• Published 6th Apr 2018
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Daughter of Godzilla - Cipher800

Well apparently, Twilight's life was a lie. In reality, she is the daughter of Godzilla.

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Black Scales

Twilight woke up with a start inside her bed. Another dream? No, but this time, she felt something painful. She looked up on her left front leg to see that a few patches of her own fur have fallen off, showcasing her bare pink skin. But that's not all. It felt like a thousand tiny knives were poking at her skin as it darkened. She felt her skin growing harder on whatever places the fur has fallen off.

Twilight yelled in pain and shock as the newly-formed scales became finished. She looked at herself to see that there were scales on her upper chest, her left hip, and her hind hooves, which were now three-toed reptilian feet complete with claws. Her breathing became heavier and heavier as she saw more and more scales. Fortunately, the transformation has halted for now, and her head and neck remained intact, except for the fact that her mane was beginning to whiten. Unfortunately, this was enough to make her scream.

Save the screams, because instead of that, she let out a torrent of that strange blue fire out of her mouth, again. It was fortunate that nobody got hurt, though it did attract the attention of someone else.

"The clock is ticking Twilight, the clock is ticking! What to do, what to do..." Twilight said as she curled up into fetal position from under her covers, folding her wings around her body. She was about to cry when the door opened.

"Twilight! What's all the ruckus?" Spike's familiar voice asked.

Twilight pondered. What were they going to do to her? Was she going to be hunted down by her own friends? Was she going to be executed? What was going to happen? Will she have to flee Equestria and abandon harmony? What is there to do?

"Get away from me! I'm turning into a monster!" Twilight said.

"Oh come on Twilight, your over-reacting, again!" Spike said as he walked to the bed to uncover Twilight.

"I swear, it is not gonna be- HOLY GUACOMOLE!" Spike was shocked to the brim at Twilight's current state. He looked at the various patches of scales that have formed on Twilight's torso and legs. Her own hind hooves were replaced by the three-toed feet of a certain reptile that has been rampaging across Equestria lately. Twilight's mane was starting to turn white on some places, save for her purple and pink strips, and looked messier than usual, not the kind of messy when she was crazy, but a more natural kind of messy. Her sclera was not white anymore, but starts out red and turns yellow when it gets closer to the iris.

"What are you going to- oh no!" Twilight's jaw opened wide at the sight of her friends and the Princesses in the room with her.

"DO IT! BANISH ME! I'M A MONSTER NOW!" Twilight said before she felt her mentor's hoof touch her shoulder.

"Twilight, I'm not going to banish you. This is beyond your control, beyond my control, and everypony thinks I'm omnipotent. The closest one to omnipotent that I saw was Discord, and even he has his flaws." Celestia said. Twilight grinned at her mentor's kind words. Even though she's turning into what Godzilla is, she still knows that Celestia's still kind to her.

"But how do we stop it? I mean, how do we stop the change and reverse it?" Twilight said as her head hung down low.

"There is no way I know of, but maybe this Godzilla thing knows a thing or two." Luna said.

"We can't just talk to him! HE MAY NOT UNDERSTAND US! Even if he did, you cannot understand him! There is also that toxic energy that he emitted at Vanhoover. It's pointless!" Twilight said.

"I know, but we could probably see it through Godzilla's memory."

"You mean..."

"Yes. I know a spell that would allow me to enter Godzilla's mind and we can hopefully find out on why you are slowly transforming into a member of his race." Celestia said.

Twilight's smile returned to her. Apparently, there IS a way around this. If the princesses can enter Godzilla's mind, they might find a way to take him out for good and reverse her transformation. It just might work.

"Thank you, Celestia, thank you." Twilight said as she hugged her mentor. Celestia hugged back with tears of joy from both. Celestia was surprised that Twilight's new scales were warm to the touch, despite seeming to be cold at first glance. Everyone around them could not resist but to join. Purple eyes with orange sclera locked with magenta eyes as they all let go of the group hug.

"Luna. We're ready..." Celestia said to her sister.

"I wish you luck, Celestia. I'm confident that you will reverse the damage." Twilight said as Celestia walked towards Luna.

"I haven't did this in years, so I might be a little sloppy." Celestia said as she summoned a scroll into existence.

"Viewers salve, hic auctor est loqui, et non ego et pueri dicere de aliquibus." A circle formed around the two princesses as Celestia read the scroll. She had no idea what she was saying, no one did.

"Quia longum iter est mihi, et habeo fateri. Tunc vos es typing unus brevis fabulis est Verbum, et tunc quam probabilitatem bonam magnus ictibus exactis occidentes." Twilight looked towards the two princesses as a bubble formed around them.

"Don't worry, Twilight. Even if we are gone, we are still here in your heart." Luna said before the last part of the spell was recited.

"Non est diu, quod sic eam habeat. Ego hic iam fere per annum pro nunc. Ego veni tam longa, longa via. Nunc, respice ad me hodie. Ego meam habuerunt ut remoris et error meus, et spes mea gaudia, sed et ascenderunt per viam meum huc. Et haec scribimus vobis ut spero inspirat fabulas. Hoc nuntius potest esse primum fecerunt me, sed hoc non erit ultimum vitae meae dispenses." As Celestia finished reciting the final line, both her and Luna were engulfed in light, and vanished.

Twilight closed her orange eyes and prayed for the best. She hopes that they will go out with the information they needed.

"Don't worry, Twilight. They never failed you as long as you can remember." Starlight said as she walked towards Twilight and put a hoof on her shoulder. Twilight smiled and got out of bed.

"Thanks, Starlight. I do not know if the spell would work the way it should, but they've not messed up yet." Twilight said as she regained her confidence for them. There's no turning back for them now. They have to do it, they both can do it.

Author's Note:

Alright, so this is it. Where are Celestia and Luna anyway? Find out in the next chapter.