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Camp follower and professional disciple of The Barcast. I also write short comedy things in my spare time.


Fluttershy knows the sort of music she likes, and also knows that it definitely isn't the sort of music that Rainbow Dash likes. Still, friends make sacrifices for one another, so when Rainbow Dash brings her to a Nine Inch Hooves show, Fluttershy does her best to fit in.

Very mild Season 8 Episode 4 spoilers, although watching the episode first might help this story make more sense.

Written while heavily under the influence of Nine Inch Nails.

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You're writing an awful lot lately. Proud of you, buddy.

Thank you. I learned from the best :twistnerd:

You are either flamboyantly underage or this is a trollfic.

This was not a very good episode. Which seems to happen to all Fluttershy episodes the last couple seasons.

She's been falling flat as a character these last two seasons, not to mention the movie.

Alright, now that I've watched the episode, I went ahead and read this. This is probably my favorite story of your's so far, Alex. Made me laugh a fair amount of times, and really embraced the absurdity of the situation.

Also, that was some great advice from Famous, no lie. Nine Inch Nails is a great band to listen to when you want to be moody.

That sounds about right.

Eh, I thought it was alright. It's not the best one ever, but it could have been worse.

I think you cut yourself on my edge.


I didn't see the episode, but when I look at the cover, I immediately think of Fluttershy being Count Gothula, *Vampire Laugh*.

So would that mean Flutter-Bat has a Succubus personality?

i read this before i watched the episode, and now im scared to watch it.

And then an awful howl of goth rage erupted from the turntable.

Me waking up every morning when I was 17.

Fluttershy froze.Come on, assertive Fluttershy,she told herself.Just tell her ‘no’. Just tell her the truth, say that you didn’t enjoy it-

“Of course!”

Fluttershy used character development!

...It's not very effective!

No, come on, Fluttershy,she told herself.You’ve got to make an effort, and then you’ll enjoy it. You just have to get into the right state of mind for this. But how?

Fluttershy has the right attitude. How can you like new things if you don't give them a shot?

there was no queue for the toilets.

That was the moment I realized this story was a fictional piece. Also, have you ever noticed that "queue" is just the letter 'q' with four silent letters after it?

“That poor foal’s life will be nothing but suffering, until death finally and inevitably cures its misery,” Fluttergoth replied without blinking. “Tell your sister that.”

That foal sounds like it has a one-way ticket to an emoandedgy story.

Great story, my friend!

I've taken quite a few friends to metal concerts and such and this is kinda accurate. Not the whole split-personality thing, but the wariness of said friends who actually end having a good time. Just because something is new and foreign doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I only have a limited experience of metal concerts, so at least my portrayal wasn't too bad. Except for there being no queue for the toilets.

Also, have you ever noticed that "queue" is just the letter 'q' with four silent letters after it?

You're right! :rainbowderp:

That foal sounds like it has a one-way ticket to an emoandedgy story.

This story shares a universe with Organ Tour confirmed.

This story is absolutely spectacular....out of Fluttershy's shop pony personalities, Fluttergoth is by far my favorite.

“T-ten?” Had she heard that right? “That’s... more than I was expecting.”

Me too, since NIN only really have eight... :trollestia:

Though you could add some of the EPs together to count as albums, and count the double album as two separate ones?

Anyway, I liked both the episode and the story.

Dash picked the wrong album for it. though - If she'd gone with The Fragile, she might've won Fluttershy over entirely without the persona change.

Seriously, Fluttershy is the fragile, and Dashie won't let her fall apart.


Me too, since NIN only really have eight... :trollestia:

I was working from a very reliable source - the Wikipedia 'Discography' section :trollestia:

8901499 It's definitely fuzzier than with most bands. Still is an unplugged versions album, for example, but it's so ridiculously rare that no one has it. Ghosts I-IV is entirely instrumental short snippets of music, which I feel means it only half counts? (Though I did include it among the eight). And then Broken, Not The Actual Events and Add Violence are EPs.

Looking at it now, though, even the Wikipedia discography lists only those eight :rainbowhuh:

(Though you could include Trent Reznor's other work, too; like the EP and album from How To Destroy Angels, and then the soundtracks for The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl etc...)

Oh yeah, you're right. It does only have those eight. I don't know where I got the number ten from, then.

Let's just assume Nine Inch Hooves were more productive than their human counterparts. :twilightsheepish:

Not the way I expected it to go...

Love the edge joke.

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