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Are you not entertained?


This story is a sequel to Staff Meeting

Twilight joins one of her changeling friends in the novel he's hiding in.


Together, she and Stormy Night climb through paragraphs and sentences, debate arcs and scenes, and reconstruct some of the emotions within.

Thanks to Noble Thought for prereading.

Cover art: Twi's Desk by Shastro

You can click here if you're curious about the AU tag.

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Comments ( 12 )

This is a cute story. Glad to help with the pre-reading.

oooo this was sweet and introspective with a hint of papery melancholy.
Very nice.

I was wondering if we'd get any more stories out of this 'verse. Couldn't get myself to write another, but you did a really nice job with this one.


Yeah, looks like the magic is gone based on the tepid reception here. Ah well. I had a blast writing them.


Well, I thought this was lovely. Well done!

Nice to see this again, I rather liked the other stories in the series. A shame there isn't more demand for it. Ah well, at least we get a happy ending here. Thanks.

A very sweet piece of literary analysis, differing cultural perspectives, and subtle romance. Thank you for it.

It's good to see this setting again, and Twilight joining in in book-diving... :)

It has that same magical feel as “Staff Meeting,” though for different reasons.

Good to know I've still got the touch. Thanks!

Not bad. It was sweet without being sappy, so this gets an upvote from me.

d'aww, absolutely adorable

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