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New to writing, but really wanna try and get things out. Oh, and if you follow me, I'll follow you back. Something I got in the habit of doing back on Twitter.


Silphen Dardo, Soft Silver Wolf. Archmage of the Soft Metal Furred Wolves from a really bad roleplay. And a guy that decided to dress up as him, minus the spellbook, cause he didn't have anything thick enough, and buys one at A-con, and gets Displaced. Welcome, to my world in a super nutshell. What's not nutshelled, is the fact that Tirek is a liar and imprisoned Twilight and her friends. But we'll get to that in a bit. First, let's meet some friends of mine...

*mock angry voice* Read the author notes in the first three chapters, you fools!

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You might want to include a message status about if there'll be cross-overs or if you'll be having the main focus on story only, that way people won't bother you about it.

Good point... Halp...? Kinda my first Displaced here...

Blackdust, I would love more, and maybe a few lewd scenes in the future~.

In the works, Lewdy. And by the way, I need someone to bounce ideas off of. I got one guy that's a kind of co-writer, but...

You can bounce them off me if you want, just don't expect anything grand.

You've gotten my attention my good sir! Have a like, fave and the whole shebang!

Did you make sure and leave a dislike, considering you enjoyed it?

Lol, Considering I'm a fellow displaced writer, I should support a displaced story

Heh, the both of us post within minutes of each other!
But seriously, I had a blast doing this crossover, and I look forward to next time they meet!

Same here man. Same here. OH! Hey, check the doc before you delete or erase.

And a whole lot of other languages too! :D

Definitely out of the ordinary, even for a displaced fic, but...its also got a certain charm to it too.

Only real recommendation i can make at this point is to slow down with the crossovers and focus more on progressing your own world's story first. Though, the crossovers are decently done too.

Comment posted by DisplacedWriter deleted May 19th, 2018

Seems they like the story too much to give you a dislike to prove they're paying attention.
Nothing wrong with cross-overs as long as the story progresses.

Of course, but there have been almost as many crossover chapters as there have been main story chapters. Nothing wrong with crossovers, but too many can make the story feel fragmented and confusing, since we are jumping from plot point to plot point, sometimes in someone else's story.

Like i said though, they were done well enough that it didn't feel too jarring, despite my lack of knowledge on who exactly the crossovers were with, though thats more due to me not having read their fics yet.

Im looking forward to the next chapter.

I treat the crossover chapters like a roleplay. Which if you ever did one with me, you would understand why the crossovers are better than the regular ones. And I am working on that.
Yeah, sadly. :P

The latin translations are useless to me, "Thaumcraft 4" research and Centurions from "For Honor" made me do my... research! *badum-tss*:trollestia:

Making that joke made me dead-er inside (as if being another normie wasn't enough)...

You're right, at least I acknowledge the fact I'm a normie and try to change that.

Yep! I did that on accident, but when I noticed I had over a thousand words already, I figured I would roll with it.

Wow... Celestia is a Gun-jumping Bitch here. Did Twilight teleport him to save his life?

Of a sort. And I have always had this idea, that Sunbutt and Moonbutt were once fierce warriors, who despise the dark arts to this day.

This is good, but I worry that you'll let these crossovers consume the story. Crossovers are well and good, believe me, I know. They're fun, too, but sometimes too many can really hurt your story. Especially when you do one after the very first chapter.

Trust me, I'm thinking of how to continue after the accidental cliffhanger of the last chapter.

Comment posted by rikithemonk deleted Jul 19th, 2018

*mock angry voice* Read the author notes in the first three chapters, you fools!

This foolish fool will read your notes to not be a foolish fool who foolishly fooling around!

Thats alot of progress! (insert sarcasm)

I know... I seriously need help though...

Running out of ideas on a Displaced fic.

Ho-hum, how droll. Maybe a genre that inspires no creativity is hard to write because it's boring as shit and hard to write beyond the first few chapters which are basically a template at this point.


You're just another writer of a displaced fic who ran out of ideas, boo-hoo-hoo, big deal, much cry...

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