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Octavia has become complacent in her everyday life. She struggles with her job, her position in the Royal Canterlot Orchestra, and the back and forth of the Hoops she must constantly dive through to feel 'Successful' . Only to come to terms with herself, that she will not find success in a title. That Happiness is not in a big, dark, empty house every night, with not a friend in sight every time she wishes to socialize.

Her life has been an uphill battle from the day she was born, to where she sits now, her determination unwavering but her hooves becoming stale. Her life is a bore and the world outside of "Her World," Canterlot's Elite, the safety of Big City life, and the countless nobles who only ever attend social gatherings to slap their money around. are boring. Her life has become null and her passion to surpass expectation, void. So. Now she must ask herself, while she can still decide. What must she do in her life to make a difference? For herself? . The only Pony whom she's ever, EVER had to care for?

Change of course. Make that big, scary, leap of faith and try something new. Something unexpected. And break the mold others have made around her.


This story is about, 3 or 4 years old now I think. I made this story in a grey void in my life, and found some. Inspirational Music by an Artist who has since left the Fandom. You may have heard of him, "Evening Star"
(Edit 6/27/20: He's returned! Sort of- he's remaking all of this music! It's really touching.)


This story is dedicated to everyone. Even those who don't like Octavia, for whatever reasons you might have.

This story is for everyone. For everyone willing to read it, and for everyone willing to enjoy it, and see it for what it is. I have held this short, meaningless story close to my chest, because it has been my proudest work. And I have kept it in complete and total secret because it was so important to me, because it was how my heart and my mind figured out where I wanted to go with my life. And now, I think is time to give it to you all.

With the Fandom seeming so strange and different than when I originally wrote this story, I think now might just be the perfect time to give it to the Fandom. Though. I know that it won't be likely seen by many, I hope that for those of you who do find it. It will make you smile. Your day will be beautiful and your life will be more colorful.

And may it remind you, of better times. Times from whence you came while looking ahead, at the big and scary new world ahead. May it help you find your path to. "To Something New."

Music By: Evening Star
Art By: Gingersnap913
Story For: Everyone who needs to feel like their world needs to be a better place.

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Comments ( 13 )

Have to admit the story hooked me within the first few paragraphs. Ill comment more as I read on.

It was a good story. I have to admit you have a lot of talent. A lot of love went into this story and it shows.

Thank you... Yo- ... -sniffles a bit- ... You have no idea how much I've needed this today.... It's been a long and rough day- so.... Thank you.... For this, I will say Thank you....

This was a really great story. From Octavia's backstory to how the sentences blended together, it was all around great.

Don't forget about me. I really liked this story, so I spread it as much as I could.

Well thank you! Thank you both! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

And thank you for spreading it around. If you know any good groups this could fit into I'm all up for adding them there! I just... don't PERSONALLY know them...

An excellent little story. Well done

Quite the wonderful Octavia story you did here, quite well written as well, love the ending showing Octavia happy with her new friends despite having a DJ as a roommate that has very different taste in music but still cares about her. I think I might do a reading on it which might take awhile, Octavia is my favorite background pony and I say you portrayed her pretty well love her backstory as it showed that she had to work very hard in a city that looked down on earth ponies. It is quite the melancholic story with a happy ending.

This was a pleasant story. I'm a fan of this sort of tragic portrayal of Octavia and her childhood. That string of thought running throughout the description of her performance was a joy to read, and the uncertainty all around was palpable. The emotion underneath felt real. I guess it hit home which made the ending satisfying to reach. Thanks for sharing!

Oh! I- I didn't even realize you said you were going to do a reading. Uhm, feel free, you have my fullest permission to give it your best shot! I'm glad you liked it so much- and yes, I do like Octavia, but she isn't the most 'interesting' of characters... Until you find your own way to make her so. For me? It was her backstory, and her soul searching....

I.... Thank you. That is one of the better comments I have received in recent date- thank you for that. You seem like you have quiet the perspective on my story- and you understood and perceived it in just the way I hoped most people would. Might you be able to elaborate a bit more? Just... To help me get a perspective on my own work... It's hard for me to see it as anything less than perfect because of the heart and soul I put into it- and you've perfectly described my take on it already.... I would appreciate the Critique if you could. Thank you.

Thank you I'll do my best though it's gonna take awhile before the reading is done waiting on va's and I need to find a pinkie pie va I almost got the narration portion done it's the voice actors I'm waiting on which is gonna take awhile I'm hoping to get the reading done by the end of the year I want to do this story justice.

Oh, if you want critique, I specifically enjoyed the tone you managed. To me, Octavia's life up to the move to Ponyville seemed to be written sparsely or seemed empty. It must have been how you chose to describe the events from a more detached perspective in the beginning but then, at the end, the reader is experiencing the party with her so it feels more whole. That's why it's satisfying.

I did get a bit lost when you jumped from one present day to another present day that was more present than the other present. Maybe those two and the past section of time could have been blended somehow. Then the part where she met the other characters in Ponyville went by weirdly fast so it felt tacked-on and rushed. Other than that, it was a good read.

Sold! Liked and followed.

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