oxalis Grova, written in 625 B.R., Urtica details the struggles of Kahl Oka during the March of the Ursa, a civil war engagement in 1302 B.R. This battle led to the Kahl's sacrificial final stand against pursuing dissidents; Oka purchased valuable time for his remaining forces and wife to regroup with the armies of Dierkahl. These words were paraphrased by an aide who survived the battle, and this quotation was subsequently included in Urtica's novel seven centuries later.

"Iy fi rien tya fi horza? 'Yuut soh fera cha. Cha glista latya qua nyeli quiva cereta iy latra nyeli soh'uut. Quan cha rotat, flova ichnesa sho-la latya quar nyeli soh'uut eska bera. Vida es a sik-la, nei vanna, iy fror krahtt nyu quiva rowanset, fosi simtei nyu ganna."


"And the rain on the horizon? Do not fear it. It glistens upon what we have created and heals all of our sadness. When it ends, flowers will grow upon where our sadness was born. Life is a cycle, my love, and for all you have lost, so too will you gain."

The Mausoleum of Guardians

The following is directly attributable to Kahl Alpine, whose words were oft repeated in his Mausoleum memorial sermons. Such statements, including his many aphorisms and common observations, would go on to provide the foundation for all of our traditional sermons and rites honoring the Vorku.

"Ton ayd a pagra es ton ayd kinyu. Blesa leka rosoto quo quiva kikrah."

"To aid another is to aid your soul. Blessed are those who give their whole being."

On the memorial plaque in the Mausoleum Atrium, beneath the Lupine Tree:

"Ches es quar nyali onnot fi sacrae na fi shodei chel sho-la savari,
Quo sparka fi horza iy driva fleyt fi loh fau kahl.
Nyali leka etern grett, nyu blesa chaie na fi vel."

"Here is where we honor the sacrifices of the seeds who grew large,
Who sparked the horizon and drove through the dark foe's heart.
We are eternally grateful, you blessed children of the forest."

And The Final Prayer of Conveyance, as spoken for Underwing's Saegrata:

"Nyeli kahl vafell fror varr morot iy autre fror varr vida. Fror Saegrata, sotte in varr dalasa na Ticcet iy Evavrai, nyeli dahtt'yuut. Nyeli commet varr. Varr sprou as bel a titha shodet. Fleyt nyu vanna, varr sho-la inton a Teikyun na fi Evavrai. Nyeli grett fror varr sacra, iy varr vill nevar by morotmemki."

"Our hearts weep for her death and cheer for her life. For Saegrata, here in her home of Thicket and the Everfree, we do both. We honor her. Saegrata began as but a humble seed. Through your love, she grew into a Guardian of the Everfree. We thank her for her sacrifice, and she will never be forgotten."

Eater of Shadow

This piece is a second Life Poem by Princess Luna, written for Nyx'it circa 0 A.R. It is not uncommon for loving parents to provide several throughout their lifetime. Should there be more than one poem at the time of interment, the most suitable piece will be selected for their resting place by their parent, relative, or Kahl.

"Eva ful na meyuzh, nai 'yuut autre.
Fi chai nai sho-la es eva sahtt vel.
Nai ful nei kahl ret uzh memki, Vorku
Nyei vida es drema na a aksur kehl."

"Ever full of joy, I do sing.
The child I grew is forever one with the forest.
I fill my heart with wonderful memories, Vorku
Your life is the dream of a proud princess."

The Dangers of Latent Dark Magic

King Sombra had not yet been defeated at the end of the Dark War. He instead teleported away, escaping judgment and returning to the Crystal Empire to lick his wounds. As the deer remained in the Evavrai to cleanse Dark Army stragglers, the Royal Sisters of Equestria gave chase to the North, through the Blue Territories.

Celestia and Luna arrived at the Crystal Empire to find it in disarray, with many of its native crystal pony denizens enslaved and mining the earth in vain for more of Sombra's umbrum specter crystals. Though Sombra was weakened, battered, and on the cusp of defeat, the coward mustered the strength to retreat once again, using his magic to force the Crystal Empire into planar phase. It disappeared, leaving the Royal Sisters to gape at the hole left in the ground. They ordered the site fully excavated; two remnant crystals were sought out with life detection spells and were subsequently destroyed.

After receiving word of Sombra's survival, Kahl Alpine became an outspoken hypervigilant, forever at the ready. "Sombra will return," he warned, whenever his councilors would suggest easing patrols. So came this saying:

"Memkut: evna en morot, a yardaquae quillet vilbet azhken iy a faue plana vilbet morotet."

"Remember: Even in death, a porcupine's quills remain sharp and an enemy's plans remain deadly."

