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Godzilla, the King of Monsters. A being respected and feared by many. He was the last of his kind, but the bombing of Hiroshima made him the first. He never thought he could be any lonelier. Fortunately, he wasn't the last and found a mate, who produced three offspring: Godzilla Jr, Godzuki, and Kieraji.

Man attempted to wipe the three out, but only succeeded in Kieraji, Godzilla's only daughter. In revenge, the angered King of Monsters destroyed Istanbul, Jerusalem, and New York City, only to be frozen in ice by the humans, not to be seen for a long, long time.

Now, millions of years later, a pony named Twilight Sparkle has discovered the biggest wake-up call ever thought of: she wasn't a pony to begin with. No, Twilight is slowly transforming into Kieraji, the daughter of the kaiju king, Godzilla. She'll soon realize that her parents aren't really her parents, but how will this turn out?

Find out here...

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What the fuck.... I'm reading this on sure absurdity

This seems for the first chapter a bit too fast pace wise I like the idea though

Too quick of pace, but will follow

this better not end up unfinished like the other ones

I going to guess it going on for like 4 chapters then become dead

If you don't mind me asking, was this inspired by Tarbano's The Bridge by any chance?

I am eager to read more keep up the good work and could you please send me a message when the next chapter is up?

grammar issues aside, an interesting concept

Yeah... Hmmm... well... what... ?

That surmised my thoughts mostly.

I feel that the first part was not needed as it was in the description, and the interactions outside the dream were, weird... Like out of place weird.

Also Starlight is more Lilac than Purple, for I suppose that, that is whom the the "purple unicorn with a blue stripe is"

Over all descent and needs improvements but be careful for it is unstable and could turn into a big mess.

Oh, that Bridge. Thought it was something else. I never read it, though.

Well, I certainly wasn't talking about the Brooklyn or Golden Gate Bridge.

That's a joke by the way.

Where do you get the cover art?

Whoa whoa whoa...WHAT??

As a Godzilla fan...I...actually have no idea what to think. I'm gonna have to think on this one for a while.

(just in case I'm kidding):pinkiecrazy::trollestia:


Thanks. 😁 Here is a Cookie for you! 🍪

Why 2014?! Classic Gojira looks way more badass, perhaps Twi looks more in line with that?

Godzilla let out a loud roar and shot an atomic breath upwards into the sky. He dove back into the water, and began to have a strange feeling that his daughter is alive. But how? She was killed by the human-built weapon. Nonetheless, his strange feelings are driving him inland, wherever it is that his feelings are taking him. Godzilla continued swimming until he heard the music of a festival. Going through this city, to him anyway, met one step closer to complete the desire that is inside him dear.

Fun fact: Godzilla (this is at least true of the first one), being pretty much a living nuclearr reactor, immersing himself in water renders it contaminated. Likewise for him being in a city block's area.

I love what you have here, but I think you are rushing it to much and missing important details that need to be explain to the readers that need more info.

Are you stupid! 2014 gojira is way more badass!

2014 Godzilla's proportions are pretty realistic to me, though when Twilight completely transforms, she would be different in build and stand taller and straighter like Classic Godzilla, but her proportions would be slightly altered, and she would look like she appears on the boxart, though it looks a lot like Classic Godzilla, doesn't it?

Huh, that's new. Though, hasn't anyone noticed Twilight's reaction to the picture of Godzilla?

He was the last of his kind, but the bombing of Hiroshima made him the first.


I assume she will lose her wings?

is this in equestria girls or something from the pony world? I searched this story because I thought pony world.

Star Swirl the weird one.

"Awaken Kieraji. Awaken and assume your true form." the beast said. Suddenly, Twilight felt her body warp at an exponential rate.

to be honesz godzilla or not, I would probably prefer it if she would be the only one of her kind in the end and that we won't have a whole family of godzillas running around there. I mean after the last story I had about them, it didn't exactly made me hope for something awesome here.

Like I said I kind of hope it is going to be only Twilight and her father in this one since i guess at least another family member needs to be there.

Keep I'm up the good work! I cannot wait for more!

Can't wait for the next chapter


and then sunbutt and moonbutt learn what happen long long long long ago, and feel sorry and try to find away to let the great king of monster to stop attack they pony......

Keep up the good work!

"I swear, it is not gonna be- HOLY GUACOMOLE!"

Would dragons eat guacamole? :unsuresweetie:

"We can't just talk to him! HE MAY NOT UNDERSTAND US! Even if he did, you cannot understand him! There is also that toxic energy that he emitted at Vanhoover. It's pointless!" Twilight said.

Ah, you implemented that. :ajsmug:

"I haven't did this in years, so I might be a little sloppy." Celestia said as she summoned a scroll into existence.


"Viewers salve, hic auctor est loqui, et non ego et pueri dicere de aliquibus."
"Quia longum iter est mihi, et habeo fateri. Tunc vos es typing unus brevis fabulis est Verbum, et tunc quam probabilitatem bonam magnus ictibus exactis occidentes."
"Non est diu, quod sic eam habeat. Ego hic iam fere per annum pro nunc. Ego veni tam longa, longa via. Nunc, respice ad me hodie. Ego meam habuerunt ut remoris et error meus, et spes mea gaudia, sed et ascenderunt per viam meum huc. Et haec scribimus vobis ut spero inspirat fabulas. Hoc nuntius potest esse primum fecerunt me, sed hoc non erit ultimum vitae meae dispenses."
I have to ask but is there anyway we can get a translation to the above text?

Needless to say, he isn't too fond of the pony race.

I sense a daughter-father redemption arc coming...

Both he and Twilight have opposing views on the world.

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