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When Twilight becomes determined to unravel the mystery of how poison joke does what it does, Fluttershy agrees to help since her reaction to the flower is the least debilitating among all their friends. Things don't go as planned, of course, and the experience changes Fluttershy and Twilight's lives in ways neither of them could ever have imagined.

This story is quite tame as far as the "Sex" and "Fetish" things go, but I figured I'd better rate it "Teen" and put the tags on just to be safe. Oh, and the cover image comes from Asssha on DeviantArt.

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This was really good. I think that a good plot twist is that twilight likes bigger ponies and falls in love with fluttershy when she's like that.

Oh-ho! Methinks "Muscleshy" is poking's Twilight's suppressed attraction to the Tallest Celestia!

Looks interesting. And quite an interesting experiment methodology, if a bit ambitious!

Twilight likes 'em big, it would seem. It makes a certain amount of sense, multiple ponies in her life that have had a significant impact have all been taller than her.

First you make me think of futanari as a serious story focus, and now you do the same with growth? I wish more "fetish" stories were like this one, where the fetish enhances rather than detracts from the story.

But Twilight shook her head. "Oh, it wouldn't've done anything serious . It's right there in the name, remember?" Her eyes brightened. "One on my theories, actually, is that poison joke knows what the funniest effect for each pony will be because it resonates with the same cosmic force that gives us our cutie marks! That's why—" She took a breath, held up a hoof, and blew the breath out. "But there's no point getting ahead of things. If I can't manage to conduct the experiments, then all this theorizing is nothing but talk."

I find speculation like this to be absurdly pleasing. Cutie Mark resonance is a neat hypothesis.

"Pretty much." Twilight grinned. "Because I've tried seventeen times now to move the vials myself." Her right eyelid twitched. "I've tried carrying them carefully one by one. I've tried setting the vials into this padded rack on wheels I built. I've tried a conveyor belt, a little wind-up crane, and a miniature train set. And every time— every time! —something goes wrong: I end up coated in powder and staggering weak-kneed in whatever direction'll make me crash into more of the vials so I break them, too!"

Of COURSE it generates a slapstick field along with the anti magic...Discord really outdid himself when he made this one.

Twilight smiled, but the curve of her lips barely pointed up at the ends. "You don't have to do this, Fluttershy. I know I can get a little carried away when I'm on a roll, but—"

Again, Twilight checking like this? More nice things I appreciate.

"Okay." All the happiness had vanished from Twilight's voice. "The refinery's still moving at the same pace as far as I can tell. I don't know how that current vial came out so much sooner than it should've."

Darn laughter magic...she should have had Pinkie help investigate...

"There!" Fluttershy leaped toward the far end of the row. One gnarled curl of the vine, she could see, had hit the metal track that was supposed to guide the door downward, cracked the crystal behind it, and knocked it out of alignment.

"Coincidence? I THINK NOT!"

Fluttershy wanted to step forward and put a hoof on Twilight's shoulder, but considering how guilty Twilight obviously felt, she decided it would be best if she didn't. "I'm okay, Twilight. Really. It doesn't hurt at all, and once you get Zecora's potion mixed up, I'll be right back to normal."

Guilty. RIIIIGHT...

Very fun and cute. Appreciating the Poison Joke science and awkward flustered Twilight more than the giantness, but I'm certainly not complaining.

Fluttershy's gaze dropped to the floor, her neck suddenly too weak to keep her head up. "And because poison joke only deepens my voice," she whispered, "you need to experiment on me."

"What? No!" A flapping of wings, and firm hooves settled onto Fluttershy's shoulders. She looked back up to see Twilight blinking down at her. "I would never do that to you, Fluttershy! It would be totally unethical! And more to the point, it wouldn't help me answer the questions I'm trying to investigate." She smiled. "No, I just need your help moving the poison joke out of the isolation pod where I'm refining it into the isolation chamber where I've set up the actual experiments."

I loved this part! Twilight may be a bit too into Mad Science, but she's got ethics! :twistnerd:

Also, very nice job showing Flutters' (unrealized?) attraction to Twilight. And of course it makes sense that Twi would be into very big mares! :trollestia: :facehoof:

This was splendid. Twilight's test procedures (and ethical concerns) were a delight, as was Fluttershy's attraction to her.

I can foresee a new boost in the research on Poison Joke and it's shippi-- its potentially curative applications.


Did it never occur to anyone to wear a hazmat suit?


I thought:

I had a line about that, but it looks like I don't. Lemme pop in and add one now. Thanks! :twilightsmile:



So...this pollen can somehow get through hazmat suits, and Twilight STILL thinks it's a good idea to study it in such flimsy conditions?

Why doesn't she make a crystal armor suit?


My thinking was:

That the magic-blocking properties of the concentrate would mean that a crystal armor suit would be very heavy and very difficult for Twilight to move around in. And even if she could move around, how would she move the vials?

