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The legal illegal. Sorta alcoholic, sorta idiotic, sorta but not really melancholic.


There's lots of ways you can express love to someone. Kisses, hugs, smiles, and the list goes on.

For one group of changelings committed to their own hive, their way of receiving love is with petting. Heavy petting.

Too bad Ponyville wasn't prepared.

A fluff story inspired by the cover and a dumb idea within a discord server. Feels nice publishing something again.

Thanks to Carapace for quick editing!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 45 )

You get an upvote just for the idea of this. :twilightsmile:

This is gonna be good.

Like, "Platonic Pony Petting Cafe," levels of good.

(Link in a moment.)

i think the upvote button is glitched.

i could only give 1 upvote.

Kua, this story is glorious.

Aww now I want a pet ling. Sounds super cute.

What did this queen do to turn her children into kitties!?

Oh mai

I'll take 5 please.

Wow. I did not see the crazy "girlfriend" bit coming. :twilightoops:

I want 50 of them

Yeah, I'm gonna need about 50 by Monday, where can I order some of these?

I’ll take one.

:rainbowderp::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh: This is glorious and hilarious and all kinds of magnificent. I need more.

So who's this queen? I must know more!:raritydespair::twilightangry2:

Also, I would love a pet changeling!:pinkiesmile:

I really want to see a sequel to this.

On a side note: anyone know where I can get a MLP emoji app for my tablet?
I use the Google play store.


True Unix hasn't been used in 20 years. I believe Solaris is the last surviving descendant.

Of course, the distinction between Unix and "Unix-like" is more the domain of lawyers and historians than actual engineers and technicians.


In a discussion about thinking of magic as based on operating systems, someone told me that Twilight would be a UNIX based magic user.

This was compared to Rarity being some linux user and Applejack being an Apple user. I forget who the other ponies were based on.

Okay that..............Yeah I got nothing.

I didn't see it either, but now I want to see more of it.



Twilight: Scientific Linux (self-explanatory)
Rarity: Kali (Stylish and seeks truth. like Shadow Spade)
Applejack: Slackware (Prefers doing things the tried and true old fashioned way, even when inconvenient)
Pinkie Pie: Gentoo (Fast and highly individualistic. And penguins are fast, bouncy and inherently funny)
Fluttershy: Ubuntu (up until v11 and the fugly Unity interface. But then, out of kindness, she'd probably accept it, even with it's ugliness, privacy violations and counterintutiveness)
Rainbow Dash: Lubuntu (Super fast and light).

Spike: Puppy Linux. (A pity Yellowdog has been discontinued. But at least those Sony bastards are shelling out for their treachery.)

I want my own changeling. Lol

I offer to you this story, m’lord.

The Cuddlebug Initiative

I recommend that you consume it in order to stock up on comedic fluffiness.

I have a dog and I wish I had a cat (or multiple cats) to pet

And this is how changelings conquered equestrian, not with a bang but a Mew

It's a cute little fluff piece, but I'd kinda like to see where it goes.

We need more, I need to see where this goes from here.

I think it would've been funny if these changelings were sent by Chrysalis, but she didn't know they wanted to be petted, so it basically blows up in her face.

Of course she's a Crazy Girlfriend, she's a Crazy Cat Lady! :rainbowlaugh:

That was definitely something else. I want one.

I can only imagine Pinkie's reaction to finding doggo changelings. :rainbowlaugh:

:pinkiehappy: 'Who's a good love bug! YOU ARE! Yes, you are!'

I think Ember wouldn’t like this new Changeling Queen very much :rainbowwild:

Ember: Hey! That’s my Changeling!! :flutterrage:

This was a funny read. I honestly just love fanfics that feature Thorax in general, but this one had small little details that just amuse me (like when Thorax mentioned a fetish, then revealed he didn’t actually know what that was, which seems very in-character for him). Now, I want a pet Changeling :rainbowlaugh:


This was adorable.:heart:

This... what... this is... what?!

I want one!

Stardust, you have Author privliges over your own story. Remember that.

Seeing you a minute ago jogged my memory that I wanted to read this.

I want one.

I've been re-reading this like once a day. This is so friggin' adorable. You're fueling my addiction to cuddlebugs, mister.

And I appreciate the detail of them being the badass-in-black changelings. I want a changeling pet... :(


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