• Published 13th Apr 2018
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Sour Sweet Shorts - Nico-Stone Rupan

A compilation of Sour Sweet's experiences with friends, family, school, adulthood, and mental health.

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Bad Memories and Recolors (Crystal Prep Days)

The door of El Taco Sucio chimed. The line at the counter was already long when Sour Sweet and Second Person entered. Sour immediantly began to grow furious. Second had to take her hand and give a reassuring squeeze to be patient.

"How much money do you have?" Sour asked.

Second reached in his pocket and found a single bill. "Ten bucks."

"That's it?" Sour grumbled.

"There's always the dollar menu," Second sighed, shaking his head. "If we ever get married, I probably won't be the best provider for our family."

Sour crossed her arms. "Luckily we won't need to find out since I'm never getting married or having children."

Second frowned. "Yeah, I know."

Hearing the disappointment in her boyfriend's voice, Sour mercifully added, "But if I ever did, then I would obviously serve as the career breadwinner." She then stared daggers straight into Second's eyes. "And whoever I marry had BETTER be content with doing the housework, diaper changing, and drawing a nice, hot bath for me when I get home every night."

Second gave her a loving smile. "I'm sure they will."

The door chimed once more with the entrance of another customer. Sour and Second both made a cumpulasory glance over. However, their stare lingered. Sour kept looking because she recongized the girl joining the line. Second kept looking out of a different sort of recognition.

"Sonata Dusk, it's been a while," Sour greeted.

The blue girl with the pony tail glanced over and gave an apologetic smile. "Sorry, I'm not supposed to talk to strangers."

"I'm not a stranger, silly. Come on, we've met before!"

Sonata cocked her head. "For realsies?"

"When I fought your sister."

Sonata cocked her head the other way. "Dagi?" She was reminding Sour of a confused puppy at this point.

"No, the pissy emo one."

"Oh, Aria!" Sonata giggled. "Yeah, she gets into a lot of fights. What was yours about again?"

Sour let out a frustrated groan. "Would you believe that I don't even remember? Part of me thinks it started with deep fried Oreos, but that would LITERALLY be the dumbest reason ever. Then another part of me thinks it was about Second, but that can't be either because he's certainly not WORTH fighting over."

Second's shoulders slumped. "Thanks, my love."

"Huh," Sonata said as she stroked her chin, deep in thought... or, at least, trying to appear deep in thought. "Funny how I don't remember you and you don't remember how the fight started..."

"Well, you're the only good memory I have of that little affair." Sour extended her hand. "Nice to see you again."

Sonata gleefully shook Sour's hand. "Sure, nice to see you for the first time that I can recall!"

Sour rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to her boyfriend. His eyes were currently going back and forth between her and Sonata.

"Stop thinking whatever you're thinking," Sour commanded, only as loud as Second could hear.

"Oh, I'm not thinking anything," Second lied.

"I know when you're thinking something stupid."

"Well, it's just that Sonata kinda looks like you."

"Stop making things up."

"No, really. Your hair styles are very similar." He smirked. "You know, if you painted yourself blue – "

Second pinched Second's arm, making him quietly yelp. "In your creepy, Smurf-fetish dreams, buster..."

Another chime from the door sounded. Sonata, Sour, and Second turned their heads. In walked Majorette, a CHS student who appeared remarkably like Sour, only without freckles or any aquamarine in her hair. In fact, just to tease his girlfriend, Second had privately given her the nickname "Sweeten Sour".

Majorette stopped and stared at Sour Sweet, then at Sonata. All three girls ended up in an awkward silence just trading glances. Second, on the other hand, was slowly pulling out his phone to capture the moment before the very fabric of reality unraveled from too much waifu in one location.

What would it be like to be married to three Sour Sweets? Second mentally mused. He then shook his head. Come on, stop thinking silly things. Keep it up and one day you'll have a daughter that looks just like Sour, too...


Author's Note:

Why does it feel like I'm setting up a future one-shot? :rainbowhuh: