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".... I, um..... heheh.... I don't know my name," The Unicorn chuckled with a blush. "That's actually really embarrassing on my part. Attack you and all but I can't even tell you my name.... wow, that's just lame."

Well, there's Belle Amie, Shining Spark, you can take your pick really; we have plenty of names for resurrected Twilights around here.

On a more serious note this looks interesting; is the baboon one of the things from the movie or something else?

Well, this one is pretty interesting, so I shall be following it.
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Although... I will admit that those visions that Reborn Twi had are beyond ominous.

Anyway, have a Track, a Fave and an Upvote.

Didn't read tags at first, so it was kinda confusing to see Unicorn and Zebra to have hands with fingers. I think if you had written appearance of main characters, the same way you wrote about yeti-like creature in the end, that would make part about anthro more clear.

So then.... when will the next chapter come out?

The lack of names (and the sheer number of people being described as 'the unicorn') made this a little hard to follow at times. So let me see if I have this right:
Starshadow (candidate #1 to be a resurrected Twilight) is in Zecora's hut; she was dreaming about the shattered mirror but NOT the adventures of the other amnesiac unicorn who has decided to call herself Midnight, and who is candidate #2 to be a resurrected Twilight (and they may or may not be two halves of Twi in a Shining Spark/Belle Amie thing). Midnight is not a dream but a real person and has allied herself with Shadowstep (is he Flash Sentry having changed his name, selling secres is also what Flash was banged up for) to sneak on a cruise ship.

It's fun, but a little confusing.

I agree on the confusion.

Hopefully, the next chapter wont be so vague when it comes to the characters' names.

I really the differing viewpoints from everyone's diary entries.

As the survivors fled, Titan smirked under his hood and glanced at the Zebra. "Tell me Braze... how many men does it take to deliver a message?"

Braze smirked as he conjured up a javelin made of fire before aiming it at one of the fleeing ponies. "...one."

Oh, that reference was just amazing.

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