• Published 6th Apr 2018
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Daughter of Godzilla - Cipher800

Well apparently, Twilight's life was a lie. In reality, she is the daughter of Godzilla.

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Monster from the Ice

It was a cold day in the North Lunar Bay, even colder than usual. Not a town was in sight, not a single soul to see the ice shelf. Nobody saw a large chunk of ice break off and head southward. Sure, a few birds would come to look at it, but that was about it for now. When it finally reached warmer waters, the nearby city of Vanhoover was celebrating this year's Nightmare Night. Usually, you should not take things too literally, but this time, it is going to be a real nightmare night for them tonight. Man, what a tongue twister.

As chunks of ice began falling, the being within was revealed. It was a large, grey, bipedal reptile, with large dorsal spines that looked like stylized spear points, and just as sharp, too. The creature felt life dwell within it once again, and opened its fiery orange eyes, wide awake after millions of years in a deep hibernation. It struggled against the ice, attempting to break it. The warmer waters helped a lot, causing the ice to crack even more. It took a while, but finally, the beast was awake. It, no, he dived into the waters below, abandoning what was left of the iceberg, leaving it to melt into the ocean. The beast's eyes opened once again, looking over the area.

Godzilla has finally awoken.


Godzilla let out a loud roar and shot an atomic breath upwards into the sky. He dove back into the water, and began to have a strange feeling that his daughter is alive. But how? She was killed by the human-built weapon. Nonetheless, his strange feelings are driving him inland, wherever it is that his feelings are taking him. Godzilla continued swimming until he heard the music of a festival. Going through this city, to him anyway, met one step closer to complete the desire that is inside him dear.

Nightmare Night. It is a lot like our Halloween in many ways, but also different. The history of Nightmare Night dates all the back a thousand years, when Nightmare Moon was banished. The candy was originally an offering to Nightmare Moon, but it eventually became more of a leisure thing. Luna at first felt offended, but then opened up to the holiday. Like in Halloween, everybody dresses up in costumes and trick-or-treat around the town or their local neighborhood.

Oh, how fun it was, well, to the Vanhoovians, anyway. But this time, Nightmare Night is a devastating reminder of when the ponies first found out about the ancient beast imprisoned for millions of years.


Everyone turned their heads to see a powerful wave running right towards them. What was even more terrifying was the being that caused the tsunami, Godzilla, Gojira, the King of all Monsters himself gloriously roars as the tidal wave destroys the entire coastal district of the City where Nature thrives.

"Mommy, is the bad dragon-looking thingy gonna turn us into fish." a lone colt said to his mother.

Godzilla felt small blasts of energy hit his feet. He looked down to see those insects trying to shoot him down. Those things cannot affect him with that little light show. If anything, they just annoy him. But nonetheless, his feelings led him to trek down southeast.

The ponies kept blasting the beast with magic, but it doesn't seem to be affecting it. So, they began to turn to artillery, which mainly consisted of cannons and old siege weapons. They never went to war, but why did they even make them in the first place?

Godzilla continued marching southeast when he felt small rocks landing on him. He looked to see knock-offs of those archaic siege weapons that the humans have made long ago. That made him mad, and he had a lot of rage stored up. Since these humans are nowhere to be found, he'll take it out on these new insects. He turned around to see a lot of insects running in fear. Godzilla began marching to the weapons and raised his foot, stepping on the sources of the barrage until none remained.

He continued marching onwards, showing a scowl on his grey, reptilian face. Why was he marching there? He felt that his daughter was still alive, but is he really sure about that? As the King of Monsters pondered, he felt another barrage hit his cheek. He looked at yet another set of siege weapons, but these floated above, almost as if they are being pulled by those winged insects. This time, Godzilla's spines began to glow blue as he shot his signature atomic breath at them. The unlucky insects in the middle of it got completely or partially incinerated as their remnants fell to the ground. Godzilla swatted the barrage like flies with his muscular arms.

He grabbed a nearby skyscraper and threw it at the flying weapons, causing them to flee. By now, most of the city was destroyed, and the King resumed his trek southward. Godzilla snorted at the remains of Vanhoover and began continuing his walk southeast. Only several hundred residents of the city where nature once thrived survived the attack. Many families were lost, and many funerals were held on that fateful day.

Twilight was having these same nightmares over and over for the last few weeks. Those said nightmares about this monster, this large grey reptilian character kept haunting her every night for the last three days. Somehow, she never woke up in the middle of the night, and often they happen at the final parts of her sleep. Princess Luna's power was paritally blocked, she cannot change the dream, but she was able to enter it once, but only once, and only for a short time.

"Princess Twilight, I have terrible news!" a familiar orange-maned Wonderbolt said. That was Spitfire, and she was the current head of the Wonderbolts. Accompanied by her were Rainbow Dash and Soarin. Spitfire bowed to Twilight before Rainbow began speaking.

"The city... it was destroyed by something... something big!" Rainbow Dash said. Twilight began to feel uneasy.

"And... what was it? Please tell me it was an Ursa Major!" Twilight said.

"No Ursa Major. It was 55 meters tall, grey, and had those weird spines. Here's a picture." Spitfire said as she handed a picture to the now-frightened alicorn.

"No, not Godzilla..."

"GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!" Twilight said as she threw the picture away, letting out some weird blue fire from her mouth and incinerated the picture. Twilight covered her mouth with her hooves in sheer horror after a few seconds.

"There is only one exclamation for all this! I'm in a coma and I can't wake up. WAKE UP SELF! WAKE UP!!!" the crazed alicorn said as she aimed to bang her head on the hardest thing she can find, only to be stopped by the three Wonderbolts.

"Snap out of it, Twilight! What's all the ruckus?" Rainbow Dash said as she unfortunately had to hold her own friend down.

She fortunately forgot about her magic for the time being, so it was easy to calm her down. After a while, they have finally managed to calm the Princess of Friendship down, and Twilight began to tell them why she was in so much horror at the sight of the beast, and why she knew it as 'Godzilla'.

"So, in my dreams, this Godzilla character shows up, and then I began transforming into what he is, and then I wake up every time. This time, I think that it's happening for real." Twilight said. All three Wonderbolts had their jaws drop at the story as Twilight exclaimed.

"This is obviously an emergency. The princesses need to know this." Soarin said plainly.

"Yeah, you're right. Spike, come here, quick! Send this to Celestia. She might know what to do! Oh, and send another one to Luna as well." Twilight said as she handed a parcel to a small purple dragon with her magic. Thank goodness she had wrote this head on, she thought that this was going to be an emergency.

As Spike enveloped the letter in green fire, Twilight got up from her chair, pacing around. A million questions races through her mind as she was trying to find the answer.

Author's Note:

Alright, so here is this second chapter. So, to clear things off. Godzilla takes on his 2014 appearance in this story and follows the same movies in the Heisei Continuity, with the exception of Destoryoah. He is also fully sapient and capable of thinking.

Also, in this AU, Godzilla Jr. is indeed Godzilla's biological child, and yes, Godzilla is Twilight's biological father, again in this AU. The mother of Godzilla Jr, Godzuki, and Kieraji, however, will remain unknown for the foreseeable future.

Cipher800 out. Peace.