• Published 13th Apr 2018
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Sour Sweet Shorts - Nico-Stone Rupan

A compilation of Sour Sweet's experiences with friends, family, school, adulthood, and mental health.

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Campus <Tree> Security (College Days)

Gilda couldn't help but to pose in front of the mirror. She had a shiny badge attached to her shirt, handcuffs dangling from her left hip, and a holstered gun on her right. She'd never been the biggest fan of authority, but even she had to admit that she looked good as a cop.

Well, she wasn't really a cop per se. She was the newest campus security officer for Crystal State University. After having a few run-ins with the law in the past, she was the law now. And it felt quite sexy indeed.

Her dormmate, Sour Sweet came up and whistled approvingly. "Well, this place is certainly going to feel a whole lot safer."

"You mean for you or the guys you keep threatening to snap their pickle off when they try to hit on you?" Gilda asked pointedly, referring to the recent little incident which led her to enter the security force in the first place.

"It's not my fault there's too few danger alarms across campus. Maybe the dean will finally do something about it if I threatened to snap HIS pickle off."

Gilda was about to comment when her radio sounded off. Sour cringed at the loud, irritating rings and tones which preceded human speech. She listened in to the code-filled gibberish before she finally could make out, " - at the front of the Student Center."

"Gotta go!" Gilda said as she ran out.

Sour watched her go. She hesitated for a moment, before the increasing feelings of dread and worry compelled her to run after her.

When they reached the Student Center, it wasn't hard to spot the disturbance. Several students had gathered around with their phones out, recording the show. There, kneeling on the lawn and wielding a hacksaw, was a well-dressed young man. He was currently hard at work trying to cut down one of the small trees decorating the front entrance.

Gilda and Sour were surprised, not only by the bizarre sight, but the fact that they actually recognized the guy. It was Rising Star, a former classmate who once attempted to rope Twilight Sparkle into a brainwashing plot during the first Canter-Crys science fair.

"The heck is going on here?" Gilda asked, cocking her head.

Rising lifted his head and proudly declared as he pointed at the center, "These fools denied me the scholarship that I rightfully deserve! Now, it's payback time!" He cackled maniacally. "SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR PRECIOUS TREES, CSU!!!"

"He was always a sore loser," Sour grumbled, partly grateful that Fluttershy wasn't present to witness such a senseless act of arborcide.

Gilda took a step forward. "Alright, dweeb. Drop the saw and come along quietly!"

Rising just ignored her, if not began to speed up his sawing.

"That's it -" Gilda started before Sour suddenly held out her hand to stop her.

"Wait, Gilda," Sour said confidently. "I'll take him on first."

"Sour, butt out! This is MY job, remember?"

Sour flashed her a cocky grin. "Hey, there's always room for a street-smart civilian partner in situations like these, aren't there?"

In truth, Sour was simply worried for her dormmate. Rising had a weapon. Even if he didn't intend on harming anybody but the innocent trees, a weapon was a weapon. Gilda may end up having to draw hers. Sour was determined for things not to escalate. And so, she took the only course of action that could come to her head at that moment...

"POCKET CHANGE!!!" she cried as she swiftly emptied the contents of her pants pocket and flung them.

Some of the coins landed a direct hit to Rising's face, causing him to drop the hacksaw. Taking her cue, Gilda launched herself at the perp. They tussled for a moment, before Gilda managed to gain control of the situation. She flipped him onto his stomach, pinned his back with her knee, and took hold of his hands. Onto his wrists slapped the handcuffs.


Gilda strutted out of the main security office. Her superior was proud that her first call had gone so well. She was too, however she knew very well that a lot of the credit went to her "street-smart civilian partner". Speaking of which...

Sour Sweet was there waiting outside for her. The dormmates fist bumped and began their way towards lunch. Sour and Gilda were grateful for their unlikely friendship. College life was a little less overwhelming with someone there who had your back. It was a bond they would share through graduation and beyond. The only hiccup being the time Gilda would have to arrest Sour for topless protesting on campus, but fortunately that was only a brief phase.


Author's Note:

This short was inspired by my late best friend. When we were in college, he joined campus security. And yes, he did actually tackle a guy trying to cut down the campus trees out of revenge for being denied financial aid. The world is a weird place :rainbowhuh:

Also, before anyone asks, Rising Star is from the chapter book, Twilight Sparkle's Science Fair Sparks.

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Heeeeey I didn't know ya read that book! I remember that! hehe.

All in all though, great job buddy, this was good. :twilightsmile:


Now that is how you deescalate.

Gilda and Sour were surprised, not only by the bizarre sight, but the fact that they actually recognized the guy. It was Rising Star, a former classmate who once attempted to rope Twilight Sparkle into a brainwashing plot during the first Canter-Crys science fair.

Oh hey I read that book.

Free cheers for our dynamic duo

Gil Toss is better than it looks.

Magnificent stuff. I'm always happy to see more of your Sour.

This was a wonderful story. Keep up the good work.

Book Chads rise up

GILDA: "Sour, why did you yell out 'Pocket Change'?"

SOUR: "Well..."

GILDA: "You've got a desperate desire to be a Magical Animé Girl, haven't you?"

SOUR: "No! I...!"

GILDA: "You know, the Guardians of Harmony don't yell out attack calls like that... Even Amethyst Witch, who I'm certain is a geek."

SOUR: "... I hate you, Gilda."

GILDA: "I love you too, uber-geek!"

Sour's been binge watching King of the Hill I see.
Also, I wonder how Second took the news about Sour getting arrested for Indecent Exposure.

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