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Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle and all their friends go through the often-hectic trials of High-School life, with colleagues and ex-enemies along for the ride.

Previous stories can be found here.

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This was fun. Especially the ending :rainbowlaugh:

And yeah, I'm kind of like Flash when I play games like Skyrim. XD

And that's why you don't go in bull-headed.


So...is this some sort of VR game for them to be there physically, or...?

are they going to play Tirek's Revenge?

I had an idea for a collab set in the EQ Girls universe involving Tireks Revenge, the video game Sunset shimmer wanted to get (and it's a multiplayer format). Somehow, some players end up trapped in the game and are seemingly absent from school/life/etc. the rest of the characters decide to send in their best players to complete the challenges and find out where they are. (yes, there is a similar plot to the Kim Possible episode where Ron has to go into this video game to save Bonnie and Kim's classmates who are trapped in the video game by I think dr drakken or something.

In the MLP story, it is tirek himself who sets the trap in the game (a glitch, etc) where the characters get a beta test the game or actually get the full game to help the game developers make the game better.

8946349 As I was writing it, I had it in my head that it would all be normal game stuff, but that they're just imagining all this in their heads so they're not talking to unblinking avatars on their screens.

"Flash? Look at me! Now, we're going to go fight that monster, just like we'd talked abou-look at me!"

"...how about one more round before we head out?"

You are insatiable.

Andante thought on that, and the smile on his face made it clear that he agreed with that sentiment, much to Adagio's delight. But, mere moments afterward, the guy spoke up again.

"In that case...how about I be the one on top tonight?"

To that, Adagio raised an eyebrow.

"Don't push your luck, boy."

Andante, still smiling, shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey, worth a shot, right?"

Adagio chuckled.

"True enough, I suppose. Now..."

With a sly smirk, she placed her hand upon the middle of her bathrobe, and slowly began to untie it.

"...how about one more round before we head out?"

Her lover matched the hunger in her eyes, smirking right back.

"Your wish is my command, my Lady."

I feel so unclean...

Amusing stuff, especially at the end. You wish, Andante... XD

I wonder has Sonata have someone to love?

"Although...we did have to do it when we were half-naked most of the time."

... I can't tell if you're serious or fucking with her. With you, it could very well be either one,

Uh, Siren, it’s probably both.

This was cute. ^_^ I'm always up for seeing more Indigo!

And Indigo having trouble dancing is a better excuse than her being "off on vacation" or whatever it was that the writers said.

You saw SSB Ultimate trailer?


The human in the Maud Squad in the EQG short wasn't Petunia unless she dyed her hair, although no ones said the squad only has a single member so the human version of Petunia might be part of it to. It would be fun to see pony Petunia hanging out with Maud in a background shot of the main series though.

Sonata seems to have been taking lessons from Pinkie on the subtle art of not understanding the meaning of the word 'no'!

Maud, if you need any advice on how to handle Sally, ask Rainbow about how she handles her half-sister. I've got a feeling that Sally and Scoots were cut from the same cloth when it comes to fangirling!

This was cute. Nice to see how other students at CHS have grown so acclimated to the life that they live, with magical girls among their classmates and all. XD

Wait, I thought Maud was dating Tom in this setting?

"My dear fellow! I assure you, I have no such designs on Miss Sparkle! Besides, I'll have you know that I am happily dating Starlight!"

Since when?

"Oh, for the love of...for the last time, my girlfriend is not StarlightGlimmer!She's just...Starlight."



"My dear fellow! I assure you, I have no such designs on Miss Sparkle! Besides, I'll have you know that I am happily dating Starlight!"

Since when?

Yep that hit me as well, 'Wait is she sneaking over into this universe to date Micro! On top of Trixie and Starburst!' then we found out it's just someone with the same name, probably.

They broke up already. Can't remember which EQG story name was where that happen though

If you really wanted to do a 'lower decks' conversation, you'd need fully-disconnected characters from the Mane Seven; maybe Lyra and Bonbon.

Good book, that, though I am partial to the sequel, if I'm being honest.

She's reading The Hobbit?

Author be tricksy-tricksy with so many words.

Very good choice for a book.

(I actually prefer it to the sequel... XD)

“Arranging some better parking agreements,” the other explained.

Is, that a euphemism?

I thought the swords used in fencing were called foils, not rapiers...

This was nice. Glad to see something done with Sunset in the fencing club. ^_^

Easily my favorite thing about Sunset is the fact that she's the only pony to fully adapt to and outright embrace life as a human, so this was a treat for me.

I'm wondering whether, if Sunset read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, she'd realise how similar it sounded to the history of the Classical Era in Equestria!

Well, the foil is one kind, and there are also sabres and épées in fencing... though I can't find "rapier" in that article. The "Rapier" article seems to have it as a non-fencing sword. There are other things with that name, but yeah, I can't find it as a type of fencing sword.

Only in that it makes it sound more formal than it probably was.

we came to this dragon's cave for a remember, remember?"

I think... another word was intended...?

"Um, I'm sorry to interrupt, but...could I play too?"

Awww! :pinkiehappy: That's an adorable way to end a fun chapter! ^_^

The thing is that I would be permanently worried about what Twilight was asking me to help her do. She's a good kid but she has a low threshold of 'is this a good idea?'!

Someone ought to tell Sunset that pony!Rarity is into fencing too, although it's mostly only when she's fighting giant crabs!

They only got into this game after they were introduced to it by Mr D the janitor!

Living in a musical show's universe would be weird.

It's the marching band. I'm sure they get up to all sorts of stuff that we don't see them in.

What kind of cake needs to be kneaded? Bread, sure. Never seen a cake need that much gluten development.

Apparently, some cakes do, but this article doesn't go into identifying any. Definitely a different technique from bread, and I guess Pinkie's having Rainbow do it the hard way, despite her being inexperienced? Okay...

“Okay...kinda worried now.”

The correct reaction.

am I the only one who realized your just confirmed Teen Mom Derpy in this setting? Maybe she got held back because of her vision issues?

"Pinkie, this is Rainbow we're talking about. Everything is a contest to her."

"What?! No! Not everything! "

:ajbemused: This immediately popped ino my head.

You know they never did show what happened to Rarity when her power was out of control.

Teen Mom Derpy has been part of this setting for a while now. She just doesn’t appear that often.

Hmm... in that case, I'd speculate that she was so shielded, nothing could touch her, even if she wanted it to. Y'know. Unless it was already on her when they activated.

So reading thoughts is a pervert theory?

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