Upon review of a journal discovered in Sombra's Crystal Palace quarters, we believe that the Dark Foe did intend to return, comfortable to simply wait out the lifespans of his enemies. When the day came, he would exhume the final specter crystals and again march on the Evavrai. A thousand years later, the Crystal Empire would return from this shroud. Sombra, predicting that the Vorku might be turned against him once more, returned briefly to the Evavrai to lay darkmoss traps, sowing the seeds he had hoped would grow into total destruction.

But the Dierkahl and Equestria did not wither with age, and neither did the long memories of its leaders. Our vows were upheld. As we worked to cure the darkmoss blight, a short battle ensued between Sombra and a small contingent of Equestrian forces, led by Kehls Twilight Sparkle, Mi Amore Cadenza, and Shining Armor. They each witnessed Sombra's death as he was fully disintegrated by magical fire.

Though a body was never recovered, this may be how umbrums die. But if by some strange twist of fate Sombra has again slipped through our grasp, we remain resilient and strong in defense against his evil. Our three nations shall endure, always standing ready and in unison to defeat him. For in the immortal, final words of Kahl Alpine:

"To combat the darkness is our eternal duty."

Author's Note:

[Nier Automata: Emil (Arranged)]

So it is finished... the culmination of many months of careful work. I want to thank you all for experiencing yet another journey with me. Stay safe, everyone. Stay respectful. Stay loved.

I'd love to hear what you think of our forest's timberwolves.

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Beautiful work all around... though Sombra's plan could've used a little work. "Wait out the immortals" rarely ends well, though he may not have known the true extent of the Sisters' lifespans. Still, a gripping read throughout. It's wonderful to hear from Apex again, if in vastly different (and much, much happier) circumstances. Thank you for this.


And thank you too! I'm glad I'm not torturing her anymore, lol. She's so much happier when she's achieving goals.

This is beautiful:fluttercry:


Soh = No, not, don't.
Marr = Mare.
'it = Verb meaning to absorb or eat, used as a suffix to a noun in most cases. For example, sa'it means to eat food; va'it means to eat water. Wisp'it means to absorb a wisp.

Literal translation: "No, no mare absorb."
Rough translation: "No, don't eat the mare."
Intended meaning within context: "No, stop attacking the mare."

Thank you.


No, thank you for reading! :twilightsmile:


Writing from Luna's perspective has always been the most fun for me out of any writing I've ever done. There's just something special about "a long time ago" in her elegant diction.

Comment posted by Keystone Gray deleted Oct 17th, 2018

This... this was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read on this site.

I've only read the prologue and already I'm invested. Your ability to world build and make it sound like any non-fiction book you could pick up at a book store is impressive! I'm going to make a habit in reading through this, as I cannot wait to plunge into the world building you've weaved =D.


Thank you for your kind words! This stuff has been rattling around my head for a couple of years now, so it has come such a long way to reach this point. I'm just so glad to finally have these ideas published.

I can't wait to hear what you think of it all!

Have you read the Warcraft Chronicles book? The first couple of chapters give me strong vibes of Gul'Dan's advance of the old Horde during the Second War.


I haven't played much of WoW or explored its universe. The spectral horror was conceived to act as a character foil in another fic I have since cancelled, but I liked the concept enough to hold onto and repurpose it.

I was more thinking about a combination of your pseudo-historical writing style, as well as the use of similar magic against the enemy. Brought images of first generation Death Knights in the Horde's army, as well as the Knights of the Ebon Blade in general.

Nyei drema chai es uzh. grett nyu. I hope this message finds you well, and I do hope that you might someday in the future return to the shaded paths and quiet groves of fi Evavrai. This is by my recent memory one of my favorite stories whose focus is on the Everfree, most other stories use it as a location and not much more besides, and Timberwolves in most other stories are but one of many dangers, the astute author might occasionally give them a touch more description besides sheer ferocity and unbridled wildness. I love authors who put so much effort into building and blending history and world-building into their works, it takes a real skill to develop worlds that seem almost real, as if one is reading a real historical text. I thank you for this story and wish you good tidings in your journey.
Respectfully, BirdsBooksBrownies
P.S. I hope I did a decent job at my Cerfish text, I do not mean any disrespect if what I wrote is not what I think it is.


"Your dreams child is wonderful. Thank you."

Close! I get the gist, and I'm flattered that you've used the language. Thank you for your kind words. I'm touched at how well this story has been received. Thank you ever so much for reading.

Will I write a more narrative based story in this setting? I'd like to, though writers block is a constantly uphill battle with me. We'll see!

I know that feeling all too well, In the 5-ish years since I very first discovered fanfiction, I've attempted writing around a dozen stories, but I have only ever finished one, and that's because, at least for me, I get light-bulb moments where things just flow out of my pen or keyboard, but once the moment passes, I have a very difficult time writing. Anyways, I wish you the best, whatever you decide.
P.S. I'm flattered that you were flattered about my attempt at cerfish.

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