• Published 15th Feb 2013
  • 4,216 Views, 53 Comments

FlutterStalker: The Mare Who Molested Me - GroaningGreyAgony

Fluttershy tries to lay (more ineffectual traps for) our human hero.

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The Sting

There's a gentle, hesitant knock on the door. You know it's Flutterstalker.

You check your anti-Flutter paraphernalia. You forgot to reset the water bucket trap outside the door, but the hard-rubber caltrops and the whiffle bat are stowed in the umbrella stand as usual. You hook a cream pie out of the fridge and hold it behind your back as you answer the door.

She's standing there, trembling, looking a lot more nervous than usual. She looks at you with the gentlest hint of The Stare, and takes a deep breath. "Uhm, I know I've asked you questions like this before... but this is a little different this time. I really need an honest answer from you."

You nod seriously. The muscles of your pie-throwing arm grow tense. "Go ahead."

"Uhm..." She winces, as if preparing for a blow. "Repeatedly spurning a woman's advances by humiliating her... taking pleasure in simply turning her down... is that your fetish?"

You freeze. Your face goes dead. The answer just slips out of you before you can filter it.


Pain flashes over her, but she holds her head high. As you watch, something dies behind her eyes.

"I... I understand. I promise..." Her voice breaks. "I promise that I won't bother you ever again."

She turns and slowly walks away, and in the long lonely years to come she keeps her promise.

You shut the door and set down the pie. Suddenly, without knowing why, you're weeping.

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Comments ( 19 )

What the hell man love her dammit! LOVE HER!!!!!

I felt like you just punched me in the gut.

Can't... ow... that stings...:fluttershyouch:

wish there was an alternate ending.:ajsleepy:

"emotional crit" the feels! thy Bern!
...cool story by the way.

2126571, 2127287, 2127536, 2144138, 2141941
Thank you for the compliments, and thanks to everyone else who made polite comments.

2127536, 2128353, 2141798, 2141904, 2141941, 2143101
I wanted to put the Sad tag on this story, but apparently you can't do that and have the Comedy tag as well.

"Imagine a yellow butt sitting upon a human face... forever."
Seriously, I don't think I can add much more to what I've already presented on this theme. If I come up with any more stories, I'll share them here, but I can make no promises.

Ouch....just ouch.

I...I don't know what to say.

And here I clicked on this thinking that it would be a silly little fic :applecry:

That's sad, dude. I agree with the other comments, there needs to be some alt. ending where he ends up returning her love. :unsuresweetie:

This is the second story where fluttershy asks the protagonist what his fetish is

I have a few reasons to fav this, the number one reason is because of the lessons it taught. I tend to overanalyze things and ask the question why a lot. "Why did this have to happen? Why can't all story's have a happy ending? Is it because mankind wouldn't evolve or something deeper? Why is our world this bad were terrible things happen to good people?" (Everyday on the news all I hear is murder this shotting that rape here starvation there and slavery with abuse on the side.) I cried with these thoughts for a countless amount of time (props to you it takes a lot to do that, my little dashies ending did not faze me at all.) Then I found a few lessons in all of it, one being sometimes we don't know what's best for us. So when friends and family asked why at first I wanted to ignore them and leave. But knowing the outcome of that I sat down and talked with them. Some of them learned something from what I was saying but most of all I just wanted to thank you and hope others read The FULL STORY. This is not clop, this is something we should learn from. Though you still get a down vote from me becuse sometimes the best to things are the hardest.

You evil bastard. First the gut punch of the last chapter and now this... this knee check to the testicles of my heart? God damn you, you glorious, evil bastard.


Thank you for your kind words, and your interesting choice of metaphor. :pinkiehappy:

woooooooooow............................great move! That is the best answer anybody anywhere could ever say!!! (Obvious sarcasm is obvious) :ajbemused:

As one person might say "Why are you sad? You got what you wanted." So much for this being a funny fic, well at least the first few chapters were funny. But I'm a bit surprised how miserable things have gotten with the guy for getting what he wanted. Though I wonder how come he wasn't doing anything either.

Sees fluttershy o God twilight I need a bubble shield NOW

Holy hell that was a roller coaster ride!

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