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That was really sweet.

Wow interesting story even if there is the cliffhanger for a romantic relationship with the ghost which is really interesting

Would love to see more of this story!

8873444 I had actually discussed with a friend doing a story like my Ghost of Canterlot High story, where people can commission me for more fun times with William and the various mares who come to his hotel, but I didn't feel like this was the best way to begin such a story. I am open to doing more with him though, if ever you wanted to help with that. :twilightblush:

That is a remarkably sweet ending. :)

Sounds interesting. I'll have to keep that in mind for when I have some disposable income.

I for one difinitly want to see William and Sweetie get down to business for real. Soooo Sequel?

This has to be my favorite ghost sex story I've come across. Wish I hadn't waited so long to read it.

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