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Sequel to The Emotional Illness and Life Among the Distant Stars. The Doctor returns to Equestria to find it is the center of a gigantic time paradox. He sets off with the mane 6 to fix the problem, but soon finds the threat is larger than he realized...

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The Doctor is in!

Dang it... Second post:fluttercry:

ok this is really interesting and now i need More. please?

Nice. I want to see more of this.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that a new chapter was released. :pinkiehappy:

I was disapointed on the Lack of confusion about his regeneration.

1206840 Well, given the fact that they just witnessed a great catastrophe and were very nearly lost themselves, I don't think that's really on the forefront of their minds right now.

1209925 Well they could have been disappointed that it wasn't him or something.
But then again, didn't he say that he would change?

is THIS the fall of equestria that was mentioned in the previous story that is supposed to be a FIXED moment in time? if it is, wouldent the doctor already know that its fixed? although given that he's fresh out of the whole crack in time series of events proves that he COULD change it now?

either way MOAR!

Yay! So glad you decided to write this! Please to be continuing! :pinkiehappy:

UPDATE?!?!?!?! EMTX$HJG%SQHCRfgvqsfybdjfx!!!!!!!!!

finished reading: hunger rising... need MOAR DOCTOR!!!!!

Needs more updates
But good chapter.

1718949 The next chapter is on the way, don't worry.

Oh, Discord. Oh, poor, misguided, ever-so-silly Discord. You have killed, you have perverted time, you have corrupted the Elements of Harmony, but, most direly... you have made the Doctor angry.

This will not end well for you.

I feel like the Doctor is a bit out of character. He'd never scowl and say his enemies name. And he'd always give them a choice. Will he give Discord a choice? Because in his eyes, nothing is truly evil (except the Daleks).

1829621 Have you been watching any of the recent episodes? The 11th Doctor's much different from what you think.

1841971 Isn't this near the beginning of the Eleventh's story? Also, his story is just depressing.
Which enemy did he scowl at? Solomon? The Daleks? The Shraki? The Angels? The Gunslinger?

1843743 All of them, because he had every reason to. They all threatened to (or even did) hurt his companions and other people. And not just Eleven, Ten had some very dark moments in his run.

What do you think of the new suit? Very classic looking, huh? And the TARDIS was going retro! I like it. Bit to dark, though.
Anyway, the point is, I would think the Doctor wouldn't scowl and say his enemy's name. He would be angry. He would try to show them how much he despises them, and laugh in their face. Or is that too OOC? I've only watched the new Doctor Who series.

all out of new story to read.....:fluttershysad:

Why is there...
Only this, and two other fanfictions in existence...
That are this awesome.... :ajsleepy:
WHY IS THERE NO MORE TO THIS???? :fluttershbad:
It's so good....
Please, if you can, pleaseeee make more chapters. :fluttershysad:

This is so awesome :rainbowkiss:

But seriously it's been over a year since the last update. Is there a reason or have you stopped making the story.

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