• Published 15th Feb 2013
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FlutterStalker: The Mare Who Molested Me - GroaningGreyAgony

Fluttershy tries to lay (more ineffectual traps for) our human hero.

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After much discussion and experimenting, you and Pinkie Pie have figured out how she can make a decent veggie pizza for you. Most of the ingredients were readily available, though you are careful not to ask where the milk for the cheese comes from—it might possibly be someone you've met.

It's time to pick up your weekly pie—one of the little things that help to keep you sane.

You edge cautiously out the front door and jump over Fluttershy's pathetic noose trap. The noose gets reeled into the bushes a second after you land safely. You shake your head and head to Sugarcube Corner.

Pinkie greets you ecstatically and proudly hands you a large pizza pie. The aroma of browned cheese and baked dough steaming through the cardboard box overwhelms you and sends you back home to Earth for just a moment. You let out a huge happy sigh. The look in your eyes tells Pinkie how much it means to you, and she beams with pleasure at helping a friend.

She also offers you some Equestrian "buffalo wings"—lumps of potato in hot sauce, cut to look like chicken thighs.

You consider it. "No wings, please; I actually don't like them nearly as much as the pie."

Pinkie looks disappointed but appreciates your honesty, and the two of you discuss ways that she might improve them for you. You leave on a happy note, thanking her profusely for the pizza.

You reach home, check for traps. No sign of Flutterstalk.

You enter your house, sit at your kitchen table, open the box and take up a glorious gooey slice of pizza...

A ponderous rapping on the front door—argh! Still holding the slice, you go to the door and open it.

You drop the slice on the floor.

Fluttershy is standing there. Her legs shudder unsteadily, like those of a young foal. Her lips are ghastly pale.

"Is... Is this your fetish?"

Something is missing... You stare at her in horror. You see a pair of garden shears lying on the lawn, covered with yellow feathers....

"I made myself beautiful... for you... do... you love me now?"

By the time you get back from taking her to the hospital, you don't want the pizza any more. In fact, you never want pizza ever again.

Fucking. Goddamned. Fluttershy.

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