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Mentally insane, utterly mad, and psychotic beyond belief *leans forward, turning neck clockwise* WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT!!!


How 'The World' is will not be how it remains. The two beings that have entered this realm will change things. Hopefully before The World itself falls apart. What force will win. What will be gained. Who will be slaughtered, saved, or left behind to claim it? No one knows. Not yet. Lets let the cards themselves decide how the twists of timelines and paradoxes be put in place. Whatever happens. Some won't be missed.

P.S. Not a Displaced fanfic.
P.S. MKII. This might as well be considered a crossover of sorts, but I've no idea if I should add the tag or not yet.

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Will Mortal Kombat characters from III onward appear in this story?

Comment posted by The User deleted Jul 9th, 2018

Wrong story buddy. This isn't a Mortal Kombat story.

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