• Published 6th Apr 2018
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Daughter of Godzilla - Cipher800

Well apparently, Twilight's life was a lie. In reality, she is the daughter of Godzilla.

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The Mind of the Monster

Celestia and Luna appeared unconscious somewhere, but where? Celestia was the first to wake up. She looked around, seeing a world that closely resembles the Astral Plane, only it was much darker and completely grey.

"Luna, wake up. Do you know where we are?" Celestia said she nudged her sister awake and the two began to look around, not noticing a giant pair of orange eyes gaze upon them from the darkness behind them before disappearing.

The two sisters continued walking until they came across a pair of doors, but they were not like the grand doors of Canterlot, they were not held up by wood, but held up by skeletons of bolted metal. No knob or knocker was visible, and the framework was made of intricate stone constructs and designs. At the keystone, there was a giant ruby glittering happily on its perch.

"Alright, this is it, there's no turning back now..." Luna said. Celestia nodded at her sister as the two pushed the doors open, going into the bright white light in the other side of the doors.

Celestia and Luna soon enough found themselves underwater, and almost chocked. Holding their breath, they swam up to the surface to see that they were in an ocean near a burning city in the dead night sky. It wasn't the lovely shade of purple of Luna's night, but it was a pitch black sky with no stars in it. They swam towards each other before seeing something splash out of the sea. It was not the giant grey beast that they were familiar with, but a giant, golden dragon with three heads and a split tail.

They both looked as Godzilla rose from the water. The winged hydra began to glow gold, lighting up the sky in all its glory. Godzilla roared at the beast as lightning came out of its heads, striking the water below before flying forward.

"Sister! This is getting too bright!" Celestia said as she and Luna covered their eyes. The hydra faced directly towards Godzilla and shot more lightning at him and seemingly electrocuting him. The creature then went directly towards Godzilla, shooting more lightning at him before its glow vanished. Godzilla's spines began glowing as he shot his blue fire directly at the monster, causing it to blow up.

As Godzilla roared in victory, Celestia and Luna decided to go to another memory, charging their horns, they found Godzilla terrorizing a burning city, fighting a giant robotic mockery of him with drills for arms. Its short and stubby tail, along with its feet allowed it to have the aerial advantage. The robot flew in a circle and shot beams at Godzilla and missed him. Whatever shot that had landed on him did not faze him, if even barely. It flew away as Godzilla lumbered about.

"Tia, we would be around for over an hour at this rate." Luna said. Celestia nodded and fast-forwarded the memory. The city was now covered in snow white crystals. Godzilla and the robot joined forces to fight a demonic duplicate of Godzilla, one with a golden trident on its head and two large crystals growing from its shoulders. The robot battled Demon Godzilla and separated into two separate pieces as the real Godzilla walked away from the fight and grabbed three large oval-shaped objects and carried them away from the battlefield before returning to fight Demon Godzilla and join forces with the robot.

Celestia and Luna flew over to the objects and realized that these things were eggs. Godzilla was apparently a father. Each egg was a different color than the others. One was a dark grey with lighter grey and red spots, one was a light grey with yellow and blue spots, and the last one rocked the two princesses to their cores.

The last egg was a dark grey with purple, and pink spots as well as lavender splotches. The color scheme was all too recognizable.

"Twilight!" Celestia said as she looked at the egg.

Luna was also shocked as well before shaking her head.

"I wouldn't get my hopes up, sister. Something feels really fishy about this." Luna said as they turned around to the fight. Godzilla fired his atomic breath, destroying Demon Godzilla and what was left of the robot. Godzilla walked towards them. Soon enough, Celestia decided to charge her horn again, this time, they were in an empty field. The sun and moon moved millions of times and Godzilla was no where to be found. Where was he?

When Celestia decided to stop, they were flying above an empty field with strange, alien-looking flora and fauna.

"I think we may have gone to far into the future." Celestia said. She and Luna were about to leave the place when they slammed right into something. They looked to see none other than Godzilla. The two sisters tried to move, but they were frozen in place and were suspended right at eye level with Godzilla, who glared at them with a snarl.

The creature then opened his mouth as it started to glow blue. Both alicorns tried to teleport out, but instead, they were slammed into the ground, and their horns and wings were disabled. With no way of accessing their magic, they were stuck there.

"Let us out, beast!" Celestia said into the void.

"Why should I let you out? So you can control Mother Earth? So you can keep my daughter from me? Either way, I am not very keen on letting you do that." a cold, unforgiving voice said from the void.

"You can speak? But how?" Celestia said.

"Well, normally, I do not tend to talk in human speech, not even to the last one who entered my mind, which, in retrospect, gave me the knowledge to do so. But ask this, am I the one who's controlling the sun, or am I the one who's controlling the moon, or even the stars, for crying out loud!"

Both alicorns were shocked at that statement.

"Your shock is clearly visible, Celestia and Luna, you didn't pick the right spell. It was in Latin, not your standard English. I can give you a break on that since there are no languages other than English spoken in your fair land. To me, I saw everything you done."

"What do you mean, beast!" Luna said as a pair of orange eyes opened and looked directly at them.

"Even though you are neither angels nor demons, what you are doing to the Earth is just sickening. Your little ponies control the weather regularly, the seasons are controlled all year long, and don't get me started on the plants and animals. They cannot even care for themselves thanks to you clowns." Godzilla's voice said as the eyes glared, occasionally blinking.

"It's funny that you two think you are on top of the world, that you two can control the sun and moon themselves. You cannot do these things at all. It just doesn't work that way, not even with your own magic." Celestia glared at the eyes before Luna stomped her hoof at them.

"CRAVEN BEAST! DOST THOU REALLY WANT US TO BELIEVE THAT!" Luna yelled in the Royal Canterlot Voice.

"You have no right to do this! If it weren't for me and Luna, the sun and moon would collide and fire would rain from above! If it weren't for the ponies, the animals would die, the weather would stop and the plants would wither! It's always been like this for as long as anypony can remember!" Celestia said. The eyes burst forth to reveal the large black-scales head that they were attached to.

"Key word: anypony. To me, that means your race." Godzilla said before his face went back into the darkness. Celestia's own vocabulary was used against her.

"And if it weren't for you entering my mind, you would never have seen this. You would never have seen my story. The humans have lived through it. Even though I was born during their modern era, I have strangely enough influenced man more than they managed to influence me. I went through time and killed an entire pantheon of gods! But I'm not here to destroy you just because of what you did to the planet. All I want right now is to finally reunite with my only living child, Twilight Sparkle."

"Now be gone!"

With those final words, Celestia and Luna were forcibly pulled out of Godzilla's mind, and all went black for them.

Author's Note:

Alright, so this is it. The fourth chapter of this story. Chapter five is coming shortly.