Easier just to ask Fluttershy. Because science must be done! :pinkiesmile:

Mike Again


Thanks, folks!

Odd how it's always Fluttershy I focus on when I'm doing my versions of these fetishy topics... :scootangel:


Interesting start I'm looking forward to more from this story!! :yay:

Alright, I'll keep an eye on this.

THANK LUNA!!! I would hate to think you are not keeping a eye on this.....

Very nice, and I look forward to more. I loved the descriptions, the reactions, and even the characterization.

One thing did jar me a little, and it was the following.

Pushing the door open, Fluttershy squeezed out, Twilight's words in her ears turning to a gurgle. She looked over to make sure Twilight was okay, then had to to drop her gaze to meet Twilight's, those purple eyes wide behind her goggles. "You're so...big!" she squeaked.

You swapped actors in this. The first part is Fluttershy, but the dialogue is clearly Twilight's. I'd suggest keeping actors (and their dialogue) to their own paragraphs. :twilightsmile:


That's an:

Easy fix. Thanks for pointing it out!


8946069 No probs. Thanks for the great story!

Oh my goodness, Fluttershy and growth/macro are always a good combination.

Twilight's face throughout the fiasco portion: 78.media.tumblr.com/532a46c4d814026f498a267f93fc40ef/tumblr_p97qs0tyZW1w75dofo4_1280.jpg

Buffershy is a blessing. Had to research what a contralto sounds like though.

I have SEVERAL questions...

But I'm too entertained right now to care. Good job. Tracking.


I did not expect to see you here kind sir! Fancy meeting you again i must say though. I am close to finished with the storyboard but not quite almost

Heh. Twilight getting all hot and bothered over giant Fluttershy nearly made me fall out of my chair laughing.

What can I say? I'm an infestation. You'll find me everywhere.

Your not an infestation... your omnipresent.

I have a theory that fluttershy gets more manly when effected with poisen joke. not get a deeper voice.

I'd prefer both, something the middle, you could say. ;)

Good point. But her getting more and more manly is a good theory in my opinion. I am a little byast though. But I bet it super op poisen joke she would be the pony version o dwane the rock jhonsen

So...is it wrong that I imagined Fluttershy sounding like Commander Shepherd?

Twilight, you seriously need to sleep.

She slid once more into the closing movement, released her grip on the final fragments of her shattered hopes the way she always did,

Oh, Fluttershy. :fluttercry:

Dang, man, how do you do it? How do you manage to take a premise like this and turn it into something so tender and gentle and heartbreaking?

Y'know, personally I try to avoid drinking anything foisted on me by someone in such a state...

Even delerius Twilight has her morals though. We're not quite at Want It Need It levels yet.


Thanks, folks!

I hope I'm not spoiling too much by saying all turns out well in the end. :pinkiehappy:


I'm honestly kind of disappointed that this will only be three chapters, you've written an exquisite story here. it's so rare to find such a lovely depiction of Fluttershy, and even rarer that something really amazing happens to her. Once in another fic I got to see her do a sonic rainboom (flutterboom?) and it was the most glorious thing!


More like:

Sgt. Calhoun from Wreck It Ralph... :scootangel:


Twilight's has turned into a masochist.

Somehow, I just seem to fall for the stories where lovebirds can't help but hurt each other, and hope, somehow, they find a way to learn not to. :fluttershysad:

Also angst. Lots of that, on both sides. Beautiful, sharp, resolvable if only it ends up being consistent with the characters... but can they do what it takes to get there?


Oh, if only it were that simple... :twilightblush:


If all goes well, the action-packed third chapter will at least serve as an emotionally satisfying conclusion to the currently in motion chain of events. And that may have been the most convoluted sentence I've written in weeks.


Now silly alicirl left enlarged Fluttershy.... who would xause a panic in Ponyville if she appears in public :P

A lot of Twilight's thought process here mirrors some of my own, especially back when I was in a really bad place in my life. This leaves me torn between "oh no" and "oh yes".

At least until that princess Freudian slip. That was a gut punch.


It's still Wednesday for twenty more minutes where I am... :scootangel:


A good ending, and a lovely story. well done. I hope you keep writing, you've a talent for this.

Ah, that hit the spot.

This is a lovely story. It actually reminds me a lot of Biology: A Romance, though if anything I like this Fluttershy better. And though the relationship had a bit of an unconventional start (by fanfiction standards), the story really sold me on it.

This was a lot of fun, I greatly enjoyed this.

This is definitely something I haven't seen explored often. And besides being really interesting, it's also really well written!

This was odd shipping premise, which unfolded in quite unexpected directions, and was thoroughly enjoyable! Nicely done!

Well, that went to some unexpected places, but it ended pretty much as I thought it would. Pretty good overall, enjoyed it thoroughly.


This was INCREDIBLY unhealthy.

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