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Lunar Raven

Greetings, my name is Lunar Raven, a lover of the written and typed word, who hopes to make content enjoyable for all to read. I used to work with LoE as well. Have a blessed one!


-I am aware of the no cover art, this is typical. Also, please read the end notes.-

Raven Star, an orphan runaway that, by the help of the Princess of Friendship herself, was granted the legal right to be out of the system and maintain his current lifestyle that he has made for himself.

Holly Leaf, a runaway who is lost without guidance, left to rot after leaving the system to find peace of mind, and hiding away in fear of being brought back into the hell she left.

When the former finds the latter, their lives will never be the same, and the duo will need to grow and help each other overcome their personal struggles, and rely on each other, as they face the struggles of their daily lives. What await these two loners? Only time will tell.


1: This story is effectively one of the stories that shall make up the ultimate backstory of these characters, and in the future, other OCs of mine that I have never developed. As such, I do not perceive this being cancelled or put on an indefinite hiatus(many of you are probably rolling your eyes at that comment), but do not expect overly frequent updates(though it could have such). I hope you enjoy!
2: There are definitely darker tones that will play a role in here, such as potentially addressing issues of depression and dark thoughts, alongside perhaps other things. However, at this point, I do not find the relevant tag(s) appropriate.

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Comments ( 2 )

Pretty good, liked and followed, but put the notes at the bottom and in spoiler tags.

Thank you for the suggestion, I have implemented that. Also, thank you for the like and follow!

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