• Published 15th Feb 2013
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FlutterStalker: The Mare Who Molested Me - GroaningGreyAgony

Fluttershy tries to lay (more ineffectual traps for) our human hero.

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You wake up one day to banging and clattering in front of your house, punctuated by an occasional quiet "Oh, drat." You throw on your bathrobe and sneak out the back window to investigate.

Peering around the front of house, you see Fluttershy setting up a suspended cage trap outside your front door. She appears to be trying to wire it to a xylophone. This is way too good to pass up. You sneak back inside, get dressed, sneak out again, and visit all of Fluttershy's dearest friends in turn...

Hours later, Fluttershy is putting the finishing touches on her trap. She places the sheet music for Those Endearing Young Charms on the music stand, wipes the sweat from her brow, and steps back... and then sees a crowd out of the corner of her eye.

She whirls in shock to see you and all her friends standing nearby with encouraging smiles. Yours is the biggest smile of all.

"Well, it looks as if Fluttershy is ready to play the xylophone for all of us, just as I said!" you announce cheerfully.

Alfalfa spills from her saddlebags. She tries to stammer out some lame excuse, but no one buys it. Everypony just assumes she's too embarrassed to perform, so they just grin and nod at her eagerly.

Fluttershy laughs in a panicked way and asks if she can substitute another song for Those Endearing Young Charms. You tell her that everyone is expecting that song... but she can play Fair Harvard instead if she likes. She laughs even louder and shoots you a horrible look. You're enjoying this way too much.

Everypony shouts encouraging words to get her to start. Shivering, Fluttershy lifts the mallets and begins to pick out the song. She's shaking so hard that the tremolo comes naturally, and she rolls each note as long as she can to delay things.

You drink deeply of her pain. She's too anal about music; she can't deliberately play it wrong. All you have to do is wait for her to set off her own trap...

She works her way through "those-en-dear-ing" and is now at the critical notes. You eye the dangling cage above her and grin at her. Beads of sweat roll down her forehead. The mallets tremble as they hover over the right keys...

And swing down...


Nothing happens. Your grin fades. Did she wire the wrong note?

She continues playing the song as you bend over to sneak a look under the xylophone and check the wires...

Fluttershy suddenly stamps her hoof—boomf-ba-boomf, boomf-ba-boomf—and swings into Come On Eileen.

Every pony starts to dance happily, jumping up and down in time with the boomfs.

Pinkie shouts out "Party!" and rears up, belly bumping your ass and knocking you off balance.

You fall and roll...


Under the xylophone...


WHAM! The cage triggers and crashes down around you and Fluttershy.

The party drags on for hours. Ditzy and some of her pals makes a quick trip around 12 AM to pick up more supplies.

It takes forever for the ponies to stop partying, realize there's a problem, and hunt for a blowtorch or jaws-of-life.

Fluttershy has you trapped all up close and personal with her the whole damn time. You wind up with friction burns from her constant attempts to "snuggle" you.

Fucking Xanatos Fluttershy.

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