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Little Bubbles - mareinthemoon

What happens when your special talent makes you so different that it must be kept secret?

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Chapter 3

This was turning into the best day ever for the young fillies, before them they had in hoofs reach the greatest story of all time.

The unassuming mail mare who often destroyed more homes than delivered mail to them was in fact every journalists dream! She was a legendary being, the mermare!


o O
O little Bubbles



The three fillies before the grey mail mare looked upon her with eyes brimming with utter delight and a thirst for knowledge rivaling many above their own age.

These stares sent shivers down the grey mares spine as she slowly moved to back away, the looks made her Leary of what was going to come. She did not like the way the ponies looked upon her as if she was a defective mare unable to perform what was thought to be the easiest task.

The Ponies ability to love and tolerate was not even really exclusive to their kind if they were different in any way. She had noticed how the pallet of the rainbow had been lavishly doted upon these mares. All colors of the rainbow and one even named as such, sometimes the color of their mane was enough to question if a candy maker was in charge of the color scheme.

If royal purple mane and tail upon a vivid orange body was normal for ponies she would be pleased as punch to be different.

The fillies crept closer to the contemplating mare before them.
"So...Derpy....this explains why you cant fly right..."

The grey mare turned to the cocky Scootaloo, seeing as there was no reason why she had to let these babies degrade her even further. Truth be told she may not be some ace flier but get her in the water and prepare to eat her bubbles.
"I fly just fine Scootaloo..."

"No..ya really don't miss Derpy,last week ya flew into my window by mistake. You always smash stuff...I reckon you take to swimmin like a fish to water tho."

Derpy focused her slightly wondering eyes onto the small farm filly, part of her heart knew the young one really was trying to be nice but the pun at the end made her sigh obvious enough to alert the girls.

"First off girls, I'm not a fish. Im just like any pony out there.----"

"Except you are a merpony!!" The little unicorn chimed out, cutting of Derpy mid sentance.

"Well..I guess that may be the term but anyway...we basically are just like ---"

"And you have a pretty tail fin and gills!!!" The small earth pony interjected happily, this was the most fun they had ever had by far.

The grey mare took a breath before continuing, making sure that she would not be interrupted a third time.
"As I was saying, Im not from here and Im from a place far away called---"

"ARE YOU FROM ATLANTIS!!!?????" The orange Pegasus jumped up and down with utter glee.

The grey mare remained still for a moment, her right eye developing a noticeable twitch.
'How does Twilight and her friends handle them day after day!? they sure aren't the elements of harmony for nothing!'

She took a deep breath looking down at there beaming faces, it was about time she came clean anyways, time for another soul to know her tale.

"I was a young pup in my home of Altaria, the capitol of the merponies. Its the home of the royal palace the equivalent to your Canterlot."

The three fillies moved quickly into what Derpy could only see as 'story time positions' they re grouped quickly and huddled together on Scootaloo's largest pillow, listening intently to every word the grey mermare uttered.


Deep under the sacred waters surrounding greater Equestria a secret world rested at the bottom of blue seas.
Among the colored coral and tropical fish of the Equestrian sea a glimmering kingdom of pure pearl,silver and gold. This place was Alteria, home of the mermares and their honored Queen.

Life beneath the waves was similar to the ones of the dry land above, the young pups attended classes and learned of their special talents. While above the term was cutie mark below it was ones shimmer crest as with its land dwelling counterparts it was a special mark reserved only for one. They depicted a special talent of sorts, many of the patterns were that of environmental cleaners, those who worked to preserve their kingdoms beauty and well being.

This was a sacred calling many wished to achieve as was the calling of a royal guard or the ones who studied upland affairs.
Every memare was special and vital to their kingdoms success, everyone moving to the same goal. Protect thy Queen and remember thine King.

His majesty fell gravely ill many years ago, leaving the Queen behind with only the memory of her beloved one. The sorrow of loosing her mate of fate nearly led her off the edge and into utter chaotic despair.

They felt more than ponies did, bonded by magic to the one they choose as their special some one until the end of all time leaving the ones who were unlucky enough to loose their other to have a void within their hearts that can never be filled again.

Many years passed after her loss and only one thing soothed her sorrow, one thing proved to lift her heart from its dark hiding place. Her little one with hair of silken sunshine and a special smile that many a brave suitors fought hard to see.

The three fillies gasped listening to her tale of a world under the sea, it was amazing and so very beautiful sounding.
If all her people possessed the beauty she had in her true form then this truly was an idealized paradise.

"Derpy....why did you come to land if everything was so wonderful in your home land?" Sweetie belle asked softly as she looked up at the grey mare in a new light, this only proved one should never judge a book by its cover you will never know then if you wont make it your new favorite.

Her tale caused Scootaloo to sigh, the orange filly knew all too well the things others said behind the mail mares back when they thought she wasn't listening. Some cruel things that no pony should ever say about someone who honestly put her all into everything she did.

"Why did you leave home exactly? did something bad happen?" The young Applebloom asked in a somber tone, fearing this fairy tale would soon become a nightmare.

The grey mare nodded and her gaze lowered.
"Yes....there was a conflict with the sea dragons..they invaded our home when I was fairly young. Mother was weakened and had only magic enough to send one to the surface to escape..I did not want to leave here all alone but she kept saying I had to go, if they found me they would use me...My talent is too dangerous in the wrong hands."

The three looked to themselves and back to her, the great mystery would be solved for sure..what was her talent.
They had found out their idols talents some time ago but this was the great Equestrian mystery that was even greater than the one regarding Silver Spoon and Damond Tiarra's until they discovered they were able to craft such things and use them in a ninja fashion, Who knew right?

Those seven little bubbles that graced her flank meant a special talent that caused a conflict in her homeland.
This was going to be the most ineradicable talent next to Celestia and Luna's.

Maybe even better?


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Thanks. Ill be sure to do that :pinkiehappy:

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Wait wait wait.... did you just say that DT and SP use their things for ninja purposes? Like throwing spoons or something? :unsuresweetie:.......... :pinkiegasp: THATS AWESOME!!!! Maybe now I can finally like them :trollestia:

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Great story, looking forward to seeing what comes next!

I need some underwater C4 and a payload of fifty Hydrogen filled steel rods and a orbital satalite stat

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