• Published 6th Apr 2018
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Daughter of Godzilla - Cipher800

Well apparently, Twilight's life was a lie. In reality, she is the daughter of Godzilla.

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Age of Humanity

Long, long ago, the sole sapient species was Homo Sapiens, more commonly known as humans. They first started small in Africa. Nature would've took them out if it weren't for what humanity had that the other animals did not: their minds. With it, they managed to topple obstacle after obstacle. Predators became prey, diseases were eradicated, etc. But the humans made even more obstacles, and one of their biggest mistakes was bombing Hiroshima, which gave rise to the King of the Beasts: Gojira, more commonly known as Godzilla.

Most people would think that he's nothing more than a mindless animal, but Godzilla's mind operates similar to that of a human's. He was angered about man. He thought he was the last of the kind, but the humans have ultimately made him the first. Outraged, he went on a rampage through Tokyo, destroying everything in sight, only to have been supposedly destroyed by a manmade weapon.

They thought they destroyed him, but boy were they wrong. He survived, waiting. He thought he was the only one, but he fortunately found someone to mate after the fiasco with King Ghidorah, he and his mate have managed to produce three chicks. There were two that were boys, Godzilla Jr. and Godzuki, but his daughter, Kieraji, is in the spotlight of the story. After the battle with Space Godzilla, the humans worried that Kieraji would mate with either son, so they attempted to kill the daughter of Godzilla with a weapon that transports matter millions of years into the future. She was only a baby at the time.

They succeeded in doing so, transporting not only her matter but her soul as well. Godzilla thought they did her, so he decimated their greatest religious centers in an act of revenge. Jerusalem, Mecca and Rome fell to the might of the Kaiju King, and so did many global trade centers such as New York City and Tokyo fall to him. Vatican City, the smallest officially recognized country, fell in under an hour due to the King of Monster's rage. The humans ultimately decided to freeze him.

And so they did. They set a squadron of planes to lure Godzilla into the Arctic Circle and locked him in an icy prison for millions of years to come, hopefully never to harm any sentient race again. As humanity bombed its world into oblivion abandoned Earth for the reaches of space, everything changed. New sentient species rose and competed for the throne that humanity once had for millennia.

The dragons, griffons, and the like were the oldest and most powerful of these races, but somehow, there was another race that rose above them, they had no grasping fingers, nor did they embrace the world. Those were the ponies, the youngest of the races, and the race most inclined to the magical plane. They somehow put themselves above the dragons, griffons, and cat people with it, and took control of the throne. The ponies diverged into several different species, including changelings, hippocampi/sea ponies, and flutter ponies. As for Godzilla, he was still frozen in the ice, waiting to escape from his frozen confinement.

Soon enough, two alicorn ponies were born via mysterious ways. No one was there to witness their birth, but they were found, taught and raised by a powerful wizard known as Star Swirl the Bearded. Celestia and Luna soon enough grew up under the chaotic reign of a mysterious godlike being known as Discord. They had each other to rely on in the Chaotic Era, and found a strange thing that they knew as the Tree of Harmony. They extracted the Elements of Harmony from the Tree and used them to defeat Discord, but there was an unintended side effect. Luna was slowly corrupted and turned into a wicked mare of darkness: Nightmare Moon.

Celestia had no choice but to use the elements to banish her own sister to the moon for a thousand years straight. Celestia ruled with regret and had the sun and moon in her supervision until Luna was purified from the darkness. As for Kieraji, her story is coming up.

Remember the weapon that the humans have made? Remember how it sent her millions of years into the future? Well, Kieraji was sent to this time period. But there is one question. Where is she, what form is she in, and who is she now?

Twilight looked around to see a burning city. Ponies, griffons, yaks, deer, hippogriffs, and more were running away from something terrifying. Twilight spread her wings and took to the sky to see the source of the carnage. It was a tall, bipedal creature, almost like a giant lizard covered in grey scales. Its long, muscular tail bashing through the buildings, its arm grabbing a dragon's throat while its large back spines grew a menacing red. The creature then incinerated the dragon's head with a devastating beam of blood red energy before directly looking at Twilight herself. And then, the creature spoke in an obvious male-sounding voice.

"Awaken Kieraji. Awaken and assume your true form." the beast said. Suddenly, Twilight felt her body warp at an exponential rate.

"What are you-- too... painful." Twilight said. She looked at her hooves to see the lavender fur fall off, with pitch black scales in their place and four fingers grow from her palms. She clenched them, they were almost like her human hands.

"No." Twilight said as she looked to see her tail no longer, well, her own. In its place was a tail similar to the monster's own, and her mane joined together with her tail, turning white, save for her purple and pink strips.

"NO!" Twilight said as her neck lengthened and her mane growing messier, turning white. All that's left was her horn, wings, and ears.

"NO!" With that, Twilight jolted awake. She was apparently having a nightmare.

"Good. Just a dream." Twilight said as she looked at her hooves. She was still an alicorn, and still no monster, and she was in her bed in the Friendship Castle. Twilight smiled at the fact it was just a nightmare. Soon enough, she heard the alarm clock do its own beeping noise just in time. Twilight walked out to make herself some breakfast.

"You two are not gonna believe the crazy nightmare I had! I was in this terrifying city and this giant creature called me Kieraji. The name sounded Tokyonian by the looks of it, and I was transforming whatever that thing was." Twilight said as her two housemates digested every word she said.

"That was quite a nightmare, but why didn't Princess Luna stop it?" a purple dragon said. Twilight didn't know. No one knew.

"I'm not entirely sure about it, Spike. Maybe she was focusing on something else." Twilight said as she chomped on a bit of her fruit.

"I guess that may be right." a mysterious voice said.

"Oh, wait. Who said it. IS THERE A GHOST?" Twilight said.

"Calm down, I don't hear anything." Spike said in a quizical tone.

"THE GHOSTS ARE UPON US!!!" Twilight said.

"Twilight! Calm down." a purple unicorn with a blue strip in her mane said.

"You're right. It must've gone into my head." Twilight said, blushing in embarrasment. The three resumed eating their breakfast without talking. As for Twilight, she felt the beast to be... familiar.